Doll protects plantain master class, photo / Toys by own hands, patterns, video, MK

Doll protects plantain master class, photo / Toys by own hands, patterns, video, MK

Author: ZanozZdravstvuyte, dear needlewomen. Our meeting today will be dedicated to folk dolls wards. And we will talk about such a wonderful motanka, like the doll of the Plantain: the history of the appearance of this amulet and its significance. And also we will hold a small master-class, so that you can make a doll with your own hands Podorozhnitsa.

Doll protects Plantain

Plantain is one of the fewfolk puppets of wards, which women made for their men: husbands and sons. Wardcraft did by hand, when one of them had a long way to go. The doll had to protect the traveler in the campaign or the warrior in the battle and help him return home safe and sound. plantain-18Since in those days we reached the pointthe destination was mostly on foot, then the pupa should have been very small. Wore it in your pocket or in your bosom. The plantain had a knot-knot without fail, into which, according to various sources, they put:

  • ash from his home, so that the traveler does not forget his father's house;
  • mother earth - to give strength to overcome difficulties on the road;
  • grain, so that I do not know the hunger;
  • red filament to find the way home.

To make such a doll motanku with their own hands can be done by anyone. And the materials for its manufacture, I think, have every hostess. And the time it takes from the strength of half an hour. So, let's start the master class.

Step-by-step master class

To make your own doll the Doll Beauty, prepare the following materials and tools:

  • a flap of light fabric for the head, measuring 14 by 14 cm;
  • a flap of colored fabric for a dress, measuring 8 by 13 cm;
  • a narrow band for the ponoynik;
  • a corner of a colored cloth for a scarf;
  • a strip of cloth, 3 by 6 cm in size, on an apron (in the master class a wide braid with ornament was used);
  • a cloth flap for hands, measuring 14 by 6 cm;
  • a small square shred of cloth for a knapsack (linen in a master class);
  • groats (buckwheat, pearl barley, rice);
  • filler for the head (wool, sintepuh, cotton wool);
  • strong threads of red color;
  • narrow braid;
  • scissors.

plantain-1Operating procedure plantain-2

  • The first stage of our master class will be done by ourdoll motangke head. Take the filler and roll it into a small ball. Then we spread it in the middle of the prepared flap of fabric and start turning the corners according to the principle of the envelope.

plantain-3 psyllium-4 plantain-5

  • This method gives us the opportunity to makepupae without wrinkles. We tie the twist with a red thread, because exactly the red color was considered by the Slavs as obverse. Then it is necessary to put on the head of the doll a papary (narrow ribbon) and tie it in the neck.


  • We begin to dress our doll. We take the prepared flap of fabric and lay out on it an apron. Next, we need to wrap the doll in pieces so that the dress is the wrong side upstairs, and its edge falls on the neck area (see photo). Then we dress the dress and turn it away.

plantain-7 plantain-8

  • Next we will make the main attribute of the Plantain -knapsack. We put on the prepared flap the selected components of the guard and a little filler. Fold the opposite corners diagonally and bandage.

plantain-9 plantain-10 Plantain-11 plantain-12

  • The knot of our plantain should keep itshands. We make a twist for them from the prepared flap of fabric. To do this, wrap the edges of the material inward and fold them in the middle, then tie them in a knot. But do not overdo it, we still need to put a bag in our hands.

plantain-13 podorozhnica-14 plantain-15 plantain-16 plantain-17

  • We bind the kitten to the nodule on the hands, thenfix it on the neck and them. We bind the handkerchief, making the overlap in front and winding the ends back. Beauty Podorozhnitsa is ready and not even one, but with a girlfriend. You can go to the track-path.

plantain-19 plantain-20 Plantain-21As you can see, it's not difficult to make a doll with your own hands. Good luck.