Cross-stitch embroidery fall: a selection of schemes (photo)

Cross-stitch embroidery fall: a selection of schemes (photo)


Autumn is a magical, fantastic time of the year, inTime of which nature pleases us with a variety of colors and a real riot of all kinds of colors. Probably, that is why many needlewomen try to keep in their works wonderful autumn landscapes and motifs.

Basic types of cross stitch

Before we "plunge" into the fall and begin to embroider the landscapes and patterns inherent in this time of the year, let's first refresh our memory a little and remember how to embroider a cross.
Counting Cross:

Incomplete cross:




Chinese cross:


Autumn leaves

Embroidered cross leaves can decorate small decorative pads that harmoniously fit into the interior of your living room:

They will look original and remind you of the fall leaf fall. However, before embarking on embroidery, you must learn a few nuances:

  • First, always start this type of embroidery with the definition of the center of your work. This will help you create a beautiful, neat drawing;
  • Secondly, try not to make knots. If necessary, fix the thread from the wrong side, using for this purpose a few stitches;
  • In addition, there is another little trick: cross stitching on top of the canvas should be slightly tilted to the same side.

And yet, after completing the work, do not forget to iron itIron finished fabric from the wrong side. If you decide to make such wonderful pads or want to decorate with some leaves of an article, then you should pay attention to these schemes:

Autumn schemes for needlewomen

There are different patterns of embroidery of autumn patternsAnd motives, but now we will take a closer look at those that are more suitable for beginner needlewomen. These schemes are quite simple, and with a little effort, you will be able to "settle" in your house autumn, which will please you with its beauty and bright colors.

«Autumn Bouquet»

Embroidery on the tablecloth "Hedgehogs"



The scheme for the postcard "Hedgehog"

We hope that these simple schemes will help you to embroider beautiful tablecloths, paintings or napkins, with which you will later decorate your home.
If you have been fond of needlework for a long time, and cross-stitch is your favorite hobby, then you are probably interested in the following schemes.



The size of this picture is 200X200 crosses, in order to embroider it you will need a thread of DMC (36 colors).

Ideas for inspiration

In order to "catch" inspiration and create an excellent picture or embroider an original napkin you can watch a small video clips, in which already presented works are presented:
Picture "Autumn"

Video: Picture "Autumn Park with a cross"
Napkins "Autumn"

Video: An example of autumn embroidery on napkins

In addition, you can admire the finished pictures of professional needlewomen and a small selection of schemes.

"Autumn marathon"

To create this wonderful picture, the author used the technique of embroidery

"Autumn landscape"

Autumn Basket

To create the next wonderful composition we offer you a scheme that can become an excellent autumn panel.

"Autumn charm"

Whatever picture you decided to embroider with a cross,The main thing is that it was made with love, because this is the guarantee that afterwards your work will warm everyone around with its warmth and light. Such a picture will decorate your house for many years and maybe after a while it will become your family heirloom.

Schemes of autumn embroidery