Easy sewing of a simple shopping bag will not cause difficulties even for a beginner seamstress

Easy sewing of a simple shopping bag will not cause difficulties even for a beginner seamstress

Sew a simple shopping bag isaffordable absolutely for everyone who is even remotely familiar with this kind of needlework. A little patience, perseverance and desire and an excellent accessory for going to the store is ready. At work, it will not take much time and something supernatural. Quite a piece of any dense fabric or an old thing that can always be found in the house and a couple of hours (or less) of free time. Bags have been used since ancient times for different purposes. Without them, it's hard to do, because there are always things that are simply vital on the road, even if you go out for a few minutes or hours. Bags are large road, small ladies, hiking backpacks, men's handbags, beach shoes and so on. Today you can buy absolutely any bag that you want. Designers offer a lot of different options in different style solutions. But if you want to get a truly exclusive option, sew the product yourself. A little imagination and desire and you will become the owner of a unique model of a bag of any purpose. One of the most necessary options for bags is a bag for shopping trips, which every woman carries out daily. Today we offer you the simplest, brightest and most durable model. Sewing a simple shopping bag for your own hands will not cause you absolutely no trouble and it will not take a lot of time. Well, if you want, you can add your own details and decor elements, which will allow you to change the product in accordance with your personal preferences and wishes. Sewing a simple shopping bag. Photo №1 This product is an excellent substitute for paper or plastic bags. Material for it can be found in every house. For tailoring we will need:

  • fabric, you can take a color or monophonic, at your discretion, two identical segments, the size of which you choose yourself;
  • fabric tape, the width of which is two centimeters, and the length should be approximately one meter;
  • Threads corresponding to the color of the fabric;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine.

Sewing a simple shopping bag. Photo # 2 To begin with, the upper edges of the prepared fabric should be treated with a zigzag seam (so as not to become disheveled). On the front part we sew the edge of the tape. Sewing a simple shopping bag. Picture №3 Now, bend the edge of the fabric for two centimeters and spread it along with the previously sewn ribbon. It is necessary to stitch out two lines for strength. Sewing a simple shopping bag. Photo №4 It should be remembered that you need to attach both edges of the tape at the right distance, since this will be the handle of our bag. Sewing a simple shopping bag. Photo №5 Similar actions are made with the second piece of fabric, which will serve as the second part of the shopping bag. Sewing a simple shopping bag. Photo №6 Now the two prepared parts have to be folded in front. Then we squander it. You can use a conventional seam, but you can zigzag as you like. Sewing a simple shopping bag. Photo №7 We turn out the product. We got a finished bag. It can be used in this form, and you can add a little decor. Decorate the bag you can anything, in particular buttons, beads, applique or embroidery, if the fabric for the product was chosen to be one-color. Thus, using your simple idea, you can sew a completely different product, which is unique and exclusive. Sewing a simple shopping bag. Photo №8 With such a bag it will be convenient to go shopping, since it is sturdy and ample roomy.