Embroidery cross the scheme of love and the first feelings

Embroidery cross the scheme of love and the first feelings


The cross-stitching of love is a realArt, which allows you to do unique work. Pictures made with their own hands with love, are an unforgettable gift for loved ones.

Flowers are the same tenderness, love, faith,romance. The following diagram of the cross-stitch "Love for you is unlimited" shows a miniature container with flowers. It has no special difficulties and will be understandable even for beginners. The work requires several hours, perseverance, imagination.
Necessary materials:

  • Fabric (canvas);
  • Embroidery needle with a blunt nose;
  • scissors;
  • Mulina 7 different colors: pink, blue, white, two shades of green and yellow.

For the convenience of embroidery, you will need to use plastic round hoops with a screw to adjust the tension of the fabric. It is worthwhile to make sure that all the strings on the fabric are stretched evenly.

Embroidery of the painting "Love for you is boundless"

Course of work First you need to sweep the edges of the canvas so that the fabric does not crumble. Sew them with a thread using a hand or a sewing machine.
Determine the center on the canvas, so that then the embroidery was properly placed. Bend the fabric in half horizontally, and then - vertically. Mark the center. It must coincide with the center of the figure according to the scheme.
Place the fabric on the embroidery frame: lay it on a smaller hoop, and put the larger part on top of it. Kanwu tighten and tighten the hoop of the hoop.
The scheme should begin with the cross stitching the bowl. Her scheme can be easily calculated by looking at the photo. Only the handle needs to be embroidered with halves of crosses. Some crosses can be replaced with beads.

Next, embroider sepals of future colors. Embroider crosses with green thread in any shape. From them to lower in capacity of a stalk by means of direct stitches.

The next will be embroidered flowers of cornflowers. From one point from the cross-sepals make three stitches. The one in the middle should be shorter, and the two extreme - longer. Close them with two small stitches starting from the end of the long stitches in the direction of the short ones. On each cornflower three or four petals should be embroidered.

The next components of the scheme are daisies. From free crosses make a few straight stitches with different directions. Use in this case you need a pink string. On top of them, stitch exactly the same straight loose stitches with a white thread. They must come from the cross-sepals in different directions.

Embroider in empty places five-leafed flowers withPlacement in a different way. They should be yellow. To give the overall appearance of the embroidery of originality, it is necessary to make one straight stitch from each center in the direction of the fixing stitch inside each loop. This will close the empty space.
It remains to add a couple of straight stitches. So will look like a blade of grass. Draw the thread under the previously embroidered colors. You can add the leaves in stitches according to the "loop-in-fit" scheme. The main thing is not to overdo it.

Embroidery with a cross "Love for you is boundless" will be correct if the upper stitches along the entire canvas are executed in one direction.

Embroidery of the painting "I give you love in this flower"

Cross-stitch scheme "I give you love in thisFlowers "is very simple. You can use a mulina of the same color. According to the diagram of the scheme it is clear that the embroidery will be made in the form of a rose, so it is worth applying a red-tulle red.

We need to carefully study this scheme, namelyCalculate the necessary for sewing cells by the width and height of the fabric. For convenience of counting under the scheme to make a marking through a dozen cells. Markings should be drawn specially designed for this pencil.

Embroider a picture you need from thePhoto, scheme. Each cross can be embroidered separately: make a stitch from right to left, and then vice versa. It will be more convenient to perform the work as follows: a group of stitches of the lower row, and then - of the upper row.

After all the crosses are executed according to the scheme, sew contour lines. They are performed by the seam "back needle".

Ready to embroider the work carefully inWarm water to wash off the markings. You can just pull out the markings. Strip off the embroidered cloth on the wrong side and can be framed. Further, only fantasy works.

Embroidery of the painting "Flower Love for You"

An embroidery scheme called "Flower Love for You" can be done in two ways:

  • Embroidery in rows is a complex method. Threads will have to be cut and fastened after each cross. You can put a thread of different colors in the hotel needles. In the process of changing the needles with threads, create a broach between the crosses. This option is very tedious in the work;
  • Embroidery by color. The process must begin with embroidering a section of the same color with a certain shade of threads. Further, with a thread of a different color, embroider another section. This method is more convenient in the work. It requires attention, so that the crosses are placed correctly.

To work in the second way, you should start embroidery withPrevailing in the diagram of the hue scheme. Sites with fewer crosses will be last embroidered. In this way it will be more convenient to hide the thread.
It is better to start work with dark colors. Next, move gradually to light. Embroidery in this way will provide an opportunity to save the purity of light colors. The work should look neat.

Diagram of embroidery of love with a cross