Developing toys from felt, photo, instruction / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Developing toys from felt, photo, instruction / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Developing games of felt allow you to teachkid new words, account, improve his perception of colors and implement various role-playing games. In addition, this entertaining lesson will allow you to have a good time and discover your creative abilities. By making a toy designer yourself, you create an environmentally friendly product with specified characteristics, the shape of which your child will be able to change at will.

Grapes Designer

You will need the following materials:

  • felt of several colors;
  • scissors;
  • thread floss for decoration;
  • cotton thread;
  • needle;
  • pattern of the base;
  • chalk, pencil or marker;
  • pieces of Velcro.

First of all, we will cut a few dozen roundgrapes. We will make them of different colors, so that the grapes look more natural. We will prepare two identical (mirror-cut) bases for grapes. In form they should be like oblong triangles of irregular shape with hollows and bends repeating the shape of the grape bunch. Do not forget to also cut out three details on which the grapes will be fastened. These parts must divide the base into parts and completely cover it, they may overlap slightly. The main purpose of this developmental toy is to ensure that the child correctly arranges these details on the basis. The stages of work:

  • We sweep grapes together andwe put them through a sewing machine or sew them by hand. It is necessary to combine mugs of different colors. From these short rows we form small bunches, spreading them diagonally and across. We should have three clusters, which will lie on the previously prepared basis.
  • We sew other grapes to our workpieces. Sewing them is necessary so that the seam goes in a circle, while retreating from the edge a few millimeters. In addition to the three clusters, make small rows of two grapes: they need to be sewn around in a circle, like everyone else, and sew small pieces of Velcro to them.
  • Just sew the Velcro to one of the partsa large cluster and three small bases. After that, we sew together two details of a large cluster, roll a rectangular piece of green felt and stitch it at the bottom of the cluster as the remainder of the vine.
  • Gently finish sewing the details of the toy, hide and cut off the tip of the thread. The vine can be decorated with a bow from a guipure or ribbon.
  • By the same principle, using simple patterns, youcan make a lot of educational toys. It can be flat and printed vegetables and fruits with Velcro, using which your baby will play in a store, restaurant or home dinner. Such toys will allow the child to create a game with their own hands, depending on their preferences.

    House puzzle

    btup8smdvenj6li7zacr3gyqf5x21khw9o40There are many different wayssew a house of felt. This version of the toy is very simple, so your child will be able to participate in it: trust him to cut out his cardboard or decorations for the house. You will need the following materials:

    • bright felt;
    • scissors;
    • chalk or pencil;
    • Patterns;
    • floss for decoration;
    • cotton thread;
    • cardboard;
    • Velcro.

    First, prepare the walls of cardboard: two rectangular shapes and two in the shape of a small house. Also, in advance, we cut the rectangular roof (bent in half) and the floor of the house. For the plating we will need four parts of each kind of walls and two details for the floor with allowances for the seams. To perform the roof, two rectangular parts will be required. However, at the edges of these parts it is necessary to make large allowances and cut identical semicircles on them, imitating the tile. It remains to cut ten strips of fabric that will be sewn on each side of the floor, on one side of each wall (right or left) and from the upper edges of rectangular walls. These strips are needed for sewing the stickies. Before the main work, we sew one side of the Velcro to the prepared strips of fabric. Then sew the strips to the right sides of the fabric and do the same with the second parts of the stickers. If you do not have Velcro, you can use magnets and sew them under the fabric. Before you completely sew a house, decorate it to your taste: decorate the felt with flowers or make your own embroidery in the form of a flower pattern, attach a chimney, mugs from the roof cloth and sew the door and windows. After the decoration, we sew all the details around the cardboard with a stitch. On this the toy is finished and it remains to assemble it.

    3D Slonik puzzle

    elephant ready You will need the following materials:

    • felt;
    • scissors;
    • chalk, pencil;
    • floss for decoration;
    • eyes of paper.

    elephant-puzzle of feltFrom a thick felt, 3 mm thick, you can cutjust one piece of each part of the elephant instead of two, and just make their decorative firmware with a stitch or a typewriter. We will open two pairs of legs, ears and trunk. If you took a thin felt, then before sewing it is necessary to combine the details in at least two places. Carefully and carefully sew all the details, not forgetting stitching the tail of the mulina. At the very end we glue the eyes from the fabric or paper - and our toy is ready! If desired, you can sew small elephants with tusks.