Embroidered dresses with own hands in the master class (photo)

Embroidered dresses with own hands in the master class (photo)


In the wardrobe, every real woman of fashion mustHang at least one dress with embroidery, because in this season, these outfits will be very popular, especially if the embroidery is made in Ukrainian style. Of course, we can visit a fashion boutique and buy the model you liked there, but we suggest that you show your creative imagination and create an exclusive and original outfit yourself.

How to embroider a woman's stylized face

Different dresses with embroidery will undoubtedly becomeA hit of this season and so we suggest you read our small master class and embroider your own stylish design on a simple cotton dress. So, for work you will need:

  • Directly the dress itself;
  • A sketch with the help of which, if necessary, we can make a template;
  • Kraft paper (you can use other fairly thick paper);
  • awl;
  • scissors;
  • Small nazhdachka;
  • Chalk or white spirit with tooth powder;
  • Threads of flesh, dark brown, cream, beige, as well as green and rusty-brown;
  • the hoop;
  • needle.

Start the work First make a small sketch on the usual sheet of paper, that is, a sketch of the future dress with embroidery.

Then glue the detail of the dress on which the embroidery will be placed.
Pay attention that the fleece must beA little more than the embroidery itself. If you do not do this in advance, then the fabric may stretch slightly later, and the embroidery on the dress will look ugly.

Now let's create a template. Of course, if you want, you can do without it, but it's much more convenient with it.
Take kraft paper (in extreme cases, you can even use tracing paper) and draw an embroidery contour on it.
Next, we will need to make the contour of the punctureSo that we can transfer our picture to the dress. For this purpose, you can use an awl or even an ordinary pencil with an eraser, into which a needle will be stuck.

Then you will need to flip theSlightly to clean it with small nazhdachkoy. Due to this you will get rid of the bulges that formed after punctures. The photo below shows the reverse side of the already processed pattern.

Then you will need to transfer the chalkThe contour of this pattern on the fabric. Experienced skilled workers prefer to use not ordinary chalk, but white spirit and tooth powder, because in this case your contour will not fall off exactly.
Before you start directly to embroidery, you will need to pick out the right thread. We chose:

  • For the contours of the neck and face - flesh color;
  • For the mouth, eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows - dark brown;
  • For shadows on the eyelids - cream and beige;
  • For lips - light and dark orange, brown;
  • We decided to make earrings from a dark green, grassy color.

In addition, you also need to decide in advance with the technique of embroidery. To create this dress with embroidery, we used a French knot, a smooth surface and a tambour stitch.
We fill the fabric in the embroidery frame and begin embroidering the contours of the face with a tambour seam.

Further using the same, we perform eyebrows, a cut of eyes and a mouth.

Then we embroider two-colored shadows on the eyelids.

With a 3-color glaze, we also have to embroider our lips. But their light orange contour we will do with the help of a stitch suture.
Now we "create" eyelashes (chain stitch) and earrings. Note that the individual points on the earrings are made with the help of French nodules.

Next, you will need to draw a contour of the hair, as shown in this photo.

Of course, you can embroider hair manually, but on the machine you will make it much faster, and besides the lines will be more even.

After the dress embroidery is finished you can admire the finished result.

Dresses, embroidered in Ukrainian style

All embroidered dresses are now at the peakIts popularity. But among them there are their unquestionable "leaders", which are in great demand due to the fact that they attract attention with their brightness, originality and "freshness" - these are embroidered dresses in Ukrainian style!
Generally it is worth noting that recentlyClothes, embroidered in the Ukrainian style is very popular, and the demand for it is growing day by day. Dresses made in the Ukrainian style also did not become an exception, because their distinctive feature is color, saturation and at the same time simplicity.
So, in order to embroider a dress in Ukrainian style you will need:

  • White dress;
  • Schemes for embroidery;
  • Threads of different colors;
  • scissors;
  • the hoop;
  • needles;
  • Tape.

It should be noted that for dresses made inUkrainian style characterized by three-dimensional sleeves, frills on the bodice, the presence of ribbons, as well as the so-called "poppy motifs." Therefore, we offer you schemes for embroidering poppies with a cross, with which you can decorate ordinary linen dresses.

For beginners we would adviseUse self-dissolving in the water canvas, as embroidering the necessary schemes on it, you can easily remove it from the product. Before embroidery, you will need to check the quality of the threads so that they do not subsequently color the fabric of the product.
It is also worth noting that on dresses you can embroider poppies not only with a cross, but also with ribbons. A vivid example can serve as a photo, which shows a dress adorned with poppies from satin ribbons.

This model of children's dress is also made in Ukrainian style. In order to create such a wonderful outfit you can watch a small video clip, which tells how
As a rule, embroidery of a dress with ribbons does not take much time. The most difficult for you will be the first flowers, and then "stuffing" your hand, you finish quickly enough.
Embroidered dresses with poppies will look very unusual and quite original, if the drawings on them will be made smooth. Here is a sketch of a small scheme by which we will sew a red poppy.

Start to work Embroider with a smooth base of the first petal.

Then, moving in the direction from the center, continue the embroidery.

Without changing the scheme of actions, embroider the second petal.

Then, with red and pink threads, bend the petal and its lower part with dark red threads.

Then embroider the site with black threads, moving at the same time along the circumference.

The core of the poppy is a smooth surface.

And in the very center - again "movement" along the circumference.

After that, recreate the remaining petals using the same embroidery patterns as in the beginning of the work.

Further, according to the image of our scheme, we need to embroider leaves in two directions.

Then, using a stem stitch, we will need to perform a stalk.

Embroidered dresses with such wonderful bright red poppies will look very elegant and stylish.

Patterns of ornaments

In addition, embroidered dresses made in the Ukrainian style can also be decorated with various ornaments. Here are the patterns for cross stitching that will help you recreate the unique patterns on your dresses.
Ukrainian motif for embroidery on the sleeves, belt or hem of the dress.

With these flowers you can decorate the bodice of the dress or collar.

Embroidery of a dress is a fascinating occupation,Which will allow you not only to show your imagination, but also to diversify your wardrobe. Original bright motifs and unusual drawings will help to transform even the most simple dress and turn it into an exclusive, original model.

Video: Embroidery of a woman's shirt