educational toys for kids with their own hands, photo / Toys with their hands, patterns, video, MK

educational toys for kids with their own hands, photo / Toys with their hands, patterns, video, MK

Today, for the intellectual and physicaldevelopment of children, there is a wide variety of developing toys that can be bought in stores, or sewed or made with their own hands: rugs, developing pillows, stands, soft cubes, rattles and more. This lesson is not only useful, but also very enjoyable, especially for creative moms. In addition, toys made with their own hands are not only safe for newborns, but also made with maternal warmth and love.

We prepare materials

To make yourself developingtoys for babies, including newborns, you will need a little imagination, free time and handy materials that you probably have in your home:

  • scraps of cloth,
  • sintepon,
  • foam rubber,
  • ribbons,
  • cotton wool,
  • buttons,
  • yarn,
  • beads,
  • cardboard,
  • suitable for even various small household items (locks, latches, switches, etc.)

Very good, if you have a sewing at homethe machine. After all, in most cases, toys for babies should be soft, so you can sew them yourself. The colors for making toys are better to use not too bright. Soft soft fabrics with a pattern in a cage, polka dots, a flower or a strip will suit well.

Developing mat

Developing matDeveloping mat for kids is a smallmodel of the whole world! After all, you can place on it: a forest, a sea or a clearing with all little animals, fish, boats, flowers, mushrooms and berries; you can show a beautiful sky with a bright smiling sun and dark blue clouds, rain, snow, rainbow; you can lay roads with cars and trains, portray a beautiful bright house with a door opening, a window and curtains on it. To make such a rug by your own hands you will need different textiles and, of course, a rich imagination. After all, the brighter, richer and more colorful the world will be, the more useful and exciting is the game for your child. Also for the development of fine motor skills in children it is recommended to use more rivets and Velcro in making a rug-toy. Sew a mat with your own hands is not difficult. For more detailed description of the toy, see the video:

Developing cube

Developing cubeSoft development cubes perfectly develop notonly imagination, but also small motor skills of kids. Each mother can sew such a cube with her own hands. For the basis of this toy, you need to cut out 6 different sized squares from different in color and texture. Each square should be in its own way fascinating for the child: somewhere you can rustle, somewhere to pull for soft ringlets or shoelaces, somewhere to play with Velcro. To do this, each side of the cube is beautifully and interestingly decorated with the appropriate details: a butterfly with rustling wings (rustling is achieved thanks to the interlacing of the fabric with a sachet), lightning, lacing, plastic rings on strings, etc. As decoration, you can use buttons, beads, you can also sew or embroider with your own hands. To fill the cubes are used such soft materials as foam rubber or sintepon.Po the same principle, you can sew soft development cubes and for newborns. But in this case, there is absolutely no need for such an abundance of different details. It is enough to sew soft, beautiful cubes from multicolored flaps.

Developing soft beads for newborns

Development BeadsFor the youngest, you can make very simple,but no less interesting and educational toys in the form of beads. To do this, you will need a strong kapron thread and different in size and color beads. A much more beautiful and interesting toy will look if the beads are tied with a thin yarn. Just string the beads on the thread in the order that you like and tighten the ends of the thread tightly.

Throbbing Educational Toys

Developing noise soundsThey are very easy to make. Surely we all have plastic testicles from Kinder-surprises. To create a toy from such an egg it is enough just to pour in some cereal, large salt or bones from berries and tie it with a crochet of soft yarn. In the end, the resulting toys can be turned into some little animals, tying or attaching eyes, paws, ears and a nose to them.