Crochet dress, 21 model dresses with description and crochet patterns

Crochet dress, 21 model dresses with description and crochet patterns

Both experienced and skilledcrochet, can tie a beautiful dress. Everything depends on the degree of complexity, the chosen pattern and the cut of the product. For a cold season, a good natural yarn (wool, etc.), you can knit in solid rows - for example, columns. The collar is chosen under the tailoring (stand or turn-down), sometimes it is not knit, but simply a blind closed mouth. In some cases, a woven or knitted cover of similar or contrasting color is sewn from below.

Very stylish and original looks knitted wedding dress.

Dress for any season and occasion

The dress can be as light, delicate,almost weightless, and very dense. The first option is suitable for warm days and even for the beach (all you need, hide the swimsuit). Often he has no sleeves, but the cutout is deep.


There are many ways to mate. The dress can be:

  • openwork - in this case the scheme contains a lot of chains of air loops, and the hook is better to choose thicker;
  • composed of separate parts of different formats or the same - for example, from squares, triangles;
  • knitted in a classic pattern, and then the shelves, skirt skirts, sleeves (if any) are sewn together;
  • with contrasting details or connected from one yarn and decorated (trimmed) with additional applications, rhinestones, beads, roses, etc.

Crochet dresses, the work of our readers

Crochet ware (dresses including)have a great advantage: you can start almost from any place, then add individual details (trim elements) - ruffles, graceful collar, stripes in the form of fringe, etc. You can include fantasy and combine seemingly incongruous, taking into account the particular features of a particular figure - emphasizing dignity and hiding undesirable details. But in the end, you will have a unique dress, like no one has, and you will receive many compliments as our authors! Wedding dress crochet, the work of Natalia Drozdova Hello! My name is Natalya. I've been knitting for more than 10 years. The last years began to knit not only for themselves (things are not already in the closet), but also to order. As soon as she began to knit professionally, she became fired with a dream to create a wedding dress. The case was granted in the summer of 2009. The girlfriend married and was not afraid to conduct this experiment. Thank her so much. I want to share with you my creation. I knitted dresses for 3 months. The yarn is 100% cotton. For the main fabric and openwork inserts used yarn of different torsion. She began to knit from the bodice. Then, from the bodice, she continued to knit a skirt. The back, the train and the hem of the dress are made in the technique of Irish knitting. At first I knitted some motifs, then sewed them on the wrong side. After the dress was ready, we turned to the seamstress. She made a cover. Since the hem of the dress is very heavy, I had to take the dress to the cover: the sides of the bodice and the cover were worn out, the left one - the zipper. After all, the belt was sewn: on the back to the sides sewn along the entire length, in front of the clasp of the hooks - an additional supporting element. The weight of the dress is about 3 kg. Beach Crochet Dress Forget-me-nots Beach dress "Nezabudka". A delicate, airy dress is crocheted with No. 1.0 and No. 1.25 of fine 100% Italian cotton. The work of Valentina Litvinova. Variety of Knitted Patterns and snowy white color. It is beneficial to emphasize the beautiful soft tan and the shape of the figure "Pico" did not apply, so that the pattern of knitting was more dense. A special color is attached to the dress of the shoe, bound in the loin technique. The dress is decorated with romantic crocheted flowers. Irreplaceable clothes on vacation by the sea. Crochet pattern Women's Crochet Dress Dress gently pink for 46-48r, thread -100% viscose. The dress is crocheted with separate motifs. For those wishing to scheme the motive lay out below, the thickness of the thread 500m / 100g hooks used # 1.75. Work of Ksenia Tikhonenko. Crochet crochet pattern Crochet dress Siena Well, here's the next dress "Siena". This time for yourself. Warmer, with a sleeve three quarters. She knitted from Slonim yarn 202 meters in 50 grams. Hook number 2.5. She knitted in five colors - brown, blue, brick, gray and "dusty rose". All it took about half a car. This is for size 42-44. Scheme of the Edge 815. Work of Maria Daineko. I'll tell you a little about how I knitted) For a deeper cutout, the sprout knit from two rapports in height. And the flirt sat very well. To expand the bottom of the dress made increases in the ranks of ssn. In the sleeves, on the contrary, in the ranks of the ssn, she made cut-offs) she