Doll glove with your hands, parsley, Pinocchio, grandfather, fox, patterns / Toys with your hands, patterns, video, MK

Doll glove with your hands, parsley, Pinocchio, grandfather, fox, patterns / Toys with your hands, patterns, video, MK

Any theater always has its gratefulviewers, especially in the puppet. It is worthwhile to sit in the evening, to make his own hands rag artists for the puppet theater. The greatest reward to the needlewoman is the happy laughter of her youngster when he sees the animated doll. For an older child, this is a real discovery that, on his hand, the glove doll starts to bow and clap hands. If you have normal working gloves in your household, then in an hour, a charming little rabbit may appear. glove puppets

Bunny from the workers

For work you will need:

  • two knitted working gloves;
  • two eyes (buttons);
  • scissors;
  • thread, needle;
  • braid;
  • knife for ripping.

Operating procedure

  • The glove toy begins with the head. Take the glove and bend in it the red (and yellow) thread on the cuff. Fill the little finger, the index finger and the thumb and sew so that they do not come out. It turned out a hare's head with ears and neck. It is necessary to sew at the base of the ears, so that the fingers of the leader do not get there. After that, you can put a little filler inside the head.
  • Take the second glove and hide the ring finger in it, also sewing a hole. Gently fasten the middle and index fingers together and put the hare's head on them.
  • Sew your head around your neck. To hide the seam and decorate our rabbit, tie him a bow tie. It remains only to sew or glue the eyes and embroider the muzzle. From synthetic fluffy threads you can make a naughty red-haired chub.
  • bunny from the workers-4In the same way, Parsley is made forpuppet theater. For metamorphosis, it's enough to put a paper cap on the white ears. Do not forget that Parsley wears a magnificent corrugated collar. Just as easily, a Pinocchio glove doll can appear. Add a brush to the cap and insert a long nose from the cardboard. Sew him a jacket with his own hands and a glove doll is ready for the stage.

    Another hare

    rabbit hare-5If the first bunny was out of a glove, then the secondcan be made from a working glove, sewing to it one more finger. But it's better to make patterns and sew the most simple toy for the puppet theater.

  • This doll glove is cut from a dense material that can hold a shape. We cut out two details of the trunk and yellow ears. Four details of white ears.
  • Sew the yellow inserts to the two details of the ears.
  • We connect the two halves of the ears. We will not turn out. Put inside cardboard for durability.
  • Draw the markers on one side of the body with eyes and a muzzle.
  • We sew two parts of the bunny, not forgetting to insert the ears.
  • rabbit hare-6

    Hare from the scarf

    Many grandmothers know how to do in one minutebunny from a scarf, which is not worse than any other bought glove toy, can cheer the sad child. It is enough to take a handkerchief, fold the two nearest corners and tie a tight knot. Then stick the index finger into the knot and speak with your tongue. a hare from a scarfThis is the most primitive way to make a living toy with your own hands. There are patterns much more difficult.

    Toy for the professional

    Here is such a red fox glove doll canGet it if you try hard. Such complex toys have a special glass inside the head, a tube where the puppeteer's finger is inserted. It can be seen that the muzzle is filled from the inside with a filler. Having one "body" glove can easily change the characters, simply by changing their heads. From a fox for a second it will turn out a doll a glove of the grandfather or Petrushka, favorite by the children. The main thing is to have a set of different heads at hand. grandfatherHeads can be done in many ways. Look at the photo, what a characteristic grandfather's glove doll turned out! His head is crocheted around the tennis ball. Just as easy with their own hands you can blind the heads of any characters from salted dough or papier-mache, fixing them on a cardboard tube for a finger. Master Class 2: