Embroidery of chevrons: methods and purpose of patches

Embroidery of chevrons: methods and purpose of patches


Before embarking on embroidery chevrons,It is necessary to understand what this word means. Did you have to watch on military uniform or on clothes of supermarket workers, as well as on other clothes of workers of large companies, special patches? This is chevrons. They are used to distinguish the working clothes of a particular enterprise. And also to advertise a brand. Seeing these embroidered chevrons, you can easily determine which structure a person belongs to. If you analyze the trend of fashion, you can see that here chevrons are very in demand.

Manufacture and application of chevrons

Let's take a closer look at what's going onIs an embroidered chevron. It consists of a thick fabric, which is cut around, square or oval. The edges of the workpiece must be processed with sewing threads, that is, they are sheathed. In the center of the preparation is the embroidery of the logo of the organization that made the order. When the embroidered chevron is completely ready, it is sewn to the working uniform or to any clothing of the enterprise or sports team.
Often, the embroidery of chevrons is found on tissues,Which are difficult to handle. These include lacoste matter or simple knitwear. On such fabrics, small embroidery of various signs will be poorly visible and indistinguishable. Stitches are lost in a loose structure of matter, and chevrons on the contrary are perfectly visible. Thus, on clothes there will be no defects and indistinguishable symbols. Instead, you will receive a beautiful and voluminous embroidery logo on the chevron. To strengthen and strengthen the effect, it is necessary to glue the chevron from the underside of the uniform with special glue. This adhesive is used when it is necessary to glue the logo with a hot iron. In factories, instead of an iron, a thermal press is used. Important chevrons have on different headgear, for example on the cap. The area of ​​caps and hats for embroidery is not large enough, therefore, to embroider a symbol resort to the help of the chevron. During such a process, it does not matter what area of ​​the cap. If you take into account the visor, then it does not work to embroider a pattern. Only the gluing of the logo with thermo-press will help. The embroidery of the logo is not limited. From this we can conclude that this procedure is very important for the design of clothing.

Another advantage of chevron lies in theirBeautiful and bright colors, which can be made or matched to any shade of clothing. The colors used for these products are very resistant to temperature fluctuations and to changing weather conditions. And also they are not affected by chemical preparations that are used in laundry. That is, these blanks do not wear out for a very long time. This is another big plus.
If we talk about the observations that were madeOwners of the form with a chevron, it can be said that they serve not less than the fabric itself, on which they were applied. Therefore, all trademarks, as well as paramilitary garrisons and sports teams prefer to make this kind of patch. But in order to create one desire is not enough. It is necessary to have, in addition to everything else, a high-quality sewing machine, sturdy embroidery thread and dense material. As practice shows, chevrons are often changed from one garment to another, so the picture should be as noticeable, bright and not burnt.

In this article you have read the basicConcepts of using the chevron. You could see how important it is to be able to make such overlays. It turns out that they are important in many cases, especially when it is necessary to emphasize details.

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