finished her sleeves next to the breeze. I liked to knit a dress, I want to knit it yet. I will answer all the questions with pleasure)) Light loops you) In with explanations to the pattern and details of knitting. The work of our needlewomen on the motives of Vanessa Montoro The scheme of crochet crochet dress Women's Crochet Dress The dress knit for myself. Threads «MAXI» 100% cotton. The dress took 700g. The dress size is 58-60. It consists of three different drawings. Hook 1.3. The design of the dress was invented by herself. The top consists of motifs, the bottom is connected by one cloth. Crochet Crochet Patterns Dress Provence, loin crochet Dress "Provence". The size is 46-48. The dress is made in a loin technique, it is connected from a mixed thread, 50/50 cotton with acrylic, consumption is 400 g, 800 m in 100 g, hook 1,7. Work of Elena Saenko. Before you start knitting, be sure to make a sample, steal and make your own calculations. For the skirt, I used a tablecloth scheme without changes, the drawing seemed to me very harmonious. The pattern clearly shows the wedges, so a skirt shaped like a bell of 8 wedges. The beginning of knitting is approximately 40 rows of the scheme, it is possible to start and on earlier rows, it all depends on the desired length. Knit from the set edge down in circular rows always on the front side of the product. After the main part of the skirt is finished, continue from the tying edge up the coquette with the 1 stitching strips, laying a thin elastic band-thread, which ensures a good fit at the waist. From the coquette, knit a pattern of spiders (use a skirt pattern) in a circle with straight and reverse rows to the armhole. Then divide into two parts: a shelf and a backrest. Do not patch the lining, you get a flat shoulder. At the height of the cutout, both parts are separated and each shoulder is closed separately. Sew the shoulder seams. Tie the armholes and neck with columns without a crochet and finish with a row of columns with a picot. The product is evaporated. The lower dress is of contrasting color, in my case it is dark blue, the pattern is better seen. How to tie a crocheted dress Crocheted dress Goddess The dress is "Goddess". The dress is connected below the knee. Made from 100% flax Semenovskaya yarn "Olesya" hook № 1.3. The work of Inna Aliyeva. It is connected by horizontal strips of various patterns with a separation of ruches. The ruffles are made with a "shell" pattern and are tied with a "ranch step" pattern. You can use any other ruffles or straps. Between them are connected strips of crossed columns and columns without a crochet. Schemes of patterns see below. Knitting Patterns for Wedding Dresses Women's crochet, crochet knitting The dress in a floor of color of a gentle mint is executed inthe technique of loin knitting. The size is 46-48-50. The length of the product is 125 cm. Yarn-pechora is 100% viscose. Hook No. 0.9. The product has a small crease, has a matte finish. Irina's work. How to tie a crocheted dress Beach dress for the summer from Elvira Vyazalova Hello, my dear friends. It's not the first season I'm wearing this tunic and she makes me very happy. And on the sea vacation very often I accept pleasant compliments from others who see me in this wonderful little thing. Consumption of yarn on it is not at all big, it took me only 5 pieces of coco yarn to my not a small size. And, it can be worn the same way as a dress, only with a lining). Good-bye, friends. Knitting Pattern A crocheted crocheted pattern of a zig zag from Elvira Vyazalova This dress is made on 32 wedges, rapports 7loops. Additions in a coquette in each 5 row, in a coquette of 25 rows. Further division into front, back and back. Divided like this: 10 wedges in front and behind, and 6 wedges each sleeve. Size 50. Yarn of the Miss Batik. Until next time, friends. Knitting Pattern Crocheted dress - the work of Marina Efimenko Hello girls! I began to slowly learn the hook. The benefit turned up ... They asked me to tie a sarafan. For a long time I tormented him and here's the result. Yarn "Pearl" (50% cotton, 50% viscose, 425m in 100gr). It took about 650gr. Hook # 2. I want to receive your feedback, comments. Description of the pattern "sheaf" for the top of the dress: Number of air. multiples of 6 + 1 + air. ascending. 1 st р .: 3 air. lifting, 1 tbsp. c / n in the next air. n., 1 air. etc., skip 2 air. p., * 1 tbsp. b / n in the next air. n., 1 air. etc., skip 2 air. p., 3 tbsp. c / n in the next air. n., 1 air. etc., skip 2 air. etc., repeat from *, at the end perform 1 tbsp. b / n next air. n., 1 air. etc., skip 2 air. p., 2 tbsp. с / н in the last air. item 2 nd r.: 1 air. lifting, 1 tbsp. b / n in the 1 st century. c / n, * in the next st. b / n to connect 1 triple lush art. (= 1 cape, pull out the thread, 1 thread, draw the thread, 1 thread, draw the thread, then draw the thread and tie all the loops on the hook together), 3 air. etc. and 1 triple lush column, 1 tbsp. b / n in the middle of the next 3 tbsp. c / n, repeat from *, at the end perform 1 magnificent article, 3 air. etc. and 1 magnificent art. in the next art. b / n, 1 tbsp. b / n in the air of the rise of the previous river. 