Doll pepik with their own hands, master classes / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Doll pepik with their own hands, master classes / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Doll-child ... Why is it called that? Well, how would I say it ... "The Fifth Point" is large and expressive. She is a reassuring one. In a word, an excellent student ... To make such a clever mistress with her own hands, you need very little:

  • normal kapron stocking (you can use old pantyhose);
  • bit syntepon;
  • yarn for a wig, which also has to be made by hand;
  • scissors;
  • Needles, thread, thimble (a wonderful opportunity to teach the child to use it!);
  • buttons, scraps, a few laces and satin ribbons;
  • fantasy, ingenuity and good mood.

Making puppets

Doll-popik - this is the same snowman, onlymade of improvised means. Take the stocking, twist it in the middle and sew it up. One part will serve as the doll's head, the other - the trunk. The master himself chooses proportions. Then grind the sintepon. This is done so that our doll does not have any projections that are not foreseen by the project. Especially neatly it is necessary to stuff a head: shortcomings of a trunk subsequently will hide clothes. sew a doll of a priestAfter receiving a soft ball, the master takes a littlesintepona and puts it in a nylon shell. This is - the future nose, perhaps the most expressive part of the face of the Master can give it any shape: make it large and chased, like an Indian, long as Baba Yaga, or tiny, snub-nosed. The simplest form in execution is a cozy "bulb". It is necessary to fix the nose with a thread, starting from the bridge of the nose. At the bottom of the nose we make two stitches: the formed notches are the nostrils. sew a doll popika-2 sew a doll popika-3 sew a doll popika-4If the master is not confident in his artistictalents, then the width and contour of the mouth is best marked in advance with a pencil. The mouth can be made broad, smiling, or narrower, with puffy lips "bow". The main thing is to make it symmetrical. Mark the stitches corners of the lips (the thread is each time withdrawn to the nape of the neck, where it is tied with a knot). Then the lips are formed, if desired - dimples on the cheeks. sew doll popika-5 sew doll popika-6 sew doll popika-7You can make eyes with your own hands, sewing andpainted with enamel (nail polish) two buttons, and you can buy ready-made in the store. You can draw eyelids with eyelashes, or sew eyelids from pieces of nylon, and make eyelashes out of bristles. "Lysinka" dolls with knots from threads the master covers with a wig: pigtails or other hair. sew a doll popika-8The main part of the trunk is, as follows fromname, that same "fifth point". We fill the ball, on the one side of which, just like the lips were sewn, we form the longitudinal seizure of the priests. From the wire, the master twists the frame of the handles, which then should be wrapped in sintepon and covered with a cloth. sew a doll popika-9Another expressive detail made byhands dolls - legs. They are very short, or, more precisely, they are sweet, infantlike heels. They can be made from two pieces of sintepon, covered with capron. It is necessary to form fingers. Separately, you should make a notch in the middle. Then the legs are sutured to the trunk. sew a doll popika-10After our done by our own handsThe doll is ready, she should sew a suit. Here the master can give vent to fantasy. Do you want to make a Little Red Riding Hood from a doll, you want a cute witch, you want a capricious Marfush ... Or maybe you dreamed of pirate captains in your childhood? Do not forget to cover up your ass with a panties! For luck, a doll made with your own hands is given a bill in your hand or a bag of coins embroidered with sparkles. You put your mood in the doll, and now she just has to "work" for you. sew a doll popika-11 seafarerUnlike a regular doll, the priest knows how to guess. If our doll is suspended to the curtain, then it may well tell the owner what day it is waiting for. Face turns - bring good luck, but the opposite side - do not blame me ...