Cornice with own hands from the branches of a tree

Cornice with own hands from the branches of a tree

Curtains are traditional and, often,an integral part of the design of the room, preserving our privacy from the eyes of others. Now the market has a very wide selection of both window curtains and cornices for them. You can choose any option that fits perfectly into your interior, but all this will require some financial costs. We offer you to see how it is possible to make a cornice with your own hands in ekostyle quickly, easily and without serious investments. cornice with your own hands for curtains in eco-style In order to make the cornice with your own hands, you do not need so many tools and materials:

  • more or less straight and dry branches of a tree;
  • sandpaper;
  • saw;
  • drill and screws;
  • if desired, paint for wood or varnish;
  • Curtains, preferably light and simple, made of natural material.

How to make a cornice with your own hands from a branch

Start by selecting the appropriate shape and sizebranches. Clean them from small knots so that you can dress the curtains and move them along the cornice. You can sand the corners of the cornice and its top to facilitate the sliding of the curtains. If desired, you can completely clean the branch from the bark and cover it with varnish or paint it in some color, but still the whole charm of such a cornice is in its naturalness and rough naturalness, with all traces left by insects and weather. Cut off two short, but sufficiently strong and wide pieces from the branch, attach them with screws to the wall. To these parts, attach the main curtain rod to the already clad curtain. Curtains can be on hinges - they are suspended on the cornice with the help of loops made from the basic fabric or any finishing. Curtains on the tie can be tied to the corn after its installation. Also, the curtain can be on the kulis, it is dressed directly on the cornice. Finished cornice with your own hands can be decorated with small twigs. Such a window decor makes you closer to nature, and space is cozier.