We make a toy "squirrel" with our own hands. Just out of wool we make a soft and sweet toy for your baby

We make a toy "squirrel" with our own hands. Just out of wool we make a soft and sweet toy for your baby

Each of us in our childhood dreamed of the best inworld toy. It was supposed to be not just an inanimate object, but also an ideal friend. This fictional image contained all the qualities we loved in our childhood. And indeed everyone had a favorite toy friend. Often these were soft bears, rabbits, elephants, doggies with whom one could always share the innermost childhood mysteries, the first love experiences, and perhaps weep over seemingly important in childhood injustices and sorrows. We have been loving these toys for many years and even growing up, we remember them with a gentle warmth and a slight pinch in the heart. But now our children already need beautiful and cute images that could help them on the hard way of growing up to become their reliable and beloved companions. Of course, for such a craft, you can turn to the huge store shelves, where a huge choice generates a monotonous monotony of stamped toys rather than something really unique and sincere. In addition, in the modern world, more and more often we have to question the quality (and sometimes even the safety!) Of the things we buy. After all, we can never be completely sure whether something terrible and harmful to the child inside the next attractive teddy bear or elephant is hidden. How to be in this situation? How to present a child something safe and at the same time truly spiritual? The answer is elementary! Make your own toy for free. After all, only by doing something with your own hands you can give him that piece of love and tenderness that has invested in her creation. An ideal variant of such crafts will be a soft toy "squirrel". In this familiar and charming image, simple features and fantastic mystery fit. And it is such an ordinary, but at the same time, an original toy can become a long-awaited friend for your child.

To create a toy "Squirrels" you will need:

  • Wool for felting 100%. For the basis, you need orange hair, take a little brown for the nose and white for the tail.
  • Sponge
  • Needle for felting
  • Two black beads. They will be needed for the eyes
  • photo making a toy "squirrels" of wool. Photo №1 First, you need to pinches off a couple of strands from the coil of orange wool and tear them off properly. The wool you get will need to be rolled in one round lump. From the received clod of a wool form a ball. This is easily done with a felting needle. While you postpone the received ball, we will return to it a bit later. Pinch off another pair of strands from the orange skein and make a similar ball. Set it aside to the first one. Tear off a few more strands of wool andUse them to give the balls the shape of the body of the squirrel as shown in the photo below. Use additional wool for more careful processing of seams and strong connection of parts. Next, take a pair of strands of white wool. Rip them apart again and collect them in a ball. From it we lay the belly and the breast of the future squirrel. The size should correspond with the size of the trunk. The abdomen and breast should have the shape of a flat pear. Connect this design with the trunk. Then take a little more white wool, first dividing it into two equal parts. This will be the area of ​​the nose and cheeks of the squirrel. Attach the area of ​​the nose to the appropriate place to the muzzle. As in the picture below. Directly make the spout from the previously prepared brown wool. Tear off two even strands of orange skein. Of them we will make ears. When they are ready, just put them on your head. The result should look like this From a few more orange strands, form paws. Using a needle, form the fingers. Pile your paws to the already harvested torso of the squirrel. On the lower paws, form the heels and toes. The next step is to make eyes. To do this, create a needle shape of the eye sockets and place the black beads inside. You need to stick them securely. It's best to use the glue for this. Finishing touch. Similar to all the previous stages of the way we attach the tail. That's the whole toy for your child "squirrel" ready. To give a light shade of mystery, you can additionally attach your squirrel with black cilia Thus, in just one evening you createdhis baby a unique toy "squirrel". And they did it completely for free with their own hands. In addition, in the process of work, you subconsciously "charged" your craft with love and positive energy, which, of course, will be transmitted to your child. Now you can be sure that your child is in reliable "hands", because you know absolutely all the materials that were used in the creation of the craft and understand that they can not harm. In addition, this toy is very pleasant to the touch and looks great. Therefore, you can not doubt, it is your creation that will become your favorite fairy-tale character of your baby and his "real fictional" friend, with whom he will easily go through life and for which he will be grateful to you for many years. So do not stop and continue to fill your house with things made in the actual felting technique in 2014 and let those around you not only admire your skill, but also feel tremulous gratitude for the gifts of useful and entertaining things made by yourself.