Give your child a real treat. Colorful and original costumes make it so easy and fun. Photos and instructions

Give your child a real treat. Colorful and original costumes make it so easy and fun. Photos and instructions

For children, the New Year is perhaps one of the mostimportant and favorite holidays in the year. Children with such impatience wait for gifts under a fur-tree from the old man of the Grandfather of the Frost, write letters to it with all the lovely wishes and with such improbable ignition believe in miracles for this holiday. And so on the New Year, every child wants to change his daily outfit for something new, original. Wear a suit of your favorite hero, a magical character or your favorite animal. And the task of every skilful mother is to realize her child's dream into reality. And to facilitate this task, your attention is a simple and original pattern of the costume for the girl. We will make together a New Year's costume of a cat. The presented outfit became very popular due to comic books, cartoons and movies about the Catwoman. The main character not only dressed every night a cat's attire, but also fought for justice and equality, while showing amazing agility, agility and flexibility. Even if your child is not fond of this character, the costume of an ordinary black cat will be no less beautiful and popular with your daughter. Moreover, its manufacture requires quite a bit of effort and time. fotochem for pattern making. Photo №1 The original costume was black, but youYou can always choose a coloring that matches the character's style, but was not so gloomy. To begin with, before we start creating a pattern of our children's costume, we'll make a simple pattern-base. All the measurements that you will take from the child, should be accurate, so that the costume eventually sat on the girl beautifully, and she was comfortable in it. Let's proceed to the modeling of the costume. We will engage in side seams. On the front side of the pattern of dress from the point T2 in both directions we will postpone two centimeters. Mark the new straight sides of the gear, as well as the backs of our outfit. From the waist line measure down six centimeters, draw a straight line on the front and back. Cut along the formed lines. We make the neck. It must be deepened in front and on the back. To create sleeves-lanterns, see the presented drawings. Cut our sleeve along the line of pullback, and then move it apart. fotochem for pattern making. Photo # 2 To properly build our skirt-sunfollow our drawing. First, make a skirt pattern along the length of the measurement. Then cut it and move it apart. You can additionally make folds, or, without bothering, to do a simple assembly. Let's start the cut of the cat's costume. The following details must be found from the knitted fabric you choose:

  • The front of the suit is one piece with a fold;
  • The back of the dress is one detail with a fold;
  • For sleeves, two parts are necessary;
  • The skirt is cut from the satin and two layers of the net.

fotochem for pattern making. Picture №3 It is also necessary to produce a mesh strip of threecentimeter wide, its length will be the bottom of our skirt, multiplied by 1.8. For the image of a female cat, leggings will also be needed. Using the usual centimeter measure the girth of the shins of the girl, as well as the distance from the foot to the top of the shin. After drawing a rectangle according to your parameters - and everything, the pattern is completed. Two such details are needed. Also you will definitely need the ears. They should be attached to a hoop, which can be purchased at any store. If necessary, tighten it with a black cloth to create a better image. Ears sew or glue to the hoop superglue. To make a tail, it is necessary to cut a strip of tissue, length from 35 to 45 centimeters, depending on the height of the girl, width - about 9 centimeters. Also you will need an ordinary black knitted elastic band. You can also find it in specialized stores. fotochem for pattern making. Photo №4 We'll start sewing a suit. Stitch side and shoulder seams on the fragments on the overlock. Treat the neck with a seam, then tuck it and walk with a double needle. Attach rubber sleeves or kulisks to our sleeves. Put on the elastic bands and tighten. Process the seams of the sleeves. After tuck them from the bottom and walk again. In the armhole sew sewn-ready sleeves. Each part of the skirt is stitched at the seams separately. Put them on top of each other, and sweep them to the top. Pick up the skirt on the top cut, connect to the top of the suit and stitch. fotochem for pattern making. Photo №5 The band for the frill is straight in the center,then tighten, pre-adjusting the length. Walk the machine on the bottom of the upper skirt. Let's go to the tail. Fold the cut piece along in half, and then stitch along the long side and one short. Turn out the tail after that, fill it with cotton or sintepon, at your discretion, and attach the ready tail to our suit. We make leggings and armlets. We have to halve the details, and gently squish it. Cut eight strips of gum, four for gaiters and armlets. It is important that the elastic band is slightly stretched. Tear off all the eight gums on the short sides. After a little stretching, walk along the bottom, and then on top of our parts. fotochem for pattern making. Photo №6 The last part - the ears of a cat. Make two pieces from our fabric and four from black. If the whole costume was made of black material, then, two details should be more light. Fasten the two pieces of black cloth with the winding cloth. After stitching on the other two parts, which were not reinforced, on the details of light fabric. Gently fold the detail of each ear in pairs face to face, and walk along the two lower and upper sides. Leave only one section untreated, through which you then turn out our lovely ears. After that, sew an unclosed area. When the ears are ready, attach them to our hoop. At will, you can decorate it with something, for example, with a bow. fotochem for pattern making. Photo №7 Congratulations, our cat costume is ready! Of course, you can use different materials and decorations for the outfit. With the help of paints and make-up, draw a nice little nose and antennae for the girl, so that the cat's image is more real. Also freely choose and accessories. The most important thing is that everything looks whole, and nothing was superfluous. Enjoy your holidays.