Light exquisite dress from the leaves by own hands, for an autumn ball

Light exquisite dress from the leaves by own hands, for an autumn ball

Autumn is the breaking time. All the nature around suddenly finds an incredible variety of colors and shades. And what is the inherent attribute of every good fairy tale? That's right - a ball! Autumn Ball is one of the favorite children's holidays. Summer has already passed, and until the fabulous New Year is still far away and that it is better than a little idea to entertain children and show them all the delights, mistakenly called sulfur, of the year. That is why the autumn ball was always loved by the kids and not only. Each boy presents himself as a small knight defending his gentle lady, and the girls turn into real princesses. And what kind of princess without a dress? Preparing to create a dress for a girl is better to start in advance, especially if the holiday is held in November. In this case, back in September, stock up with natural material. To do this, just go out with the child to the park and collect a variety of leaves. The more the palette of colors and shapes of the material, the better. Arriving home, carefully arrange all the collected leaves on the newspaper and leave to dry under the press. Ideally, the grandfather method is also suitable - just put the leaves in the books. When the time comes from the already prepared material, you can make beautiful decorations simply organically attaching them to an old baby dress. But do not forget, it should be suitable for the autumn theme of the color scheme. Create a light elegant dress of leaves with your own hands, for an autumn ball. Photo №1 If the holiday will be held in September or early October, then it is still easier. You will need:

  • 5 meters of fabric (it is not necessary to buy expensive, you can be the cheapest if only it was pleasant to the body and did not cause the child discomfort)
  • 2-3 packs of leaves (they can be collected a little wet after a rain or wetted with water immediately before making a dress)
  • glue gun

Using a gun, glue the leaves evenly on the fabric. Do not forget to observe the color gamut. Next, we fix the whole structure, so that the shape of the dress will turn out. That's all a simple outfit ready. In order to make the dress more durable,it can first be hung on a dummy and go through a layer of water lacquer. After the first layer, check for stiffness, if it allows you to go through again. The main thing, do not forget, all that you do helps the child feel like a real fairy princess. Such memories remain for life and even after many years the girl will be grateful to you for the magic dress!