Cross-stitch patterns flowers and bouquets

Cross-stitch patterns flowers and bouquets


Any needlewoman wants to find the exact schemeEmbroidery, which will be interesting to her, and from work on which she will get the maximum pleasure. Note that most girls like the embroidery of flowers, because it is the most interesting and, often, complex.
We bring to your attention interesting schemes for cross-stitch embroidery on which flowers are depicted.


What could be better than purple irises, some of themThe most beautiful and unusual flowers? Do you like these flowers? Just begin to learn how to embroider a cross? Then you probably will be interested in the scheme of this embroidery.
It's a simple, but pretty, nice scheme. Work on it will be interesting primarily to children. She will also be interested in beginner needlewomen. For the embroidery, the field 70 is used for 70 and 5 colors. Note that the flowers in the picture will be small, but cute and neat.
If you want to teach your child to work with a needle and thread, then you should pay attention to this scheme.

Wreath of flowers

Another simple, but at the same time excellentCircuit. A nice and simple wreath in the form of a heart made of white, red, yellow and purple flowers, tied with a blue ribbon, will appeal to both an adult and a child. And little bees flying near the wreath, and at all will delight anyone.
This scheme is quite simple and is intended for those who are just beginning to master the subtle art of cross-stitching. The size of the working field is 100 to 110. For cross stitching, 12 colors are used.
Despite the size of the field, the flowers for embroidery are rather small, and work on them will not take much time, as it might seem at first glance. Excellent for teaching embroidery of a child.


Another beautiful embroidery of flowers. Three white daffodils framed with yellow twigs of mimosa are a great gift for any holiday. To embroil such a picture is not by everyone, as it is not intended for beginners, but for experienced and attentive masters.
The scheme can be used also in the event that youTeach your daughter or familiar embroidery. In this case, you can instruct them to embroider small flowers of mimosa, and take the main job. Such collective work will be rather interesting and useful for those who are just beginning to learn how to embroider a cross.
For embroidery, you will need a working field of canvas with a size of 110 to 150 and threads of 19 different colors and shades. Their numbers contain a cross stitch pattern.


Tulips are those flowers that blossomOne of the first. Especially good are already opened pink and red tulips. Any girl will be pleased to work on the scheme of this embroidery. To work you will need a field of canvas with a size of 100 by 130. In addition, you should purchase the threads indicated on the scheme colors. A total of 21 are used.
Embroidery is designed for those who embroider is not the first month and confidently holding a corner in his hands. Although the scheme may be of interest to beginner needlewomen.

A bouquet of lilac

Blossoming lilacs in many associate withMay holidays, warmth and the onset of summer. That is why the embroidery scheme of a bouquet of lilac will be pleasant to any girl, especially if she likes late spring and warmth.
The proposed scheme is a fewA branch of lilac white and lilac flowers in a small basket, tied with a blue ribbon. The size of the field is 130 by 110. For embroidery, 18 colors and shades are used.
The scheme is rather complicated, due to the fact thatMost shades are scattered throughout the scheme, which requires much attention when working on a picture. More suitable for those who are engaged in embroidery is not one year, rather than novice needlewomen.

Bouquet of flowers

Another simple scheme that will certainly interest those who are just beginning their acquaintance with the canvas. The figure represents a large bouquet of roses, tulips and chamomiles in a blue vase.
Despite the fact that for cross stitching25 colors and shades are used, the scheme itself is quite simple, since most colors are compactly grouped. The size of the field is 110 to 100. It is ideal for beginner needlewomen, as well as for experienced craftsmen.
Here are six of the best and most interesting, on ourView, embroidery patterns. The first three, as already noted, are intended for beginner needlewomen, and the latter for those who already confidently holding a thread and a needle.
We hope that these schemes will be useful to you. Good luck in work and work.