Beadwork Rooms' complete sets of machinery and circular

Beadwork Rooms' complete sets of machinery and circular


- Pretty ancient handicrafts. For centuries, it then goes out of fashion, it became popular again. Even our grandmothers embroidered beads religious images. Modern needlewoman increasingly prefer to decorate with beads ready circuit patterns. These products fit perfectly into any home interior, creating an atmosphere of comfort and refinement, emphasizing skills mistress.
Unlike needlewomen older generations,Come up with your own images for embroidery and personally selecting the appropriate materials, the current masters quite well used to such work full presets Rooms'. These kits are much easier to work needlewoman. Indeed, in this case need not pick up the scheme, beads, fabric, thread. Everything is already in the set. You just need to buy a kit by drawing, and you can start working. For beginners embroiderers for the first time is better to buy kits to the presence of small schemes, and before starting work, read the instructions carefully.

Features Rooms' complete equipment

This method is used in embroidery paintings when it is necessary to work to sew up completely, very often it is used in the creation of
. That is, not only the image shape, but also the background. Mostly Rooms' is full circle. Work begins with the central point of the circuit and circle method fills the entire canvas. A method of sewing beads, you can choose at its discretion. But more often used stitches "line" or "stalked". Sometimes, instead of yarns for use thin fishing line treated with wax. The needle used is the same as for normal work with beads. Full Rooms' beads makes the picture voluminous and multifaceted.

The circular embroidery
stalked seam
inline seam

What is included in a set of "Rooms 'complete'

The kits manufacturers place:

  • material with a printed image and scheme;
  • Beads (mostly Czech);
  • beads, rhinestones (if they are necessary for the product);
  • needle;
  • a thread.

Basis for embroidery pattern made ofhigh dense material. Mostly it is a satin gabardine. On the front side of the circuit applied to the corresponding colored drawing with markers. Wrong side of fabric embroidery strengthens interlining.
Also, such kits are provided one or two needles. They are of adequate size to allow easily pass through the bead.
The number of beads in the set exactly matches thethe number of circuit values. Their colors have all the necessary colors. The Rooms' complete sets of beads include Chinese, Czech and Japanese material. When choosing such a kit is better to stop on the last two. Since the Chinese beads does not differ a special quality. Typically, the manufacturer of the beads of unequal shape and color of their leaves traces not only on the hands, but also on the material. Although, sets for embroidery with Chinese elements is much cheaper than with Czech or Japanese.

Painting Rooms' complete by swans

We offer a small embroidery workshop
Rooms' complete method using a circular technique. This embroidery is beautiful in itself. It can also be a wonderful gift for loved ones.
The set of "Swans at sunset" includes:

  • base with a pattern;
  • Beads nineteen shades;
  • needle;
  • instructions.

The process of making pictures
For better use of the hoop.
First you need to find the middle of the circuit. Since the embroider will circle method, then you must start it from a central point. Gradually spiral will move to the edges of the picture. Of course, circular embroidery requires more time, especially for novice masters. But full Rooms' in this case will look especially beautiful.
Material embroidery is located on one half of the hoop so as to foundations center is in the middle. Fix the second half of the instrument and tighten the screw.
Work to do better at the table. Previously disseminated on it will not tkan.Eto poteryatsluchayno dropped by bead. And embroider so much udobnee.Chasto experts recommend the use of thread, respectively color beads or waxed for circular embroidery. With regard to the first statement, the usual white thread for embroidery with beads fit perfectly. It is very noticeable on the finished product. Regarding the wax can say that it is also not necessary. As the thread moves very well without it. And if you never produced waxing thread, you can overdo it with the process, and as a result would be good soiled embroidery.

It is also important to calculate the slope of the beads. Before you begin, analyze how it will look finished fabric to figure turned with beautifully twisted spirals.
Next, a needle and thread is passed into a corner of the central square. In which one, depends on the slope to the beads.
On the needle is put on the bead of the corresponding colorand extends to the opposite corner. If you do not want to make a knot, the thread to secure the first bead is necessary to sheathe the two - three times. Also, it should do with the last element work. Then, on the wrong side will not nodules and tails.
For better embroidery circle are two types of fitseam "line" and "columnar". For a "string" seam, after the first bead secured need to withdraw the needle to the front side in the area that it lies between the first and the second element. We put on the corresponding bead color and print on the wrong side of a needle embroidery, before the first bead. Again, we derive a string on the front side, but before the second and the third element. Again we put on the bead and display the needle between first and second beads.

more dense. Its special feature is that the bead is sewn twice. Once consolidated the thread on the needle, wear beads and enter and display element for sewn. string followed by a re-threaded through the same bead and put on the next item. Withdraw the needle after the last bead and inserted between the first and second. Threading through the second element and the third strung. Again, we derive the inside out after the last bead and pull between the second and third.

Embroider the whole picture beads circle method does notIt happens for good reason. In the corners of the embroidery will work slightly different method. Seam which is best used in this case is called "arch". It is used when it is necessary to emphasize the softness and smoothness of the embroidery lines. The peculiarity of this embroidery is the simultaneous use of several beads at once, but only one is attached. That is, after a string fastened to her need to wear two to four beads. The needle is shown on the underside of the embroidery, the last element. He returned to the face between the penultimate and the last bead. A final element necessary to pass the thread once again.
Thus, the spiral is produced Rooms' complete the picture, each time stringing bead color that corresponds to the scheme.
The finished embroidery can be given to a workshop toformalized in a beautiful ramku.Kartiny made in a circular technique, have a particular sheen and modulations. This creation is a pleasure even to the touch. Rooms' complete sets beads you can buy not only in specialized points of sale, a large selection of kits provided by online stores. Such schemes will not only allow to forget about the extra hassle, but also become a great helper in the incarnation of the most interesting creative ideas. And, most importantly, complete sets of Rooms' - it is always the result of 100%, even for beginners handy people.

Video: Learning circular embroidery with beads

Examples of schemes for complete sewing