Cross-stitch embroidery of a cat and kittens (schemes)

Cross-stitch embroidery of a cat and kittens (schemes)


A cat is a wonderful animal that everyone lovesWithout exception, because she brings happiness and joy to the house. So, I would like to talk in more detail about how to embroider a cross on the canvas of this pretty creature. Take a small piece of such material of any color, it can be, as dark blue, and yellow or white. Color should be approached responsibly, for example, on a black fabric it is necessary to strain vision too much, and it will be necessary to embroider longer, than on white.
Take a mulberry brown, red, whiteColors, preferably a little more to have a stock. In addition, do not forget about the scissors, embroidery frame, needle, a scheme that I liked with the image of a cat. If you want the cute kittens to please everyone who will see this embroidery, put your whole soul into the created masterpiece.

Initial stage of work

To give the embroidery a convexity and a largerIt is desirable to embroider realism in six threads. We take the needle, we insert into it the mulina and proceed to the embroidery of the first cross. Do not forget that there should not be nodules, the wrong side is necessarily perfect. Tails and extra tips are hidden under the cross.
Before starting work it is also important to do soCalled a reference point, the scheme allocates it in the form of designations, arrows in the vertical and horizontal. When holding them in different directions, a central point is noted.
It's time to do the same on canvas, that is allTo calculate. We take the fabric and put it in two, initially it must be done in an upright position, and then once again we bend it and perform such manipulation horizontally. The corner that turned out, and will be considered the central part of the embroidery. The thread should be easily fixed in order to be easily removed from it and the kittens looked neat.

Rules of embroidery

The key to the diagram is recommended to hang from the outline, soeasier. We take and count from the central point of the small cells to the top of the embroidery. We store a floss, the length of which is equal to one meter, it is important that it consisted of three threads, and take the needle, then we pass the ends to it, thus creating a loop. Check the availability of the circuit and its compliance in the process of work.
The resulting thread now consists of sixSturdy, which is necessary for embroidery of a cat. Please note that its length should not be more than fifty centimeters, so that it can be measured to attach to the elbow and everything will become clear.
Mulino this type will not be confused, and causeInconvenience during the creation of our masterpiece. If such a requirement is not met, then it starts spinning, creating knots on the canvas, you have to cut it and start again, because the future masterpiece will look untidy and sloppy, the kittens "spread out" along the canvas.

Cat outline and thread fastening

The thread must be secured from the front. It is recommended to hold the needle with it without fail in the cell, then take it out to the front side, pass into the loop and tighten. It is necessary to correspond exactly to the scheme and not to invent extra crosses, all carefully count.

When creating a tower with a cat's image, it is recommended to carefully monitor the fact that the thread does not cling to the fabric, otherwise the embroidery will be untidy and horrifying.
I would like to draw attention to no less thanAn important detail: during the embroidering of crosses, it is necessary that the needle is punctured into the puncture, as this will help create a perfectly smooth pattern. Also, it is necessary to look for that if the needle accidentally enters the thread, the needle does not separate the previous stitch, and the kittens looked original, such tricks.
The cat's eyes and body are already embroidered, leavingTo produce the finishing touches, as the diagram shows, or rather to embroider a mustache. We take the moulinet exactly the same as the contour of the animal, fold it into two strands and use the elongated stitches to sew a mustache.

Schemes with cats