3- th р .: 3 air. p., 1 tbsp. s / n in the 1 st century. b / n, * 1 air. p., 1 tbsp. b / n in the next arch of 3 air. n., 1 air. p., 3 tbsp. c / n in the next st. b / n., repeat from *, at the end perform 1 air. p., 1 tbsp. b / n in the next arch of the air. n., 1 air. p., 2 tbsp. s / n in the last st. b / n. Crochet Dress Chart Shuttlecock scheme This is the author's model of Marina Morozova. . Dress White crochet, crochet knitting The work of Anna Butikova. The tunic "White roses", size 48-50, is connected from 100% of mercerized cotton "White lace" (Pechorka 50 g - 475 m, hooks from 0,5, 0,75; 1,0). The dress took 380 grams of thread. The dress was very gentle, despite the fact that the mating is tight. This dress is for those who are not afraid to show a little more .... Excellent dress for summer holidays at sea, emphasize the dignity of the figure and ottenit tan, but also in the city vanity will be appropriate at the party. Knitting patterns in loin technique Dress Malachite crocheted casket Finally finished the dress "Malachitecasket ". It is related to the MC from the famous master of Irish lace Galina Verten. Greater pleasure from work and result I have not yet received! Very clear and detailed MK! Perhaps this is my best work)) Svetlana's work. Summer dress Snowy flowers, crocheted Summer dress "Snow Flowers", related in technologyIrish lace from cotton and viscose yarn. The mesh is made of a finer thread than the motifs. Finishing - glass beads and rhinestones. The size is 50-52. Work of Svetlana Shevchenko (Sova Fotina). Knitting Patterns Dress Roses, loin crochet Dress the Roses. It is connected in a loin technique. Threads FILO DI SCOZIA N8, 100% cotton. At 58 size it took 650gr. Hanks for 50gr-340m. Hook No. 1,3. When I switched to the picture "Spiders", I cut the loops, because changing from a sirloin pattern to another, the drawing of the dress is greatly increased and an uneven width is obtained. Irina's work. Knitting Patterns Dress in Irish Lace Technique The work of Lilia Esquabar. I want to show my new work done in the technique of Irish (coupling) lace. Used yarn Azalea, Coco, Camomile, on the net- Canaris, hooks 1.1, 0.75. A long dress for a summer evening or special occasions. Size 52-54, back long lacing, allowing to open the back and adjust the depth of the cutout. The work of Lilia Esquabar. Schemes of roses in the technique of Irish lace Authentic crocheted dress Milena Author's dress Milena. Crocheted the first two photos from Alpina sati (mercerized cotton), hook 1.5, brown alpine xenia. Dress on photo 3 and 4 of baby cotton. Work Olesya Petrova. Scheme of motif Women's Crochet Dress Good afternoon! I present to your attention my new work. The dress is connected to a specific person - hence the color scheme. Threads were used by Violet YarnArt and Kotonaks Eva. The work also used a caterpillar cord and snail cord. Approximate schemes of a flower and leaves I give below. On the flower there are 10 petals, connected according to the scheme and tied with bunches without a crochet and then with a step-like step of melange yarn. The middle is tied with arches from 5 air loops through 1 loop of the base and then tied with 10 stitches without a mantle of melange yarn. Next petals are the main yarn. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me personally. I can also answer in OC and in VC under the same name. Work Shapoval of Hope. Knitting Patterns Crochet dress "roses" - the work of Ephimius of Andrews Beige dress "Roses". It took about 350 grams to knit a dress. thread cotton, hook 0.75. Connected by the motif of a tablecloth of 8 roses, I used 6 roses, i.e. 6 rapports. According to the photo, arrange 6 rapports on the pattern from the hip line, sew. Free space fill with irregular mesh and cobwebs, as well as ribbons from the rings. The umbrella can be connected according to the same scheme. Knitting Pattern:

Video lessons on crochet dresses

Dress Dress from the motives "Mill" Dress size: 48-50. You will need:

  • 6 hoses of Alize Diva Strech yarn (92% microfiber, 8% elastane), hook No. 2.
  • Markers,
  • needle
  • scissors

Blue Crochet Dress The dress is knitted in Russian 52 size or XL, European 46.

  • Yarn Pelicn Vita Cotton.
  • Composition: double mercerization cotton - 100%
  • Weight: 50 gr.
  • Thread length: 330 m.
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • color number 4000.
  • Hook # 3.