Cross-stitch wedding scheme wedding metrics: examples of works

Cross-stitch wedding scheme wedding metrics: examples of works


Cross-stitched wedding metrics madeAs a gift or made with their own hands to commemorate their own celebrations, are always well received by people marrying. Such embroideries are often kept by spouses throughout their entire life together. There is a wide variety of subjects on this topic, on the basis of which schemes are drawn up. And only after that, guided by all the conditions and features of this scheme, cross-stitch the wedding metrics.

One embroidered wedding metric you can seeIn the video that is attached to the lesson. This work will undoubtedly please those of you who like to embroider birds. Embroidery is a classic story from the heart and two pretty doves embroidered with a cross. The metric is made in canvas in beige color. In this paper, ten thread colors are used.
In addition to the seam of the cross, it also involves a seamBack stitch. Such a seam is present on the heart and in the inscriptions. By the way, it is customary to make inscriptions in the wedding metric, in which the names of the married people are present, as well as the date of registration of the marriage. In addition, this embroidery contains a symbolic phrase about love. Still in it there is a seam under the name "the French knot". The size of this embroidery is 18.5 by 25 centimeters.

Video: An example of a wedding metric with pigeons

Variety of subjects of wedding metrics

There are various subjects, and accordingly, schemes for embroidering wedding metrics. All this diversity can be divided into several general groups.
Images of people The first group can be attributedAll the metrics with the image of suitors and brides. It can be a pair in wedding clothes, walking along the seashore. There are options with figures of the groom and the bride who hold each other in their arms. It can be full-length figures, or only a part of the figures. There is a story with the newlyweds dancing a waltz. The theme of the wedding bouquet, which the bride holds in hands, is also attractive. There is a feeling that she will throw her bouquet, as it is customary to do at weddings. Very interesting are the newlyweds, surrounded by various wedding accessories. Among them there are doves, rings and hearts, cake and champagne, bride shoes and a bridegroom hat, a wedding gift, an ancient castle, bells and flowers. Add here also the greeting inscriptions, and you will get the full picture.

Flowers and rings The second group is close in the plotThe metrics consist of colors and rings. On these metrics there are necessarily engagement rings adjacent to roses, or other colors. There are metrics, where two hands are embroidered, male and female. The bridegroom wears an engagement ring to the bride on this embroidery. On some wedding metrics the rings coexist with festive ribbons. Such embroidery, made with a cross in the presence of an appropriate scheme, looks very attractive. For connoisseurs of humor there is a story of embroidery, where the wedding rings act as the bride and groom. One ring plays the role of the bride in the veil, and the other is the groom. There is also the date of the wedding, as well as the names of the husband and wife. And one more option are wedding rings, wrapped in flowers.

Wedding metrics with a heart To the next groupWedding embroidery, made on the basis of the scheme, where there are hearts. Magnificent is the metric, where two hands joined hands inside a huge heart, entwined with beautiful roses, male and female. There are also inscriptions about love, names and dates. Here everything depends on your choice. Another option looks like a transparent big heart, inside of which are embroidered faces of the bride and groom, who admire each other. Looks great metric, where the rings are made in the form of crossed hearts. Many will be interested in the work, where, against the background of one heart, there is a large inscription that is the wishes of the young for a long and happy life. And one more metric, on which two hearts, entwined with a vine and flowers, are crossed with each other.

Congratulatory inscriptions in the frame of flowers ForThose people who seem banal rings and hearts, are offered embroidery greetings, where the schemes do not provide for their availability. They contain only framing frame from florid colors, and various greeting inscriptions, the names of the brothers and dates of the marriage. Such schemes are present in huge numbers, and for every taste. They have their appeal for some of us, because they seem less trivial.

Scenes with images of birds There are alsoLovers of congratulatory embroidery depicting pigeons and swans. They are the symbol of eternal love and devotion. This explains why they are embroidered on holiday wedding metrics. The same subjects are usually performed on greeting embroideries, when people celebrate the anniversary of their wedding date. There are often embroidered doves, names of jubilees and anniversary dates, but instead of pigeons can embroider dazzling white swans.

Puppet characters on wedding metricsIt is difficult to list all the schemes that you can use to embroider wedding greeting cards. Today we will name one more kind, when embroider cute dolls, bunnies and hedgehogs. Such congratulations are popular with many, and therefore are carried out very often. These funny characters from fairy tales and animated films make each of us smile. Bunny in a veil and a hedgehog in a dress coat, well, is not it funny? It's ridiculous and not trivial, but because it is very in demand.

Examples of schemes for embroidering wedding metrics