Dragon Bezubik: we sew ourselves. Patterns. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Dragon Bezubik: we sew ourselves. Patterns. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

After the release of the cartoon about the brave Vikings,learned to tame dragons, many children and adults have a new idol - Dragon Bezubik - Night Fury. Many kids dream of such a toy. With a few efforts you can make it yourself.

Dragon from velor

dragon from cloth The most natural looks Bezubik, sewed from velor or suede - then its sides will be evenly poured into the sun. dragon toothlessFrom the skin you can make the tip of the toy's tail, teeth on the spine and claws. In general, the toy looks equally well in any performance of any materials - wet suede, leather, yarn. drakon-tkan-002The dragon itself is made very simply - it is important to determine the materials and techniques of its manufacture. List of required materials:

  • Velor or suede in black color
  • Volumetric eyes
  • Threads of black color
  • Synthepone for packing
  • Strips of black and burgundy leather
  • Scissors
  • Needle

First of all, it is necessary, based on patterns, to make blanks from the fabric. Start work follows from an assembly in a bunch of detailshead. In order to get a head, you need to cut and combine parts of A-G. First of all it is necessary to sew details A on side 1. It should be remembered that Bezubik has beautiful horns. They will be obtained if we connect parts E6 and C6. Similar work should be done with the details of D5 and C5. Then it is necessary to combine both parts C. All 4 "ears" must be connected near the beginning of the horns with the back part G. The suture should be located inside. The remaining horns are sewn from the parts F7 and B7. The head will be ready if you combine the details of C3 and B3, and then BC with A. You also need to stitch along side B2 and A2. The next step is to create the torso of the Tooth. To do this, cut out the fabric and connect the parts J and K to each other. Next, you must attach the detail V to the sewn parts. As a result, the spike line located in the middle of the back should come out. Next, cut out the parts G and L and in the places indicated on the pattern as " ears ", sew together. It is very important that there is a hole between the two parts Q (it will be convenient, if it is located, below the breast protrusion). This hole will be needed for the toy to be turned on the wrong side. The details of R, S and T, which are scallops and wings, must be gathered together. Embroider them you need, based on the dotted lines on the front side. P should be applied to the combined parts of QL. To obtain the trunk, it is necessary to combine the parts of QPL with JK. The upper part of the wings should be located at a distance of 5 cm from the top, on the shoulder JK. So, the triangular scallop S, should begin where the wing ends. Similar actions are performed with the details of U, S, T, W. It is necessary to make sure that when you turn the craft on the front side, the scallops will be outside. Important detail - The toothless tooth has got damaged, and its part needs to be made of a different color fabric. The legs must be sewn from the details of M, N, O. The finished article should be stuffed with a sintepon and sew a hole left in the section of Q. The eyes can be made and made of cloth, but the most expressive toy will look with three-dimensional eyes.

A straight toothless tooth

dragon toothlessQuite original looks toy standingon the hind legs. When it is created, the main attention should be paid to the trunk and hind legs - in general, the design should be stable. List of necessary materials and tools:

  • Velor or velvet in black color
  • Felt black for horns and feet
  • Wire
  • Leather or imitation leather
  • White felt for eye and teeth
  • Adhesive for fabric
  • Paint for fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors

Such a Toothless is more simple to perform thanstanding on four legs. So, his head consists of only four parts - the occipital part, the chin and two identical halves for the face. All the details are neatly sewn together so that the seam is in the middle of the muzzle. A few teeth below the seam line should be glued on. Gray paint denotes the nostrils of Bezubik. Horns, ears and thorns on the spine can be made flat, carving them out of felt. Eyepieces of the Tooth are composed of several details - the eyeball, the black pupil and the glare. First, all parts are glued together into a whole composition and then fixed on the dragon's muzzle. At this stage of work, caution should be exercised - if the eyes are asymmetrically attached to each other, the dragon will "mow." The torso of the dragon consists of four parts - two identical details of the chest, two identical details of the back. Everything is stitched together and stuffed with sintepon. Seams are sewn on the back on the back. The tail of the toy should be an integral part of the back, this should be provided by selecting a pattern. The front and hind paws must be sewn perpendicular to the trunk, pre-stuffing them with a sintepon. Claws can be painted with paint for fabric. It will look good with a dragon with thin moving wings. This is possible if you make them out of leather, or leatherette, by placing them on a wire base. Flexibility of the wire will allow to arbitrarily change the shape and wingspan.

Girlfriend for the Tooth

dragon toothlessIn order for the little dragon not to be bored inlonely, he can make a girlfriend. It should be done in the same way as Bezubik himself, but with slight differences. So, it is desirable to perform it from more vivid materials - the fabric of pink or yellow color is quite suitable. dragon toothlessAn important feature - a girlfriend should have a one-piece tail, so no overlapping on it do not need. dragon toothlessThere are many more techniques in which a toy can be executed. Developed imagination and skillful hands will help create a unique hand-crafted article.