A doll of cloth with his own hands, photo, ideas, master class, video / Toys with his hands, patterns, video, MK

A doll of cloth with his own hands, photo, ideas, master class, video / Toys with his hands, patterns, video, MK

Dolls made of cloth - an old style of needlework, inwhich breathed new life of the master from all over the world. The modern doll is bright, stylish, not boring. There are examples of sewing simple dolls and very realistic dolls. Today, figures are popular for simple patterns. Textile dolls made by oneself are, as a rule, not toys for small children, but for quite adult girls. At least, proceeding from the fact that these fragile pupae can tear or get dirty during the active treatment, and it is not recommended to wash them. After all, often textile toys are toned, flavored, and their face is covered with acrylic paints. And they are decorated with numerous accessories in the form of tiny flowers, buttons, brooches and other beautiful trifles. A textile doll will be an excellent gift or a unique decoration of any interior. Every beginner needlewoman who wants to create a textile doll with her own hands, it is important to choose your version among all the variety of existing types of these toys in accordance with their level of skill. Let's see what kind of textile dolls exist today.


Ragdoll A simple model in the tailoring does not need, it can betwist out colorful patches in just a few minutes. If desired, you can sew and sew a beautiful Russian beautiful dress, and her knight - a caftan and boots. The most ancient in the Slavic and Russian culture - this . They were assistants in a variety of mattersancient mistresses. The cabbage, placed on the window, informed that the girl was ready to marry, Rozhanitsa helped in childbirth. From the special mood of the needlewoman during the manufacture of such a rag doll, the welfare of the whole family depended on their own hands. The head of the dolls has no eyes, mouth and nose. Ideally, they are performed without scissors, the fabrics simply tear with their hands. textile Obereg

Attic (primitives)

Such primitive dolls differ in some kind of aging and negligence, as if they had been lying in an attic for many years. is very simple because of the fairly simple forms. When sewing sections are not processed, the toy is given a very shabby appearance due to toning. At first glance, it seems that the doll is made of materials that were first on hand. However, this is not the case. Every detail of the toy with its deliberate flawedness is carefully thought through and carefully executed. textile attic primitive dollTheir appearance is diverse: from buttoned or patchwork eyes and an asymmetrical figure to a realistically acrylic face and elegant body shapes. Such diversity occurs because the author's doll flourishes precisely in this environment.

Tilda doll Tilda doll

textile tilde-4A special case of a primitive doll. Weakly worked face, but very expressive hair and figure. The Internet is full of examples of how to sew a doll. This textile Barbie, u a mass of roles and thematic clothing. From the flower girl to the princess. Her sewing will bring you a lot of pleasure. Beginners are best to start with these dolls.

Waldorf Doll Waldorf doll

The peculiarity of this pupa is that its body hascorrect proportions inherent in an adult person or child, depending on the model. The limbs move at the base. It's not easy to name this baby girl. If you follow the technology for sewing such a toy, you will get a pretty realistic figure. Inside her head is a tightly packed ball, tied with wire or thread in a certain pattern, which allows you to give the person a relief, in place of the nose - a bead. A knitted fabric of corporal color is stretched from above. For gaming purposes very convenient.


The main difference of this toy is because of the head,consisting of five wedges, which is very similar to a small pumpkin. The junction of the wedges is slightly extended forward and forms a neat spout. A wide scope for the imagination of the master is the face of the pupa, on which acrylic paints are drawn eyes and mouth. Based many author's textile dolls are created. Below, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the master class on creating a pumpkin with your own hands. textile pumpkin


main feature - large legs with a strengthened foot and eye-points (although there are Snowy and with painted eyes). Due to stable legs with a special shape and very dense packing, they can stand firmly on the surface. textile Sněžka Snezhka-3 textile Snezhka-3 textile


The rags came to us from Korea or Japan andhave a very elegant physique, small heads with a chic hairstyle, rich and complex outfits. Patterns of such a textile doll are quite simple, closed eyes are drawn on the face. All the skill of the author is to create a lush hair and intricate clothes. tekstilnaya-tryapiensy

Author's textile dolls

Learning to make standard pupae, anythe master comes to the creation of his author's unique textile doll. He remakes the well-known pattern for his work, changes the shape of the body and the head of the toy, seeks new options. So there is the author's textile doll. Author's textile dolls

Master-class on creating a pump top

Those needlewomen who are excited by the idea of ​​making a doll with their own hands, we offer a master class on the creation of the pump tops of Droplets-April. Master class on creating a pump top

A doll of cloth with their own hands

Author: Olga VoitovaWe offer to sew a doll by own hands on Waldorf motives. Our fatty woman reminds her externally. Only the limbs will be fastened with buttons, like traditional plush animals. This method is now very popular not only from the point of view of convenience, but also aesthetics: the buttons on the shoulders and hips intensify the decorative character of the image. Face embroidered, like in Waldorf, we borrow the convexity of the nose. kykla-iz-tkani-041To sew a doll, we need 2 kinds of matter: White or beige flannel and dense colored material. In our case, used jeans, more precisely, scraps of old jeans. Before the body we sew from the bleached part of the leg. The details of the pattern must be made symmetrical in color. The back is darker. First we cut out 2 transmission parts, thenwe apply them to the fabric, from which we sew the back, and pin the sewing pins. Cut out the details and sew the side seams of the trunk bag. After this, the front and back seams are chipped, sewed with a continuous stitch. We stuff the trunk so that it is not too hard, but it keeps the shape well. We begin to sew limbs. We translate the pattern of the hand on the folded flannel, we chop the details, cut out. Sew on the machine so that on the inner bend of the handle there is an unshielded hole for turning and stuffing. When the parts are full, sew this hole with a hidden seam. The same we do with the doll's legs. The hole is left on the lower part of the thigh. Do not need to stuff your arms and legs too tightly, the doll should remain soft - pleasant to the touch. Everything should be elastic, bend, and not break and swell bugrami.Perosim on the flannel double-folded head pattern, chipped, cut out. Apply the neck of the puppet body to the lower edge of the head, put 2 marks with a pencil, marking its width. Sewing the details of the head produce, without going behind these marks, slightly tighten the thread, to make it easier to give the head the shape of the ball. We twist the part and fill it very tightly. To denote the nose, make it convex, tear off a piece of sintepon, we make 3 dense nodules on it and push it under the cloth, in place of the nose. Eyes are embroidered with black threads and sew the head to the torso by hand. cloth dollBefore attaching your hands, we will make of lace andbraid small ruffles in place of the armhole of our non-removable denim body. We measure out 10 cm finishes, sew on a machine, prisborivaem, pulling the thread from two ends. Manually sew the lace to the inside of the hand. We attach the same lace to the neck. To attach the limbs to the body, we need: 4 buttons, a long needle (so that it can be passed through the trunk from the shoulder to the shoulder) and the thread in the 4-fold. Nodules need to be located under the arm and from the inside of the thigh. The thread is slightly tightened, so that the arms and legs do not sag, but the body is not deformed. The bollocks of our bbw are stitches and brushes made of bright threads. We added bright buttons and a skirt from the ribbon. You can sew a doll sarafan, take it, shoe. You can sew a doll in one evening from materials that are already at home, having bought only flannel and stuffing. Perhaps you want to make more realistic hair, this is also worth thinking about beforehand.

Master class from Polina Inyakina

kukla-iz-tkani-201To get such a doll from a fabric with a painted face, care and thoroughness will be required, especially sewing clothes: cloth dollPrint out the patterns of the doll (click to enlarge):

Selection of patterns of textile dolls

Video lessons