Beaded Embroidery for Beginners photo and video instructions

Beaded Embroidery for Beginners photo and video instructions


not much different from the usual cross stitch,but it is much easy in execution, so if you want to study it is not difficult. First review are available on our website videos and lessons on beading. So you get an idea of ​​what you do, where better to start and that you get as a result. Having thus learning, you can proceed to the selection of the necessary materials and the choice of schemes for the future of embroidery. These paintings are distinguished expressiveness, volume and shine. Delightfully look

Materials and tools for bead embroidery

For beadwork often use the sameschemes which use, performing embroidery cross. There are marked colors and perfectly clear arrangement of a part of the image. The popularity of this approach is also due to the fact that the Internet is easier to find a scheme for cross stitch, their wider choice than schemes for embroidery with beads for beginners. However, if we compare the technical aspects of the two needlework techniques, the technique of embroidery with beads is significantly different. The advantage over beadwork embroidery stitch is a volume of the finished work.

For work you need the following materials and supplies:

  • Scheme or pattern for which can be embroidered
  • Czech beads of different colors;
  • Yarn, cotton, color suitable for canvas or beads;
  • The length of fabric or canvas;
  • Needle specially for beads;
  • Scissors;
  • The frame for the insertion of the finished image.
  • For beadwork also suitable thread of Dacron sewing. They are quite strong and shaggy. As for color, it is selected in two ways:

    • to obtain a smooth bead pattern should repeat the color of thread color beads;
    • for mosaic type pattern thread selected in the color of the canvas.

    Lessons mosaic embroidery can be found on our website.

    Preparing for the top bead embroidery

    So, where do you start? Firstly, you need to decide that you will embroider, that is, with the image. For beginners is better to use existing schemes, or kits for embroidery with beads, which have picked up everything you need, including himself beads.

    Beaded embroidery schemes, which are generallyput into sets represent tissues with pre-applied pattern. You only need to sew beads on top of the printed images and get the finished picture. Special training in any bead techniques you will not need.
    With the purchased bead set at the beginner is likelyall, no problems. Most chances are that you do it right. Therefore, we consider a variant with a bead finished scheme. It can be found in the Journal of needlework or on our website, here you can find tutorials on bead embroidery. Do not take too big or complex patterns. The first job should be simple and should not take too much from the beginning of time.

    So, let's say you've found a scheme of beads. Now you need to measure out the length of the canvas and process it on the edge, to avoid fraying fabric. After that you can do with beads, classifying it by color into separate boxes.
    If the selected picture is large, or you are afraid,that will pull together in the process of embroidery fabric, then use the pollen or the special frame. Lessons for working with hoops can be found on our website. Small beaded picture can be embroidered without them. Even before you start working, you should outline the middle and find a spot start.

    Video: workplace organization

    Embroidery beads method by horizontal stitches

    Usually used as beading embroiderycalled the seam or the monastic church the way. Special training in this case is not required, so even beginners familiar with it will pass fairly easily. First, fix the thread by introducing a needle into the lower left corner from the inside. Then it is output to the front side. Stretching thread, make sure that on the inside was a small tip of 3-4 mm in length. The needle is inserted in the upper right corner and then pulled to the face through the lower left. Manipulation repeated several times.

    The monastery can take shovTeper beadappropriate color and put it on a needle which is withdrawn again at the bottom left. Also threaded it into the top corner from the right. Display the needle on the front side from the bottom left to the next cell and put on a second bead. Again withdrawn needle right above. So, run along the entire series, When sewing beads. Do not forget to change the color of beads, according to the scheme.
    When you finish a row, move to the next,spending the needle on the front side of the right upper corner of the upper cells. It turns out that the beads are sewn from the top down. Make sure that all the beads have the same slope, then bead embroidery will look neat and even professionally.
    When you embroider butterfly wings, youwill be faced with a number where the beads will be less than one or more beads and a series of shift to the left. In this case you will need to make a stitch on the wrong side, and then bring the thread there. The needle will appear in the upper right corner of the cage. The following dial bead and thread the needle in the bottom left corner of the same cells. To see all firsthand, you can see the corresponding video tutorials on bead embroidery.

    Vertical beadwork

    Beadwork is vertical ryadamiVsealso, it should only begin with the angle that the left top of the picture. The first row is sewn from top to bottom. Threads need to display on the front side at the bottom of the left in the right cell. Put on beads and conduct the needle right up in the same cell. On the underside is carried out stitch, needle sticking at the bottom right in the same cell.
    Next, from the inside embroider stitch, needle sticking incorner located right below this same cage. Gaining beads left and go down the other cells. The second row is performed vertically from the bottom up. Then thread on the front of the output. The needle emerges from the lower left corner of the desired cells. Take beads and pass the needle into the corner of the same cell at the top right. On the wrong side embroider stitch, passing in the bottom left corner of the upper cells.
    Between the wing of the butterfly and its trunk yoube sure to meet an empty area where no beads. In this case, the technique is slightly different. It is necessary to make the transition by means of connecting stitches with a slope. Here it is necessary to try to observe the general direction already embroidered beads. It happens that a stitch ends on the next row. To display the thread there, thread the needle in the other direction.
    To secure the end of the thread is correct, you canJust a few again hold the thread through the fiber of the canvas. According to the rules, the end length can not be less than 8 mm and greater than 1 cm. Lessons on bead embroidery is easy to find on the Internet.

    End of the painting and decoration of beads

    As you can see, learn beadwork is not socomplicated. Once you have completely finished your butterfly will need to soak the cloth in warm soapy water. After that, it must be washed in cool water, shake and leave to dry on a towel. When the fabric is completely dry, it should be ironed on the reverse side. During ironing you can adjust your embroidery, stretching the fabric, if necessary, vertically or horizontally.
    If desired, the finished work of beads mozhnoinserted in a frame and hang on the wall. To do this fabric with beaded embroidery put on the board and tuck it under the edge. Cloth with beads necessary to properly tighten and then glued to the cardboard. Thereafter, the picture can be inserted into the frame. Usually bubbly pictures do not make out in the frame with the glass because of possible glare.
    So, we see that a small beaded embroidery pattern is not for beginners something complicated and can be performed independently.

    Video: Learning to embroider beads