Dragonfly from beads with own hands in master classes (diagrams)

Dragonfly from beads with own hands in master classes (diagrams)


A great popularity among needlewomen was acquiredInsects from beads. All sorts of beetles, butterflies and dragonflies can be worn not only as brooches or hairpins, but also be a wonderful addition, so it is not surprising that to date, a huge number of master classes have been created, both in the photo and in the video format with the help of which Create wonderful insects from beads. And here your attention will be presented to the master class, on which you can weave a beaded dragonfly, for beginners.

Dragonfly from beads: weaving scheme

Of course, the scheme of weaving for beginner needlewomen should be simple and understandable. With the help of it, any skilled worker should be able to easily create his own product.

Step-by-step scheme of weaving dragonfly from beads

Master class of weaving dragonfly from beads

In order to weave a dragonfly, we needPrepare small beads for the torso and wings, as well as two large beads for the eyes and a wire or line. Choose color solutions to your liking. Most often for the torso choose beads of brown or black. But this, of course, depends on your idea. You can use to inspire a book or video, which tells about the life of insects. After all, a more successful designer and artist than nature, you can hardly find. For simplicity, let's designate our colors for this master class. We use gray for the torso, orange for the wings and black for the eyes.
So, to make the dragonfly of beads a success, let'sUse the method of parallel weaving. If you want to make your dragonfly to wear it as a keyring or as a pendant to the phone, then start this master class from the end (from the tail) and string it on the line. After the end of the weaving, bind the ends of the line to the bundle and leave the ends to fix the product.
If your dragonfly is made for decoration, then use a wire and start with the head, then it will be easier to mask the ends at the end of the weaving.
Starting the weaving from the head, we put on blackBead, then gray, black and three gray. Move the entire "company" to the middle of the wire segment and pass the end that is located on the side of the black bead, through the three gray beads in the opposite direction and tighten well. Thus, you have succeeded in making two rows at once.

To make the third row, type on anyThe wire edge is four gray beads and stretch the second edge through them towards the first. The fourth edge is done similarly, but we already use five beads.

Now it is necessary to perform the first row of wings. To do this, dial 26 beads of orange on both ends of the wire. And then, each wire edge, pass through the very first orange bead, which is located right next to the dragonfly's body. So the wings turned out. After the first wings need to weave the fifth row, similar to the previous ones, using five gray beads. And now we make the second wings according to the same principle, but we do not wear 26, but 23 beads for each edge.

Now the wings of the dragonfly are ready and our master classGoes to the finish line - we add the torso. To do this, the plait in the sixth row - five beads, and then in the seventh - four, in the eighth - three beads and then we add to the twenty-first row using only two beads.

At the end of the weaving, we need to doFastening of wire. To do this, one of its edges is passed through the penultimate row so that both edges of the wire are on the same side. Twist the wire edges and cut.

That's all - our master class is completed. It remains to adjust your beautiful woman to her permanent place and admire.
Wings for a dragonfly can also be done in a different way. Then they will look not like a loop, but a continuous canvas. And for the trunk, take an braided cabochon and all kinds of beads.

Wings of a dragonfly in parallel weaving

To make wings with one cloth, use the technique of parallel weaving. Each wing is flipped separately.
For the first pair cut off the wire length of 60 cm. We use beads of two colors. For example, black and purple. To make the first row put on the wire two black beads. Slide them into the center of the segment and stretch the second end of the wire in the opposite direction. After that, put on a black, purple and again black bead. Again stretch the second edge and tighten it well. Thus, focusing on the scheme and shifting the weave to the side where necessary, we perform 21 rows. At the end we fix the wire. Similarly, we perform the second wing. For the lower pair, you need to make 19 rows according to the scheme. The result should be 4 wings of purple with a black edge.
Using a wire, attach the wings to the body.

If you find it difficult to focus on graphicScheme, you can see the master class in video format. In any case, insects from beads are the simplest option for beginner needlewomen to try weaving of three-dimensional figures.

Video: Lessons of beadwork of dragonflies