Every girl or woman at a respectable age can learn to create hairdresses with her own hands without the help of a professional specialist.

Every girl or woman at a respectable age can learn to create hairdresses with her own hands without the help of a professional specialist.

Female hairstyle at home. We create our own fashion image ourselves. Whatever hairstyle the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity chose for themselves, more often than not we can see girls and women with an average hair length. And this is natural, because with short hair it is not possible to perform a lot of original styling, and for too long hair is very difficult to care for. Hair of medium length is the most suitable option for a lot of hairstyles and styling, most of which can be created with your own hands, without resorting to the services of professional hairdressers. Hairdos with your own hands at home to yourself. Photo №1 And then the question arises, how to make a haircutyourself? How to make a quick styling for every day, but how to create an original hairstyle for a social event? Strangely enough, but with imagination and with the knowledge of some very simple techniques, any woman can do herself a haircut without someone's help. In this publication we offer you several variants of your hairstyle yourself, step by step, with detailed "briefing", so that you can understand how to do them and how to create your own fashionable image with your own hand.

Daily stylish beams for beautiful ladies

Hairstyles with your own hands in the form of variousbeams are created very easily and quickly and, in principle, fit most of the fairer sex. At the same time, the bundle is an excellent variant of the daily hairstyle for work. On the other hand, a beautifully executed beam can become an incredibly original evening hairstyle, if you approach the matter with intelligence and ingenuity. So, first of all, think about what purpose you are going to do your hair. If it's a hairstyle for every day, for example, to go to an educational institution or just to a store, you can just collect your hair in a bun at the top and fix it with studs. But if you are going to some event, then the beam can be made elegant and seductive. Hairdos with your own hands at home to yourself. Photo # 2 Alternatively, you can divide the hair intoSmall strands, with each of which twist the flagella. Then all these flagella should be gathered into one ponytail, from which to create a bundle. Next, fixing a bunch on the crown, release from it some strands, or rather their tips and twist them with a curling rod. Thus, you will get an original evening hairstyle that will be far from everyday. If you are young and want to diversify your appearance even more, you can braid two braids on both sides of the head, and then turn their braids to twist the bundles, laying them in the form of curled shells on the back of the head or the crown. The hair is very romantic, seductive and feminine. It is suitable for festive occasions, and it is quite easy to carry it out with your own hands. Decorate, if desired, the end result with accessories. It is also possible to weave beautiful ribbons in braids. Hairdos with your own hands at home to yourself. Picture №3

Seductive hairstyles with their own hands in Greek stylistics

On medium length hair with your own handsalways have the opportunity to create beautiful, not out of fashion for many centuries, hairstyles in the Greek theme. These hairstyles are especially feminine, seductive and charming. They are always and practically everywhere appropriate, and your image will give tenderness and sexuality. And picking up the appropriate accessories, you can create a real masterpiece from the Greek hairstyle! So, perform the following steps step by step: - Prepare in advance a beautiful bandage and two ribbons of your chosen color; - thread hair curlers or curlers approximately to the middle of the strands; - Now put on the bandage, on which you first tie the ribbons; - further take one strand from the side of the head and wrap around the bandage; - Repeat the turns around the dressing with new strands, each time moving to the other end of the head; - having received on the circumference of the head hanging strands wrapped around the bandages, collect them all into a large lush beam on the occipital part; - tapes that were on the bandage, gently wrap around the beam. Actually, the Greek hairstyle is ready. Also you can make it out without bandage. To do this, also wind the hair to the middle, then just gently collect them on the back of the head, fixing a beautiful hair clip. Wrapped curls leave falling down. The upper part of the hair can be slightly combed, adding pomp, if appropriate. Such a hair will always look natural and feminine. What attracts the representatives of the stronger sex. Hairdos with your own hands at home to yourself. Photo №4

Simple weaving with our own hands

Naturally, hairstyles at home can beperform, applying various types of modern weaving. This will take a little time and some effort, but if you want to look beautiful, you can afford it. One of the simple, but very attractive options is the braid, braided over the outer edge of the head in the form of a kind of rim, or crown. Just select the strands from one side of the temple and start the weaving of the ordinary pigtail in the direction of the second temple. Secure the pigtail with the invisible, and so you will get a bezel from your own hair, adorning your head. Similarly, you can braid the spikelets, leading the end of the weaving behind the ear. And you can braid spikelets around the entire circumference of the head, creating a chic crown. Hairdos with your own hands at home to yourself. Photo №5 With certain skills you can trySpot the spikelets, which will zigzag down to the neck. Also there is a possibility to braid a pigtail, having started it in the form of a spiral to the center a head. In the center, form a small bundle of plaits from the tips, releasing several tips from it and making original curls. The fashionable hit of this season is shaved whiskey. If you have long hair, you can braid thin temples on the temples, descending to the back of the head. The upper mop of hair can be lifted with the help of a nap. Thus, instead of shaved temples, you will have weaves that will remove excess volume, and on top, on the contrary, you will have the puff of a long head of hair that will give you a stunning unorthodox appearance. This hairstyle is more suitable for extravagant informal parties and similar events. Hairdos with your own hands at home to yourself. Photo №6 Summarizing, we can say that in the homeit is quite possible to create even the most unimaginable and complex hairstyles. All of them simply can not be described. So use all the power of your imagination, and always be charming, lovely women!