Easter souvenir do-it-yourself: master class

Easter souvenir do-it-yourself: master class

Easter souvenir DIY At Easter, you can give your relatives and friends notonly painted eggs. An excellent gift will be an Easter souvenir made with cardboard in the shape of an egg with the image of a hen in a nest. Equipped with a magnet, it will decorate the kitchen or dining room on the bright Easter holiday. The master class is quite simple, therefore it is suitable for children: with a little help from adults, the child will gladly make such a magnet. Another bonus - this Easter egg can be made pretty quickly.

To make an Easter souvenir with your own hands, you will need:

thick cardboard; PVA glue; glue brush;scissors; magnet; glue gun; napkin for decoupage with the image of a hen; yellow or brown sisal flower packaging; white small buttons; floss or iris for embroidery; awl. Easter souvenir do-it-yourself: master class

Easter souvenir DIY: the sequence of work

1. From a thick cardboard cut the basis for crafts in the form of eggs. The sample size in our master class is 18x13 cm. Unusual Easter souvenir with their own hands 2. Prepare a napkin for decoupage. Lightly spray it with water and iron it with a warm iron to smooth out folds and creases. 3. Cut out the napkin image of the chicken, carefully trimming the background. Napkins with pictures of roosters or chickens are also suitable - the Easter theme will be preserved. Do not forget about Easter hares! 4. Separate the top bright layer of the napkin from the inside. 5. Apply PVA glue to the workpiece. On a wet surface stick a chicken drawing. Smooth out with a wide brush, lightly pressing the brush to the surface and soaking the image with glue. How to make Easter souvenir with your own hands 6. Departing 0.5 cm from the edge, along the entire contour with a pencil, outline the ornament, indicating future locations for punctures. We outline the pattern for embroidery 7. Puncture the marked places with an awl or thick needle. How to make Easter souvenir with your own hands 8. Thread embroidery burgundy or red color to stitch the ornament around the contour. Souvenir easter egg do it yourself Tip: If you like the idea of ​​embroidery on cardboard, you can complicate the pattern and add additional colors of thread. 9. Cut the round nest out of the sisal floral packaging. Apply the PVA glue on the workpiece and glue the sisal. Since this material is coarse and fibrous, for a better gluing to the base, you need to place an Easter souvenir made with your own hands under the press for 15-20 minutes. Easter souvenir with their own hands quickly Tip: sisal can be replaced with straw or dry grass. 10. Cut a second blank out of paper or cardboard. Glue it on the back side of crafts, closing stitches from embroidery: well, if the wrong side of the souvenir will also be neat. Place under the press for better bonding. Close up the inside of Easter souvenir eleven. Using a glue gun to glue the buttons on the sisal nest. White buttons are used for the sample, but they can be replaced with multi-colored ones of the same size. 12. On the reverse side of the craft, glue a magnet for attachment to a refrigerator or a hood. Glue on Easter souvenir magnet A handmade Easter souvenir in the form ofeggs ready! Such a gift will be glad to anyone - a child or an adult. And if for you it is too simple a master class, we invite you to watch and do it. Easter souvenir do-it-yourself for children Irina Gribanova (Iriana) specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: