Easily and quickly make a hedgehog out of cones and a plastic bottle with your own hands

Easily and quickly make a hedgehog out of cones and a plastic bottle with your own hands

You can perform various crafts even with a largecompany of children. They will be very interested in doing such an interesting job. Firstly, they are very interesting in appearance and they can not be pricked. You can make a bump of pretty hedgehogs. An interesting hand-craft, a hedgehog made of cones and a plastic bottle. Photo №1 It is necessary inside pine scales or cones fromlarch with the help of toothpicks, as well as plasticine sticking pine needles. If you want, you can make them shorter, or leave them long, but then it will not look very nice. We make the muzzle of the hedgehog from soft plasticine, and then we take a pea of ​​black pepper and attach it a spout. We attach a variety of dried berries to pine needles or you can still make them out of the branches of a mushroom. It will be a very cute and beautiful hedgehog. And you can make a big hedgehog and plant it on your garden plot. Have to take:

  • open pine cones,
  • an unnecessary plate,
  • 2 caps from the bottle,
  • plastic bottle,
  • also any glue,
  • Scotch,
  • colors of different colors.

We put the bottle on the glue so that it is strong andglued to the plate on the side, and then wrapped with scotch tape. From the can of primer we paint all sides. Now, on this bottle with a plate we glue the cones, and from the paper we cut out the round eyes, and glue them on top of the lid itself. We attach this hedgehog, for example, we overlay the old plate with moss or flowers. Cut the antennae and tighten the lid so that they hold tight. And on top you can stick a red ashberry and cut out green paper from the green paper. That's how you get the hedgehog. Try it, maybe you will like it. Here is such a charming hedgehog get to you or your children, if you completely follow the master class that I wrote. Also, such an article can be made in the lessons of labor or technology with their students.