We embroider a fairy cross on a master class (photos and diagrams)

We embroider a fairy cross on a master class (photos and diagrams)


Pictures depicting fairy fairies are amazingIts beauty, fantasy and secret magic. Well, who among us did not dream to be a fairy in childhood and do good. Considering such drawings, immediately you want to embroider them in the technique of the cross. We suggest that you consider in this article a small master class embroidering a beautiful fairy and at least on the canvas to realize their dreams.

Fairy with golden wings

For work on embroidery in the technique of the cross, the following materials are used, which are described in this list:

  • colored yarn floss;
  • Threads with metallized impregnations;
  • Linen cloth;
  • An embroidery scheme with a cross and a frame;
  • Beads and beads for decoration, as well as monofilament.

The size of the matter must be fifty to seventyCentimeters. The fairy is embroidered in a cross-stitch with a string of mulina in two pieces, excluding some sections on her wings, which should be made with a half cross. Begin work with the wings, and immediately perform the seam "back needle". Sereness should be decorated with a metallic thread of silvery color. They will come out with a beautiful overflow, and I'll look a bit airy. Near the trunk of the fairy, the wings are embroidered with threads with metallic impregnations and pinkish mulina.

Face, like the hands and body of a fairy, perform technique"Petite point" in one addition. Stitches slightly resemble embroidery tapestry. They are made through each thread of matter. Although the work is very painstaking and time-consuming, but the result will surprise you very much, since the result looks as if it's just drawn.

It is very interesting to embroider this scheme,That bright shades set on a positive mood. Place places that you need to embroider with beads, leave them empty for a while. Only after you wash your own hands with the product, and then dry it and iron it with a warm iron, you can go to the beads and beads. The decorative material is sewn only with monofilament, as it is completely visible on the canvas and looks like a thin fishing line. It is not necessary to use a passport in the design, you can buy a beautiful vintage frame with golden or silvery sputtering. This frame will only emphasize all the fairy-tale embroidered fairy cross.

Little fairy and elf

Another embroidery is called "Moonlight". It is performed on linen cloth of light or grayish tones, which will play the role of the sky. Most of the canvas will remain without sewing, so it is recommended to use linen or cotton. The materials that you need in the work are almost the same as those described above, except for the colored floss.
Matter take with a small margin, aboutAdditional should be 5 or 6 centimeters. Sew the edges and insert the fabric into the embroidery frame. Embroider need a fairy and an elf with the technique of a cross in two pieces. Approximately 30 color shades are used in the key. Embroidering the moon will not be difficult, but decorating the fairy and the elf will be a little more difficult due to the presence of several types of stitches, as well as through the introduction of beads. Suture the "back needle" outline the contours of the moon and the mushroom. Also make stitches along the outline of the elf and fairy clothes. The thread must be in one addition.
The grass near the fungus is performed with a stalk sutureIn two additions. The wreath on the hair needs to be embroidered with a cross of silk thread, and some flowers form on top of the cross and also the stalk seam from the central part to the edges. Do this technique on all the flowers, and they will look a bit bulky. The cording is performed on the boy's belt. You need to twist a small rope from silk threads and sew it with almost invisible stitches. After washing and drying the product, sew the beads to the wreath on the head.

As a result, you will get fairy fairy embroidery inTechnique of the cross, which is imbued with legends and stories about them. Place the product in a frame of light material to make the picture stand out. Now you can hang it where it will attract your attention.
In the form of an example, we suggest you view the gallery of diagrams for cross-stitching to choose the image that may be, after embroidering, fulfill your cherished desire.

Schemes of fairies