Doll tilda dancer with her own hands, master class / Toys with her own hands, patterns, video, MK

Doll tilda dancer with her own hands, master class / Toys with her own hands, patterns, video, MK

Currently, the tilde doll is a ballerina veryis popular among craftsmen, because this funny and touching toy has fallen in love with many. Such a doll can become as one of the original decor elements in your interior, and a good friend for your child. At this master class you will learn how to create a tilde ballerina with your own hands. The necessary materials for creating dolls To create this cute toy in the master class we need:

  • small pieces of cloth for the figure itself, as well as doll clothes;
  • thread, sewing needle, scissors;
  • any filler (cotton wool or sintepon);
  • thread floss for embroidering the eyes and shaping the hairstyle;
  • thin metal wire.

How to work in the master class

  • To begin with, you need to make a pattern, transfer it to the fabric folded in half and cut out all the details of the ballerina tilde (body with face, arms and legs) from the fabric.

  • Then you need to sew cut in two copies and folded face to each other details, leaving in certain places fill holes filler, and turn all the elements of the future doll.

Tilda Ballerina-2 Tilda Ballerina-3

  • To make the doll we have made a posedancers with arms raised above their heads, take a wire a little longer than the length of the doll's hand, wrap it with cotton wool or synthepone, and bending so that its sharp edge does not pierce the fabric, we insert it into the hands. After that, fill the cavities of hands and other parts with filler.

Tilda ballerina-4

  • Sew in certain places the details of the legs of the doll to the trunk, and one of them can be sewn at an angle (in the form raised).

Tilda ballerina-5

  • To sew details of hands to the trunk of a doll,it is necessary to make holes in the necessary places of the trunk (near the shoulders), push the ends of the wire from the hands there, fasten with pins and sew using a secret seam.

Tilda Ballerina-6

  • Dress the doll, for which, using a patterntorso of a ballerina, we create from a fabric of other color a corset, and also the magnificent skirt-pack made of a piece of a fabric, picked up on the one hand, on a principle "the sun-klesh".

Tilda Ballerina-7 Tilda Ballerina-8

  • The final stage of our work isthe design of the doll's face with the help of embroidery or drawing the eyes of the doll, as well as creating a beautiful hairstyle that can be made of threads or painted with acrylic paints.

Tilda Ballerina-9 Tilda the ballerina-10That's all, as a result of the master class, our tilde ballerina, created by her own hands, is ready! Tilda Ballerina-11To create such a master craftsman dolluse natural monophonic fabrics, for example, linen, coarse calico or cotton. Clothes for dolls can be sewn from silk, guipure or other similar fabrics of bright colors. When decorating the face and hair of the doll, you can show all your imagination by making her an original face with eyelashes, and decorating your hair with various ornaments of beads, ribbons or guipure. Do not forget to draw your ballerina pointe shoes, while using acrylic colors. Tilda ballerina-12Masters of needlework invented ways of creating suchdolls of different materials: foil, napkins, as well as plain paper. Such toys look very good as a New Year or any other festive decor. Tilda the ballerina-13From whatever material the tilde of a ballerina was made, it will always be a worthy addition to your interior or an original souvenir that will surely please both children and adults.