Embroidery bears with a heart will be an excellent gift for your beloved on Valentine's Day.

Embroidery bears with a heart will be an excellent gift for your beloved on Valentine's Day.

On the eve of February 14, everyone is trying to cookoriginal gifts to your loved ones. And what if you try to do something for your second half yourself? In this master class I propose to perform a gift to my beloved by the Day of Lovers - to sew a bear with a heart. This embroidery can be presented to anyone, but if you add the inscription "I Love You" to the bear, you can even with a name (as you can see in my example), then the gift is ideal for a loved one. For this work you will need:

  • Canvas size 26 * 21 centimeters
  • Threads of a floss of GAMMA firm of five colors (if you do the inscription, you will need one more color)
  • Needle, preferably with a blunt end and an enlarged ear
  • Feather frame (optional)
  • Simple soft pencil, ruler, scissors

We embroider the bear .. Photo №1 Embroidery, like any creativity, gives an opportunityto show imagination. In this work there are no pre-prepared certain color numbers of threads, they can be chosen at will. The main thing is to observe the number of colors, and the shades can be changed at your own discretion. Embroidery hoops are also used at will, here to whom as it is more convenient. I usually embroider without a hoop, the canvas is quite starched. The needle is more convenient to use a special one - for embroidery with a blunt end (especially beginners), it does not cling to the fabric. Canvas is sold in separate pieces in packages, and with a footage. The latter option is more convenient and convenient. When all materials and tools are prepared, you can start working. In my example, the main scheme with the bear itself is shown, and an additional one with an inscription. The main scheme is divided into squares measuring 10 * 10 crosses. To be more convenient to embroider, you need to divide the same into squares and fabric using a ruler and a soft simple pencil (see photo). We embroider the bear .. Photo number 2 After the end of work, the pencil can be easilywash. Instead, you can use a dark thread: it cuts into the needle and a simple line seam separates, when the work is finished, the threads are pulled out. It is always necessary to start embroidering from the darkest section, from the darkest thread. We embroider the bear .. Photo №3 We embroider the bear .. Photo №4 One thread of a mulina consists of six threads - theirthey call it "Easter". From a common pass, one thread is pulled out (which must first be cut to the desired length) and folded in half. At one end a loop is formed, on the other - two threads. These two strands are cut into the needle. The thread on the canvas should be fixed so that there are no nodules. Embroidery is considered qualitative if there is not a single nodule on its back. Therefore, the new thread is fixed as follows: the first stitch is made, the needle enters from the wrong side and leaves on the front. On the inside, a small loop is left, the thread from the front side again goes into the purl, forming the first half of the cross. The needle goes into the loop and the thread is fully tightened. Thanks to this procedure, the thread is securely attached to the tissue without knots. Crosses, which are embroidered correctly, leave on the wrong side a picture in the form of even columns. When the thread ends, before it is cut, it is fixed as follows: the needle is passed under the bars that are located next to it. All this is shown in one of the photographs (a fragment of the embroidered heart). We embroider the bear .. Photo №5 In my case, the name of the guy was added to the inscription. You can add the name yourself easily. We embroider the bear .. Photo №6 The letter consists of crosses, the size of 5 * 7 (I,except for the letter "L", it turned out more). The indicated size of the embroidery (26 * 21 CM) includes the inscription, the size of the embroidery without the inscription 68 * 62 CROSS. When the embroidery is finished, it must be washed. Any embroidery should be washed by hand, very carefully. Do this in warm water and only with a mild shampoo, so that the thread is not shed. Rinse the embroidery in water of the same temperature, so that it does not take a stake. It is necessary to wash carefully, rubbing the cloth lightly with your hands to clean the places that have become soiled. You do not need to squeeze washed embroidery. It is better to put it on a white clean towel, and it will dry itself. Dry embroidery should be stripped off through a wet cloth from the wrong side so that the crosses do not lose volume and shape. Further, the picture can be framed. Of course, you can do it yourself at home, but it will be better if you go to the baguette shop. The framework frame is the one you like. The embroidery is framed, the back is covered with a sheet of fiberboard, a special tape is attached, so that it can be hung on the wall, and the front is covered with glass. Now dirt and dust embroidery is not terrible, it will be kept in the frame for a long time. We embroider the bear .. Photo number 7