Cross-stitch embroidery of a scheme of interesting buildings

Cross-stitch embroidery of a scheme of interesting buildings


Each needlewoman can boast a picture,Embroidered with their own hands. Attracts embroidery with a cross and those people who are not particularly addicted to needlework. One of the most popular motifs is the house. We offer to your attention schemes of paintings with houses, which in our opinion will be a decoration of the home.
We will not dwell on the choice questionsMaterials for cross-stitching and schemes. Here there is a simple law: the more expensive the thread, the better it will look, and the better the canvas, the easier it will work with it. The only thing that needs to be considered is the correspondence of the sizes of threads and canvas. When embroidering a cross, the thread is taken in several additions. On the finished picture, canvas should not be enlightened. If there is no desire to select the thread to the scheme of the house yourself, then you can buy a ready-made set. If you buy everything separately, then try to embroider 10 crosses in 2, 3 and 4 addition. Having looked at them, you immediately determine which option is suitable.
First we will offer you schemes, and then give recommendations on the very process of embroidery.

Schemes for embroidery of houses

Here are the schemes that fit into any interior.

And here are a few schemes of houses, which in our opinion are demanding of the interior.

The scheme is very gentle embroidery. Such a house, embroidered with a cross, will be the decoration of the girl's room. It looks like a magical castle, where you can ask for the fulfillment of all desires.

If the schemes of these houses have inspired you, then rather take a needle in your hands.

Recommendations for cross stitching

Before embroidering cross stitchCanvas in the frame. It is important not to overtighten the fabric. Otherwise, the embroidered house will look messy. Watch the thread tension during embroidery. Crosses should not pull the canvas.
On the fabric there are traces from the hoop that you needWill be ironed. Try to choose a hoop so that you can change their location as few times as possible. Too steamed the cross-stitched house will lose some of its appearance.

If there is no desire to give the picture a voluminous appearance,Or focus on some elements of the house, then cross-stitching is conducted everywhere in the same number of threads. If you want to highlight some elements of the house, then you can use a different number of additions. With the help of this technique, embroidery takes not only a voluminous, but also a more realistic look. These moments are usually displayed in diagrams. A similar effect can be achieved by combining in one work embroidery threads and beads. Beads are suitable for floral motifs. Also, the effect of 3D can be achieved by alternating cross-stitch and cross-stitch embroidery. This technique is used when embroidering the sky or water. And all the schemes containing such an element as a house, as a rule, contain the sky.
A few words about the wrong side of the house,Embroidered with a cross. This part of the work is hidden from the eyes. However, if there are many nodes on the wrong side, the picture will not lie flat. The ends of the thread should be hidden under the already embroidered cross. Well, the last. Sometimes there is no desire to change threads often. In view of this needlewoman tighten a long thread. And this leads to the formation of nodules during cross stitching.
A few words about the schemes. They come in many colors and black and white. Here already who is used to what scheme. If this is your first cross-stitch, then it's better to take a color one. This scheme is easier to perceive. But if the cross-stitch embroidery contains many colors close to each other, it is better to work with a black and white version. It is not necessary to think that cross-stitching should be identical to the pattern. Nobody forbade "play" with shades or add something of your own. This performance of the work you will not find anywhere.
We have brought to your attention schemes of paintings,Which in our opinion not only harmoniously fit into any interior, but will also be an excellent gift for the most expensive and loved ones. After all, embroidery, in our case this house, is now in fashion.

Colorful schemes for embroidery of small houses

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