To embroider a beautiful tea rose on a fabric, use one of the suggested schemes

To embroider a beautiful tea rose on a fabric, use one of the suggested schemes

Embroidery schemes for tea roses, depending onthe number of colors and shades have different complexity. And an experienced master-embroideress, and a beginner needlewoman will be able to choose for themselves the option that will impress each individually. Regardless of choice, the drawing is always beautiful and relevant. Embroidery with a cross has a special grace and charm, wherever it is applied. For several centuries, women have used it as a decor of clothing, pastel accessories and household items. Embroidered paintings were, and today are, an excellent addition to any interior. Particular attention deserves the image on the canvas with threads of different colors and shades of colors. And, of course, the embroidery of the tea rose, the queen of the flora, is always in vogue. Today we offer you several variants of embroidery schemes for tea roses. Each of them is beautiful in its own way. To work on any of the proposed drawings, we will need:

  • a hoop with a screw (a screw is necessary to pull up the weakened fabric if necessary);
  • A needle specially designed for embroidery with a blunt end;
  • thread mulina necessary shades (we select according to the scheme you like);
  • canvas (can be used as usual, with standard-sized cells, and larger).

Let's get to work. Schemes of single tea roses look at the photo. Schemes of embroidery of tea roses. Photo №1 Schemes of embroidery of tea roses. Photo # 2 Schemes of embroidery of tea roses. Picture №3 First, let's define the center of the picture, and thenalternately embroider individual elements of our roses. As a rule, we begin to embroider a rose from the middle, smoothly passing to the edge of the petals, and only then we embroider leaves and stem, if such is provided by the scheme. It is important to choose the correct density of used threads, if the canvas is standard - we sew it with a thread in two additions, with larger cells, the number of additions is increased so that our drawing does not shine afterwards. If the density is not properly selected - the picture does not turn out to be sufficiently high-quality and attractive. Stitch all the stitches (crosses) in one direction - this is done to ensure that the picture or picture was complete, without spaces. And, of course, you should carefully monitor that there are no nodules. They are unacceptable when embroidering any image or article. All working threads are attached to the back of the product using simple stitches under the crosses. After the work on the embroidery is finished, we necessarily pierce it in cool water and iron it from the wrong side, giving it aesthetics. The image of a single rose will be a wonderful decoration of blouses or sweaters, dresses. If you decorate such an embroidery with a tablecloth, then it will turn from a usual everyday household item into a festive accessory. Schemes embroidery of tea roses are perfect for decor cushions, as, for example, in the photo below. Schemes of embroidery of tea roses. Photo №4 You can decorate the finished product in the form of a beautiful picture, placing it in a frame, as in the photo. Schemes of embroidery of tea roses. Photo №5 It is not necessary to use a frame in thisstyle, you can choose your own version or make it yourself. If you have some skills in embroidering a cross, you can embroider and a whole bouquet of tea roses according to the scheme that you see below. The picture depicting these beautiful flowers will always please both you and your loved ones. Schemes of embroidery of tea roses. Photo №6 Very stylish look and rose, embroidered with a cross, in black and white. This version of the picture is ideal for modern design of the house. Schemes of embroidery of tea roses. Photo №7