Embroidered bags with beads: decor by own hands (diagram and photo)

Embroidered bags with beads: decor by own hands (diagram and photo)


Every woman dreams of an exclusive and beautifulHandbag, which she will only have in a single copy. This bag can be purchased, if you expand it with your own hands beads. You can make an existing bag from your fabric or sew it yourself.

Ways to decorate bags with beads

Whichever version of the bag design you would beNot chosen, in any case you need to have some material used in the work. Prepare Czech beads of different colors, as well as bugles. Need special needles for embroidery. They are very thin and sharp, and also have a small eyelet. Threads must be nylon or nylon. If they are not there, then a thin line is suitable.
One of the most important ways to decorate a bag is toembroidery. It is used mainly to decorate accessories that are made of silk, jeans or cotton. In work you can use not only beads, but also sequins, bugles, rhinestones and any other decorative material.
The next option for decor is sticking. It is used for bags that are made of leather, plastic and suede. Use in the process of work a transparent glue of instant drying, tweezers and clean matter, which remove excess glue. The bag can be used only after two days have passed since the moment of registration. Before you start decorating, decide on the sketch of the pattern you want to make. Plan what color beads will be in this pattern, so that it will be in harmony with each other. It can be an abstract ornament in solid color stripes or a pattern scattered in a chaotic manner, which is done arbitrarily.

If you want to make a purse for romantic evenings or to enter the theater, it's best to decorate it with a plain bead. In this case, such an accessory will look elegant and exquisite.
The last way to decorate bags isGluing ready-made applique from beads. Such applique is weaved separately, and then glued or sewed to the product. This decor is made if you want to focus on one large pattern. It can be a blossoming rosebud or some kind of funny character.

How to embroider a bag with beads

To create such a nice handbag, you will need the entire list of materials, which is described below, namely:

  • Waxed thread;
  • Beads, beads and decorative stones, different in size, shape and color;
  • Cloth bag;
  • scissors.

On the diagrams, which are presented in the article,The patterns of the front and back of the bag are shown, as well as the upper sector. Thanks to these drawings, you can find out in which direction the stones will be sewn. There is one small rule that experienced needlewomen constantly observe: placing large stones in the center of the embroidery, as they set the whole appearance of the product. The remaining voids are decorated with all sorts of beads and beads. Do not try to embroider a bag at once with ten different colors. Let it be three or four primary colors. Otherwise, your craftsmanship will look too congested in the color scheme.
The embroidered bags are made with beads mainly with an arched seam, better known as the "back needle" technique or with a seam stitching.

To make the embroidery an arch seam, it is necessaryType a few beads, and then stretch the needle through the fabric to the wrong side near the second bead. Again, bring the needle to the face between the glass that is already sewn, and go through the hole of the second bead. Dial another thing and do the same manipulations that were described above. This process is carried out until the series becomes the length that you need. In this case, your embroidery will be done freely, that is, it will not look very tough. For the seam to attach, it is necessary to thread the beads on the entire length of the thread, and then sew it to the fabric, making small stitches between the base material. This method of embroidery is much faster than the previous one. Handles bags are also decorated with beads, by weaving.
Now a ready-made embroidered handbag will emphasize your personality and stunning image.

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