Cross Stitch landscape scheme (images)

Cross Stitch landscape scheme (images)


It's hard to find anyone who would not lovebeautiful scenery, be it winter or charming magical spring, summer or full color golden autumn. Nature strikes us at any time of the year, and is a natural desire to contemplate it, not only outside, but also inside our apartments and public buildings. You can certainly buy a painting or a reproduction, and put them anywhere. And those of us who own a magic art of painting, can create their own beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, this gift had only chosen and gifted people, and to create and to contemplate the beauty of the many wants.
Here and there is a desire to acquire skillscross stitch, which can deal with almost anyone. Experience suggests, the most beautiful scenery is embroidered this popular and well-known technique. Embroidery painting, which depicts a favorite landscape, not too much trouble you, on the contrary, bring a lot of pleasant moments. For those who decided to create embroidered landscape painting with their hands, explain that since it is best to select the plot. What time of year you want to always see in your house?

Choosing the landscape

When you answer this question, your choicemade. Not necessarily just to perform a large-scale canvas, as this would require a lot of time, and you can not finish it. Start with a small picture and you will see results quickly. For those who are beginning, more suited to cross-stitch pre-selection scheme. Better yet, buy a ready-made kit for embroidery, where there is the landscape you like, summer, spring, autumn or winter. The right choice can be carefully examining the picture, which is available in the set. Pictured is the landscape, which is presented in the form of embroidery in the scheme. And now we will offer you some of the original scheme for cross stitch, which are available in these kits ready.
In general, views can be divided into severalcategories. Conventionally, the first is said to be the one, which shows the nature of the seasons. Then there is the category of the urban landscape, where we can find all over the city. The third category - the animal world on the natural background image. There are pictures in which you see the sea and the marine element. Consider Kits for embroidery paintings that represent each such category.

Set for embroidery "Thaw" (Seasons)

This scheme for cross stitch for those ofyou who prefer it to all other winter landscape. It shows the time of winter, when nature wakes up and the spring close. Winter is ready to give up her rights, but is still struggling and not really want to leave. Gorgeous crystal winter air, a clear and fascinating, will delight your eyes even during a hot and sultry summer. For the embroidery pattern used machinery Counted Cross, canvas Aida 14 white and thread floss Madeira, which are attached to the organizer of the paper. The scheme for embroidery black and white. The picture has a size 11h15,5 centimeters.

Cross Stitch from "Urban Landscape" category

This pattern is related to the fairy tale, becauseits name sounds like "Through the Looking Glass." It makes a special impression on the viewer, magical and fascinating at the same time. Who among us does not become engrossed in reading a fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland"? And here we can contemplate just the city, which got heroine of this tale. The city, which exists only in the world of dreams and fantasies storyteller, but as a magnet attracts the eye of even the most practical and realistic of the people. This is the magic that you can create with their own hands, and then have the joy to behold it in your home, each time receiving great pleasure from the presence near the strangely compelling and magical world.
Included there is the presence of a color symbolic schemes, instructions and Aida №16. There are also 120 AURORA thread and needle. The size of the finished work is 30x42 centimeters.

Set for Cross Stitch "Black Panther"

From this picture it is simply impossible to take your eyes,because she is beautiful and unusual. A special feature is a combination of three colors: black, white and shades of green. If you will embroider the picture and place it in a black box, you get the full effect. This combination of colors makes a strong impression, and immediately noticeable to the human eye. Большую роль здесь играет также наличие черной пантеры, которая всегда считалась представительницей силы и достоинства одновременно. Her figure against the backdrop of falling water power doubly impressive audience. This embroidery can not leave anyone indifferent spectator. Size of embroidery 43h55 cm.

Set for embroidery "Sea guardian"

Especially for lovers of the sea and stunningsea ​​elements offer to embroider a picture in which you will see a lot of different things. Here there is a real guardian of the sea. This lighthouse, sending light lost in the storm and the ships in distress and rescuing people from death. It stands proudly on the mountain, sending the light out to sea. It is possible that he will save and your family boat from the storms of life, if you will embroider and place it in the house. Through the clouds make their way rays of the sun that illuminates the path of sailing ships approaching the shore, trying to escape from the impending storm. Very enliven the picture cliffs coast dotted with green and red colors.
The size of the painting 37h47 centimeters. As part of the set are available outline Aida 14 white thread organizer with LCA, paper color scheme for cross-stitch and special needles.

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