Dried flowers in the interior: how to decorate a house with dry flowers (20 photos)

Dried flowers in the interior: how to decorate a house with dry flowers (20 photos)

The tradition of decorating your home with flowers existsa long time ago. In all likelihood, primitive people used green plants to decorate their caves. Since the house is not only a roof, but also a part of the soul, the desire to make the housing cozy is quite natural, and what is better than plants to perform this task. The only problem is the transience of summer. Here, to solve this problem, the first bouquets of dried flowers were created, able to maintain their beauty throughout the year. Dried flowers in the interior: how to decorate a house with dry flowers photoDried flowers in the interior: how to decorate a house with dry flowers photo

The evolution of views on dried flower bouquets in the interior

According to culturologists, the art of creatingbouquets of dried flowers came to Europe from the east. In the XIX century, the composition of dried flowers was very fashionable. Because fresh flowers in the winter were not available. then on shelves, chests of drawers, pianos and pianos a bouquet of dried flowers was a common occurrence. Dried flowers even entered the toilet of the first women of fashion. In the twentieth century, bouquets of dried flowers lost their attractiveness and began to be associated with a bad taste. And only in the last decade, bouquets of dried flowers again became in demand. By the way, the component of time expenditure plays an important role in choosing dried flowers in favor of the fact that care for such compositions is minimal. Dried flowers are very convenient for use by people with an increased allergic reaction to plant pollen and various pungent odors. After all, it is not at all difficult to make up a composition to exclude plants with a strong odor that persists even after drying. A piece of the author’s soul is stored in bouquets of dried flowers The method of decorating the home with dry flowers came to Europe from the East You can make bouquets of dried flowers yourself, or you can buy, since there are a great many of them. Other crafts from autumn gifts of nature: - - - - - - Dried flowers - the frozen beauty of nature

Features of placing bouquets of dried flowers in the interior

Even with a great love of flowers is not worth itturn your apartment into a flower shop. If you take the hallway, then the composition of flowers should not be evident and attract excessive attention. This is easily explained by the fact that people spend a minimum of time in the hallway. In addition, the size of the hallways is rarely impressive for its size. For dried flowers there is a place even in the living room Bin the living room, on the contrary, there are meetings, and simply families mostly communicate in them. Therefore, the composition should be colorful, attractive and memorable. Dried flowers in the living room should attract attention In the living room, dried flowers are usually in a conspicuous place. You can create real pictures from dried flowers The bedroom may also have bouquets of driedplants Kitchen composition of dried flowers is decorated in a rustic style. In the bedroom you can also find a place for dried flowers. As a rule, these are compositions from tall plants located in tall vases. In a word, decorating an apartment with dried flowers is a creative process and does not tolerate patterns. In the country-style kitchen, the very place for a bouquet of dried flowers Typical dried flower for the kitchen Decorate your kitchen with dried flowers, it's that simple

Rules for the collection and drying of dried flowers

Actually make up a composition of drycolors are not so difficult. Firstly, you should stock up with sharp scissors, ordinary or garden, as well as thin wire and floral tape. First you should choose the right plant. It is better to take flowering plants that have just blossomed, since in the case of prolonged flowering, there is a high probability that during drying it will lose its natural colors. Having cut the plant, you should choose the method of drying it. It can be drying in the open air, drying in sand or drying with silica gel. Air drying is the easiest. To do this, cut plants are suspended in the shade for several days. It should be hung with flowers up and down the stem. Having lost moisture, the plant becomes quite suitable for compositions. Drying in the sand is considered the best way to preserve flowering plants, which allows you to save the entire color palette of the plant. The cut flower is simply placed in dry sand for 3-4 weeks. Flowers dried in this way last a very long time and, unlike flowers dried in the air, are less brittle. Nowadays, silica gel is used for drying, a substance that can quickly absorb moisture. However, only inflorescences can be dried by this method. At the next stage, dried plants should be strengthened with wire and fixed with a floral ribbon. The easiest way to dry plants outdoors Flowers dried in the sand retain their natural color for a long time A very fast and modern way to dry plants using silica gel. We also recommend that you view:

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