Dolls from the nylon: turn-by-turn instructions, ideas, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Dolls from the nylon: turn-by-turn instructions, ideas, video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

The puppet industry amazes with the beauty of its work! Up to what different dolls are obtained: beautiful and amusing, like real girls and fictional characters. But if you really want to pamper yourself with a new doll, it's better not to hurry to the toy store - at home there will certainly be materials from which you can make a work of art with your own hands! For example - a doll made of kapron tights. a doll from kapron-17

Basics of making dolls from pantyhose

This master class for the making of the dearest dollfrom kapron will take you no more than an hour. And in the end you will get a wonderful toy, which - even for a gift, even for decorating a house! In order to sew such a doll, you will need the following materials:

  • Filler - more often they are sintepon, which can be taken from an old jacket or bought in a store;
  • Wire for frame making;
  • Old nylon pantyhose flesh-colored;
  • 2 needles for darning;
  • Flesh skin tone.
  • Start making your future girlfriend better off your head.

    • Take a baggy piece of capron. Fill it with a large lump of sintepon - for the head, and small in front - for the nose.
    • With a properly stuck needle, form the bridge of the nose and nostrils.

    Tip: When forming contours, the face requires special attention. Threads need to be tightened sufficiently to separate the individual parts, but do not crush the filler.

    • With the gradual work of the needle, you need to make the outlines of the nose bridge and nostrils more clear.
    • On the sides are added 2 round lumps of sintepon - these are cheeks, and oblong under the nose - lips.
    • Now, using two needles, you need to arrange the corners of the lips and eye cavities.
    • Between the lips you need to sew an oblong smile.

    Tip: Initially, measure the threads of sufficient length so that during work, you do not have to make extra nodes. In addition, constantly add or remove the filler as needed - only so you form a face.

    • The second oblong thread needs to form a lower lip.

    Tip: in the course of working on the lips gradually form oblong orbits, so that they do not look like dots. Otherwise your doll from the nylon runs the risk of remaining with small eyes.

    • Pass the needle over the separating smile - so will form the sponges-bows. Gradually tighten the mouth in a smile.
    • After all these actions, you need to make the nose bridge more elongated.
    • Finished puppet eyes are pasted into the eye sockets or drawn by hand at will. Acrylic paints give the face a vivid outline: rosy cheeks, scarlet mouth, nose in freckles.

    a doll from kapron-9To decorate a doll's hair from kapron tights, a children's festive wig is suitable, which can be combed in the hair you need. a doll from kapron-10

    Well, where are the pens?

    The next most important in the manufacture of dolls from capron - the handle. Form 2 identical frames for palms and tighten them with filler. a doll from kapron-11After this, wrap each piece in a square piece of nylon, tie in place of the wrists. By the principle of working on parts of the body, form fingers with their bulges and marigolds.

    Puppet anatomy

    Ready-made parts of the body can not exist without a trunk. A doll made of nylon should be about 40 centimeters high.

    • From the wire of the desired length, shape the skeleton at your discretion.
    • Tightly tighten it with filler until the desired state.
    • After that it is necessary to sew already ready parts of a body - a head and palms - with a frame part.
    • In a well-known way, the body is tightened with a capron, after which all the protrusions are formed.

    doll of kapron-12Tip: An experienced puppet master will hide the places of joining parts of the body, disguise them with threads or under clothing. a doll from kapron-13With the help of various examples you can sew exclusive clothes for your newly-made beauty. a doll from kapron-14

    The will of fantasy

    This master class tells only about the basic elements of making dolls from old kapon pantyhose, if you like to fantasize - do not be shy! Create new magic versions of girlfriends.

    • friendship of Peoples

    If you have no nylon pantyhose bodycolors - do not despair! Black tights also fit perfectly. Especially if you want to sew a girl of a Negroid race. You can also try to make the cute little Chinese woman - for her pantyhose needs the lightest shade. And have a good face: the lips should be thinner, and the eyes - already.

    • Dear Cavaliers!

    a doll from kapron-15To the doll ladies it was not boring to walk ontoy balls, make them a company - sew doll puppies! The frame of the trunk can be made higher for a boy than for a girl. In addition, while working on the facial area, you can also designate superciliary arches - this will add seriousness to your muzhchinke.

    • Simplicity of execution

    If you do not want to work on a longmaking a trunk, try a simplified version of dolls - kappa dolls! These toys are no worse than the usual ones and will only add a good mood in your home. Puppas made of nylon can also become a good gift to a person with a sense of humor. To make such a toy, form the face and palms. In the image of the palms, form 2 feet. After that, sew the ass - in a baggy piece of capron-sized head, insert a round filler and work the hollow between the buttocks. For clothes you will need a bright funny triangle - for panties - and a doll-sized skirt. Now start combining: sew your head with a booty. The skirt should be in the area of ​​their connection and around the frame of the head. On the skirt behind, sew your feet, and in front - palms. a doll from kapron-16

    Video lessons on the creation of dolls from nylon