Embroidered Christmas souvenir with your own hands: a master class

Embroidered Christmas souvenir with your own hands: a master class

Christmas souvenir with their own hands Embroidered Christmas souvenir can be easily madewith their hands from plastic canvas. Embroider the motif you like, decorate it to your liking - and the original gift is ready. I have already shown how to do it in a similar way: the link suggested several use cases: magnet, suspension and on a stick, as in our case. Today I will show how I made a souvenir in the folk style, which will not lose its relevance later, when it is time for the New Year holidays to pass. Such a heart can be put in a glass with pens and pencils or stuck in a flower pot. Embroidered Souvenir

In order to make a New Year's souvenir with your own hands, you need:

plastic canvas; floss red, whiteand black colors; 0.5 cm wide red satin ribbon for fastening sticks and a bow; three long bamboo skewers or one flat stick of suitable length (for example, a medical spatula not less than 20 cm long); cardboard; jersey of natural color for decoration of the back side of the New Year's souvenir; sewing threads of any color; glue gun; embroidery needle and sewing needle; small and medium sized scissors; matches or lighter.

Christmas souvenir do-it-yourself: description of work

You will need an embroidery pattern. If you want to use the motive suggested by me, you can print or save yourself a picture by clicking on it to enlarge and exit in a separate browser window. Embroider motif with a cross. For embroidery, I used floss in finished form, i.e. in 6 threads. Embroidery is quite dense and voluminous. Background stitched white floss, keeping the shape of a heart. Embroider the motif on the plastic canvas I cut out the embroidered motif so that a plastic contour remains around the embroidery. Corners cut so that they do not injure your fingers and scratched when I rip and contour. Cut the motive Along the perimeter I trim the figure with a string - you can takewhite or contrasting to the background. It is better, of course, to use the color that was used in the embroidery of the motive itself. In each hole, I inserted the needle 2-3 times so that the plastic does not shine through the sheathed edge. Little Christmas souvenir with their own hands Simple Christmas souvenir with their own hands On the cardboard we carefully outline the contour of the embroidered motif. Christmas toy souvenir do it yourself Slightly reduce the picture on the cardboard, departing from the edge of one and a half to two millimeters. The edges are rounded. Try on the base Cut out a cardboard heart and try on an embroidered blank for a New Year souvenir. We outline it on the wrong side of the knitwear; we make an allowance of one and a half to two centimeters and cut a heart out of the fabric. The idea of ​​a Christmas souvenir with their own hands Along the edge of the fabric heart, we release a needle with a stitch “forwards a needle”. We put inside the cardboard base and tighten the thread. I additionally pulled the hollow and the protruding part of the heart. The back side of the New Year's souvenir New Year's souvenir do-it-yourself to school Christmas souvenir with their own hands: photo Cooking stick for souvenir. Heat the glue gun. Put a drop of hot glue on the embroidered part and fix the stick (one or three), flattening the drop with your finger. It should be as flat as possible! Then, stepping back a little from the contour of the embroidered edge, quickly apply glue and apply the workpiece covered with fabric. It remains a trifle: if you, like me, used three bamboo sticks, then we cut off a small piece of satin ribbon, scorch both edges and fix the sticks with it at the bottom so as not to disperse. At the top we tie a bow of the same satin ribbon, also not forgetting to singe the edges. New Year's embroidered souvenir, made by hand on our master class, is ready. A good option is the presentation of the needlewoman. How to make a Christmas souvenir with your own hands DIY hand-made souvenir Christmas souvenir do-it-yourself: master class Eva Casio specifically for the site Workshops on needlework Previous article: Next article: