Cross-stitch embroidery types and recommendations for the creation (photo)

Cross-stitch embroidery types and recommendations for the creation (photo)


Long since the woman was considered the keeperHome. It was her responsibility to protect the home and create comfort in the house. Since the time of the primitive tribe, thousands of years have passed, but representatives of the beautiful half of humanity and today pay tribute to traditions, in every possible way defending their home. And it's not just about strangers. Paying tribute to superstitions, we in every possible way try to protect our house from evil and not benevolent forces. One of the most common ways of such protection is the creation of amulets.
Wards are things that, by virtue of a certainSymbolism, bear a favorable force and create a barrier on the way of evil forces. There are hundreds of varieties of amulets that can be purchased in shops and shops. But, the most effective and interesting way is to make amulets with your own hands. The most common amulets created by oneself are embroidery.

To learn how to properly embroider amulets, you should divide them into the most basic varieties:

  • Religious amulets;
  • Vedic amulets;
  • Talismans of folk traditions.

Religious amulets

Religious amulets are objects with an imageElements of orthodox beliefs. These can include images of the faces of saints, holy writings or the image of crosses. To make this group of amulets should be treated with particular care, since each element of the picture has its own meaning, which, if misinterpreted, can not only help nothing, but vice versa, do no good deeds.
Embroidery of the faces of saints is a particularly painstaking work. As a rule, such paintings are made with a cross. In order to create an image of the saint's face on the canvas, you will need:

  • Canvas. For sewing images of saints, a canvas of any size is suitable. You can take a tissue, both with small cells, and with large ones. It is best to use a canvas with large cages, since embroidering with a cross in several threads, on such a fabric will make the pattern more massive and relieve it of excessive tenderness. The finished drawing should look impressive and reliable;
  • Needle and thread. The needle for embroidery must be special. You should buy a special needle with a blunt tip. Such a needle will prevent tissue damage during embroidery. Amulets do not accept disturbances in the pattern or fibers of the tissue. With regard to yarns, it is best to use natural yarns of not very bright colors. When making the faces of saints, a special emphasis is placed on dimness;
  • Scheme. Embroidering the faces of saints without a detailed scheme is not possible. If you do not have a ready-made scheme, you can make it yourself using special programs. On the schemes that are sold in stores, there is already a breakdown by colors, so you will spare yourself of unnecessary troubles and difficulties in selecting threads.
  • Any embroidery starts from measuring out the fabric. How many canvases you need will be prompted by the scheme. All you need is to count the number of crosses you need and count them on the fabric. Do not forget to make centimeters of 10 indents on each side, so that you can put the picture in the frame.
    The embroidery of a painting should begin from the veryA large fragment in color or, from one of the left corners of the drawing - at least the bottom, even the upper one. One of the important rules of embroidery is the creation of a neat side. Try to avoid knots. Fasten the tails of the thread can be on the front side under embroidered crosses.
    Not many rules for embroidering saintsWritten, but, before rushing to represent incomprehensible words, it is necessary to understand their meaning and the correct spelling. The image of crosses is one of the most widespread religious amulets. Accurate crosses adorn clothing and accessories, and small souvenir paintings are an excellent complement to the interior.
    The most important thing to remember is,Amulets require due respect for themselves, therefore religious signs can not be depicted on accessories and objects that lend itself to contamination and permanent negative influence of external stimuli.

    Vedic amulets

    The flower of the fern is a fiery symbol of puritySpiritsVedicheskie amulet - it's embroidered with a cross is not a large picture of the pagan runes. Each rune of pagan beliefs has its own meaning and can be used in decor and clothing elements. Embroidery of runes is not a difficult task, because runes are mostly executed in one color and have very simple embroidery patterns. To embroider the heathen runes, you will need:

  • The cloth. In the manufacture of Vedic amulets, you can resort to both cross-stitch technique and the surface, so there are no particular rules regarding the choice of fabric for embroidery. Naturally, embroidery with a cross requires the use of canvas or coarse linen. If, however, you want to represent the runes with a smooth surface, you should choose a thick fabric that can not be damaged by the sharp needle. You should not take large pieces of fabric, because Vedic runes - this amulets are not large sizes and as full-fledged paintings they are not used;
  • Needle and thread. Strict rules for the selection of threads and needles for embroidering Vedic runes are not. The most important thing to remember is that Vedic amulets do not like riot of colors, so amulets are performed in one color or, at most, in three colors;
  • Scheme. You can make a scheme for embroidering the Vedic runes yourself. It is enough to find the right picture and transfer it to the sheet in a box. Everything, the scheme is ready. You can start work.
  • Vedic amulets are not only runes, but alsoImages of flowers, plants and animals. Each representative of the flora and fauna of the pagan tribes personified its special strength, so embroidery depicting certain creatures, can hide a special significance.
    Do not forget about fairy-tale characters, inWhose existence the ancient Slavs believed in truth. Images of these mythical creatures were used even in the treatment of diseases in folk medicine. Embroidered with a cross are not large images with Slavic symbols - an original solution for any interior.

    Oberegi folk legends

    Kalina and oak are symbols of female and maleThe beginning of the last, and the most common type of embroidery - this is the charm of folk traditions. This group includes all types of images that do not relate to Slavic symbols and religious elements. Particular attention should be given to the rules of embroidering "folk" amulets. Embroidery of folk charms requires:

  • Scheme. It is not surprising that the list of necessary accessories begins with the scheme. Correct drawing is a pledge of the right amulet. What will be the further choice of thread and fabric, completely depends on the chosen scheme. Embroidery of folk charms can be made both on the technique of smoothness, and cross. But, special attention deserves the symbols that are present in the pictures. You should add to your creation more viburnum, acorns and oak leaves. These are the primordial symbols of the feminine and the masculine. Kalina is a symbol of beauty and love, and the oak is a man's power and success. Equally important is the image of birds. Birds of birds symbolize mutual feelings and fidelity. To attract success and luck, you should depict geometric patterns. All these elements can be depicted as individually on small pieces of fabric, or in a complex on large paintings;
  • The cloth. The choice of fabric depends on the technique, which will be used for embroidery. If you wish to embroider with a smooth surface, you should take a dense white fabric that will not tear and dissolve. When embroidering a cross, the choice of fabric is obvious - canvas or canvas. The choice of fabric is important, because it is from it will depend on the overall look of the finished picture. It is necessary to avoid thin canvases and canvases with small cells. When making wards, only white fabric is used;
  • Needle and thread. Any style of embroidery uses a special needle with a blunt tip that will not destroy the fibers of the fabric. As for threads, unlike other types of amulets, folk amulets have no limitations in the color scheme. When embroidering geometric patterns, you should give preference to red and black colors, which symbolize love and prosperity respectively. If you are embroidering just a picture and weaving a story into it, the symbol of amulets, then one should not restrain one's imagination. The most daring color solutions will be very handy.
  • Recommendations before starting work

    Home Charm In addition to the rules set out in the master class, it is necessary to remember the universal advice of masters who should be adhered to:

  • The main force of embroidery in the embedded in itPositive energy, so when embroidering you should think only of good. Also, it is advised, during embroidering, to say to oneself that you are creating a product for good luck, for love, for happiness and other important wishes for you;
  • To give wards a special power, it will be useful to pray before you start work. Embroidery absorbs the energy of the master, so do not neglect this rule;
  • Before you start, you should wash your hands thoroughly;
  • There is a belief that after sunset, only magical things are made, so you should only embroider in the light of day;
  • In no event can one begin to make amulets, being in a bad mood;
  • Embroidery should be perfectly executed, without any defects and blots, so in case you made a mistake, you should immediately fix it.

  • MandalaWall of wards is a special kindArt, which combines not only the rules of execution techniques, but also the requirements for this or that kind of amulets. Each hostess who decided to make her own wards, should give maximum attention to the nuances of embroidery and the meanings of those or other symbols, in order to give their work truly magical power. In addition to cross-stitched amulets, some of the craftsmen create real masterpieces, called mandalas from threads. These are special handicrafts that will not only become your reliable defenders, but also become a wonderful addition to the decor of the apartment.
    Wards can decorate not only your home, but alsoWorkplace, clothes and accessories. Embroidery made by own hands is an excellent opportunity to show your imagination and make something of your own in the image.

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