Cross-stitch bouquets of flowers scheme flower arrangements

Cross-stitch bouquets of flowers scheme flower arrangements


Embroidery of flowers takes a leading positionAmong the favorite schemes of embroiderers. This list includes not only single flowers, but also various bright bouquets and even whole compositions of them. Everything depends on the developed imagination of the embroiderer and on the degree of her skill. In the embroidery of flowers apply contour technique, design of the triptych and monochrome. Due to the fact that on the Internet you can find different schemes with the image of flower bouquets, each needlewoman will be able to choose the perfect composition for herself.
We suggest that you consider some examples of schemes by which it is possible to embroider an original decor element for a home interior or make a non-repeatable gift for any holiday.

Bouquets and compositions schemes

For beginners who are just beginning to embroiderTechnique of the cross, it is recommended to use schemes with the image of miniature single colors. These pictures are not overloaded with complex and ornate elements, but with the help of such drawings you will get useful skills in embroidery.

Very nice looking paintings, whichDepicted realistically embroidered flowers. For example, it can be a wonderful primrose, which can be embroidered with different threads of mulina, but according to one scheme. Shade of bud pick the one that will most suit the color to your interior.

Canvu does not have to use only whitecolors. Think about the contrast tone that best fits the embroidered bouquet. After all, if you depart from the usual rules, you can get a real masterpiece.
If you want to decorate your bed with embroideredBouquets of roses, then the following scheme suits you perfectly for these purposes. Accurately respecting all the shade combinations, you get a chic bouquet of flowers, almost like his original original.

Schemes have a different degree of complexity, both in terms ofScale, type of colors, and the number of threads used by the mulina. Choose the right option for yourself, which will be up to you. Bouquets of flowers amaze with their unusualness due to a combination of seemingly incompatible buds. This can be a composition of field and garden colors.

Schemes for embroidery sofa cushions alsoPopular with skilled workers. After all, you want to bring a little cosiness and beauty to your home interior. And floral bouquets, embroidered with a cross on cushions, will only contribute to this.

Flowers that are embroidered on the edges of linenNapkins, tablecloths and towels, will also decorate your home textiles. Schemes with different compositions gracefully decorate any product and even a panel. In work, several combinations are used at once, the main thing is that the images coincide as much as possible in scale. If you will change the selected schemes in a certain order, you will end up with a unique drawing. They can also be used by beginners.

Often, flower bouquets depict in the picture withMythical creatures, as well as birds and animals. Another scheme shows how you can embroider a fairy fairy sitting on a flower. The given plot can decorate a children's room of the girl. At first glance, it may seem that it is very difficult to embroider it with a cross. But this is completely wrong. But the finished result is worth the time.

Embroidery schemes for elegant bouquets