Doll pumpkin master class, patterns without a seam on the face / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Doll pumpkin master class, patterns without a seam on the face / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Puppet-pumpheads got their sonorous namethanks to a non-standard head shape resembling a pumpkin. Their story began in 1918, when John Barton Gruel sewed the first doll of a pumphead named Reggie Anne for his little daughter. doll-pump-headCute and fun pumphead can be easilyto sew by yourself, having got acquainted with the simple step-by-step master class from Elena Kogan - the well-known domestic needlewoman. Sewing a pumpkin will not take long, such a textile doll will decorate a children's room or living room, and will certainly bring a summer mood to your home.


doll-pump-headThe first master class from Elena Kogan is dedicated to thethe distinctive feature of these cute dolls is their head resembling a pumpkin. It should consist of several separate details-petals, which are sewn together. To make a head, you will need a simple pattern, a piece of fabric, solid or white, a filler and a set of threads with a needle. Draw a small petal on the paper, and cut it out along the contour, this pattern is useful for making a head. There should be at least four such details, only then you can recreate the famous pumpkin shape. Elena Kogan advises using six to eightwedges for making a doll's head, so you can create a more plastic shape and give your face a soft outline. Transfer the contours from the pattern to the fabric, retreating a couple of millimeters from the edge. The details must be sewn so that the front side is inside the fork, and in the middle of the doll's face there was a seam. Leave a small hole so that the part can later be turned out. Fill this bag with a sintepon or a holofiber, and then you should carefully sew the hole with a hidden seam. Sewing your head, you can start a master class to make a face. On the puppet face you can draw your own handseyes and mouth with the help of paints, or embroider them with bright threads of a floss. Your doll-pump-heads can be mischievous and dreamy, thoughtful and cheerful - it all depends on what emotion you draw on their faces.


A master class on making hair will help youdecorate a textile beauty unusual hairdo or simply modest braids. To make realistic and beautiful hair, use knitting threads or wool for felting. Following Elena Kogan's advice, one should use only natural materials, if it is a toy for a child. Synthetic can provoke allergic reactions, so all fabrics for a doll must be natural. doll-pump-headSo that your pumpheads could boastluxurious curls, you should determine in advance the hairdo. With your own hands, it's easiest to make a pair of braids from knitting threads, and give them an interesting shape with the help of a wire. If you want your ragged beauty to have loose curls, use wool for felting. Wool must be driven into the head-pumpkin with a special needle, and in the same way make whole strands. The master class should be completed, giving the hair a gloss, for this it is necessary to use a bow or a beautiful headpiece.


When making pumpkin heads, it is necessarytake care of a reliable enclosure. A detailed master class by Elena Kogan will help to sew the trunk with her hands even for beginners. Sewing the trunk will take no more than half an hour, and for its production you will only need a filler and a cut of light fabric. Prepare patterns for the body, hands and feet of the doll. Moving it to the fabric, it is necessary to cut out the details, retreating a few millimeters from the contour. The fabric should be stripped so that the front side remains inside. Through the left hole it is necessary to turn out the workpiece and fill it with sintepon. Textile doll should have a solid foundation, so the details should be filled as tightly as possible. The hole should be sewn neatly by hand with an imperceptible secret seam. Filling each part separately, you need to sweep the handles, legs and head to the body, and then you can proceed to the master class for tailoring.


To give the pumphead of elegance, it should beto sew her a pretty, bright dress. Clothes can be removable or sewn right on the torso. If you sew a decorative doll, you can sew a dress with an apron, and for children's game dolls it is better to leave the opportunity to change outfits. doll-pump-headSewing an unpretentious chintz dress does not takea lot of time, if you choose the right pattern. All the details are cut out and spread out the same way as the details for the trunk. Calculate the size based on the proportions of your doll. The dress can be decorated with lace or applique.