Cross-stitch embroidery: schemes for creating bright colors

Cross-stitch embroidery: schemes for creating bright colors


A special charm is the flowers embroidered with a cross. How alive they look on embroidered paintings, pillows and tablecloths. Flowers are also depicted on women's clothing. Maki deserves a lot of attention. These beautiful plants are fascinating with their beauty and brightness. And no matter what your embroidery is made of. And even in this technique. She looks equally enchanting.

What schemes can there be?

Cross-stitch patterns depictingPoppies, can be simple and complex, small and huge. In the process of sewing, both cross and semi-cross and even other types of stitches can be used. Add naturalness can also using the seam "back needle". Consider two types of scheme for embroidery. In one of them, the clarity of the picture is achieved using a "back needle" or backstitch seam, and in the other - all contours and borders will be indicated by the correct selection of the color shades of the threads.
Cross-stitch embroidery scheme using a "back needle" seam
This diagram shows poppies. Four opened flower and one bud, as well as a flying bee. The scheme is color-symbolic, which is quite convenient and will not let you get confused in the shades of the threads. In total, fifteen colors are used for cross stitching at this work. Two colors of them are also necessary for making semi-crosses. And three colors for sewing seam "backstick".
In this picture, in the technique of semicircles, thePart of the background around the poppies. The rest of the background is not required. The "back needle" seam is necessary for making the contours of the petals and leaves. And also with its help the central part of the poppy box and the outline of the bee are performed. Since in this work different colors of threads are used for its sewing, the badges for designation are also used unequally.
Work, as a rule, should start from the center,Which is indicated here by black arrows. To sew these poppies you will need three shades of red, and also two pink and white colors. For leaves and boxes, green shades are used in the number of three. Nearby is the key. According to him, the threads of the firm "Anchor" should be used for embroidering with a cross of such work. In addition to the name of the company, the thread in the key indicates the size and count of the desired canvas and the decoding according to the colors and symbols. And also in how many additions to take a thread for sewing a particular section on the scheme.
Diagram of embroidery of poppies with a cross These two options will look great, for example, on cushions. The center is also indicated by arrows.

Before you start, determine the center pointOn your cut fabric, combine it with the one on the diagram and then start sewing. This is done to ensure that your final picture is located strictly in the middle of the canvas and has an equal margin for stretching or other manipulations along the edges. Unfortunately, there is no indication about the tissue used. But the numbers and the manufacturer of threads are indicated. In this cross-stitch, ten colors are used. Of these, half the shades, one way or another, are associated with red. They are used in the sewing of poppies. That is why, and also due to the correct distribution of colors in the petal, the "back needle" seam is not needed for this work. The background around the poppies remains unclean. You can use canvas or white color. At its discretion.

Poppies can be sutured not only in redShades, but also in orange, and even in purple. Each version of these flowers is beautiful in its own way. Most often these plants are used when cross-stitching tablecloths and napkins. And especially impressive look embroidered with poppies.

Poppy patterns