Earrings from beads with their own hands in master classes (photo)

Earrings from beads with their own hands in master classes (photo)


Who would have thought that all these wonderfulEarrings are woven from beads by their own hands. Only on closer inspection can you be convinced of this. Filigree drawings and openwork weave allow you to make from beads almost any form of jewelry.
Earrings from beads can be either long orShort, flat or bulky, color or monophonic. Beads and beads for these elegant ornaments can be chosen any, suitable for your image. You can make in one beadwork technique not only a pair of earrings, but also a whole set.
Today we will dwell on the mostSimple earrings, woven from beads with their own hands. We are sure that you will like to be engaged in this direction of beading, that you want to make a lot of wicker ornaments.
Do not need to think that beautiful decorationsNecessarily expensive or difficult to manufacture. With the help of this article, you will be convinced that there are very elegant and spectacular bead earrings that will require minimum of effort, effort and time.
I propose to make earrings from heterogeneous beads and beads in the style of the summer sea. And a pair of winter earrings, similar to the winter pattern on the glass.

Long earrings of beads and beads

Despite the very impressive look, we can make such earrings from beads by our own hands, using our master class will not be difficult. Stock up on material, hardware and a drop of patience and get to work.

  • Small beads of dark blue and silver color;
  • Medium-sized beads of blue color or cylindrical bugles;
  • Large beads, faceted shape;
  • Monofilament or synthetic thread for beading;
  • needle;
  • Schemes of weaving;
  • Accessories for earrings.

In this master class all the schemes forWeaving earrings from beads and beads. You can weave the earrings from another bead and take for work beads of a different type. But in this bright blue color, as in the photo, long earrings look very fresh and in summer.
On the diagrams it can be understood that the beads No. 15 is markedPink and green circles, seed beads № 11 - blue rectangles, and beads 4 mm in size - blue rhombuses. Applying other material for weaving, keep the author's proportions for the best result.
Long earrings from beads are woven in two stages.
The first stage of weaving

We begin the weaving of the first row with a blue bead (No. 11), then the needle is passed through a bead, 3 dark blue beads (No. 15) and back through a bead and a blue bead. As shown in the diagram 1.
In Scheme 2 we see that the weaving continues -A blue bead (No. 11), a blue bead, a dark blue bead (No. 15), two blue beads (No. 11) and return the needle back through a dark blue bead, a blue bead and two blue beads (No. 11).
In Schemes 3, 4, 5, the drawing of the first row is drawn in the same way in detail. After the three links are woven, the thread is removed to the location, as shown in figure 5.
Scheme 6 shows the beginning of the weaving of the second row of earrings from beads. Schemes 7, 8, 9, 9 show the procedure for weaving the second row. It should be noted that the second and third rows are similarly woven.
If desired, there may be more rows than in this scheme.
In diagrams 10 and 11 it is clearly seen that the second and third rows are woven equally.
The second stage of weaving The second part of the earrings from beads begins after the completion of the braiding of the main part. Additional braiding of the main part will give the earrings the volume and the desired shape.

Schemes 1, 2, 3 and 4 show in which orderWeave braiding. Pink color is marked with the color of beads of the first stage of the weaving, which are involved in braiding. How many rows you weave at the base of the earrings, the same amount you repeat in braids. Depending on your desire, the earrings can be short and long. In the course of the weaving you can already determine how many rows will be woven. After the weaving is finished, it remains only to attach special accessories. Elongated earrings from beads and beads are ready.

Earrings-snowflakes from beads

This master class will help you to create an original youth ornament from beads and artificial pearls even to a beginner needlewoman - these are beautiful snowflake earrings.
For this pair of winter earrings, you will need:

  • Beads of two colors (white, blue);
  • Artificial pearls;
  • Fishing line;
  • Matches or a lighter;
  • Accessories for earrings.

We start our master class with weaving from a closedRings of 6 pearl beads. Do not choose too large beads, so that the inner ring does not look too rough. Several times, pass the fishing line into the formed ring, tie a strong knot, the ends are blown with a burning match.

On the working thread string 3 blue beads, as seen in the photo, a triangle is obtained from the beads - the base of our snowflake, which is located at the apex downwards.
In the same way, another 5 triangles of blue beads are executed, as seen in the photo. It turns out the first row of weaving.

Then the fishing line is passed through the pearl and is taken out through the near bead.
We string another 2 blue beads on the fishing line, we draw the fishing line through the far blue bead of the triangle, and on the line we type 2 white beads.
On the photo the newly collected beads are marked with dots.
Weave in a circle. The second row is finished. Now the outline of the snowflake begins to be depicted.

The line is displayed in the manner indicated by the arrow in the photo.

We begin the third row of weaving. We string 2 beads of blue color, draw a line through the nearest white bead, as in the photo. We type 1 white bead, we deduce a line through beads. Beadwork is also performed in a circle.
Snowflake begins to take shape.

We begin the 4th row. We collect on the line 2 more blue beads.

A fishing line is displayed, as shown in the photo. We string 1 white bead and pass the line through the middle white bead.

Add one more white bead, repeat the weave to the end of the row.
It turns out that such a small "star", similar to a snowflake.

Now, our master class moves on to the lastA number of beadwork. On the fishing line, we collect 3 blue beads. The thread runs along the lines shown in the photo. After blue we sew 1 white. The thread passes through 3 white beads of the previous row. We continue to weave to the end of the series.

It turned out to be an equivalent snowflake. The ends of the thread or the line are knotted, the ends are fused so that they are not visible.

Beading is over, now you can attach special hooks for earrings.

It does not matter what kind of jewelry you wear, what stylePrefer. You can create unique and insanely beautiful ornaments with the help of beading. If you are a novice needlewoman, you can help a lot of master classes and video lessons on beading. Try to follow all the video and photo lessons at first. What good are the videos, that they show in detail how to weave earrings. Having made a freeze-frame on the video, you can better consider all the subtleties of the operation. Then you will gain skills and abilities, with which you can create a lot of jewelry from beads and stones.
These knick-knacks, created by own hands, will deliverA lot of joy you your loved ones. After all, you can make earrings from beads or a bracelet not only for yourself, but for a friend or sister. Things that store energy and heat, will taste even the most capricious women of fashion.
Make your image unique and unique,To gain self-confidence can each, using women's tricks and secrets. Expensive jewelry not everyone can afford. And jewelry created from beads is not inferior in beauty to expensive jewelry. Be beautiful and fashionable, because it's so simple!

Video: Master-classes on weaving earrings from beads