Cross-stitching the pillows in the tutorial (photos and diagrams)

Cross-stitching the pillows in the tutorial (photos and diagrams)


At present, embroidery on cushions againBecomes popular, and therefore we want to tell you about how you can make wonderful embroidered cushions with your own hands. As a rule, in an experienced craftsman, the cross-stitch embroidery does not take much time, but for beginner needlewomen we would still advise simpler schemes with which they can easily and quickly decorate their home.

Cross-stitch embroidery of patterns or drawings on the pillow

Our small master class is designed in the firstThe queue for beginners, so we will not describe the embroidery of a complex scheme, but let's take as an example an ordinary heart and embroider such a pretty image on a cushion. But, before starting to work, we advise you to prepare everything you need. You will need:

  • Paper in a box with a printed color image (in our case, the image is monophonic, so a black-and-white scheme will suit us);
  • Pins;
  • pillow;
  • Knitting threads of the right colors (only the red ones are needed for the chosen drawing).

Let's get to work!
First, take the paper on which it is printedYour scheme and gently pin it with pins to the pillow. In order for the embroidery of the pillow to be smooth and beautiful, you need to make sure that the sheet is flat and does not crumple anywhere. Having made sure of this, you can start working.

Usually cross-stitching the pillows takes quite some time, but since the image we selected is very simple, you will cope with this task quite quickly.

When the embroidery of the pillow is finished, you will need to remove the now unnecessary paper. The edges you can accurately cut with scissors, but the middle of the "clean" will have to manually.

As a result, you should get this wonderful pillow embroidered with a cross.

As you yourself probably already had time to notice,Embroidery of pillows is not always a troublesome and painstaking business. Even the most common drawing will help you decorate cushions that will later "revitalize" your interior and bring fresh "notes" to it.

Original embroidery for cushions

If you want your living room to be transformed,But at the same time you do not have the time or money to make repairs, you can add a few bright accents that will "revitalize" this room. An excellent solution can be embroidered pillows because these small "accessories" not only serve to decorate the room, but also provide you with the proper level of comfort.
So, for work we need:

  • pencil;
  • line;
  • hole puncher;
  • scissors;
  • needle;
  • sintepon;
  • Knitting yarns of yellow color;
  • A piece of black cloth (32.5 * 32.5 cm);
  • Green fabric, from which we sew the pillow itself.

We begin the embroidery of the pillow!
First you need to make a markup on black cloth. In doing so, you should get a neat grid, consisting of squares, each side of which is 1 cm.

Then, after stepping 2 cm from each edge, you will need to make small holes at the intersection of all the lines with a hole punch:

We do not need a scheme for embroidery, since weEmbroider 2 large English letters: "Hi". In order for the embroidered pillows to be more vivid and unusual, we chose yellow threads that will perfectly match with the black base.

After we finish the work on embroidery, we need to attach the base to the green fabric and by its dimensions cut out 2 parts.
Then we will only have to sew all three parts and fill the cushion with a sintepon.

It should be noted that embroidery of pillows isCreative process, so you can safely experiment and create your own unique schemes and original inscriptions. Such cute embroidered pillows will undoubtedly attract the attention of your guests and make the interior of your room special and exclusive.

Interesting schemes for embroidery cushions

Embroidery of pillows is divided into several types ofLevel of complexity of the work. Of course, experienced masters can easily embroider almost any scheme, but for beginner needlewomen at first it is better to give their preference to simple drawings or patterns.
To make the embroidery of pillows take lessTime and effort, you can pre-buy ready-made sets with a canvas, pattern and thread. But if you do not have such an opportunity, then you can easily choose the scheme yourself and embroider on it a cute sofa cushion.

Butterflies fluttering around a flowering branch

Two tiger cubs

Flower shoes

"The First Guy"

Kitten with a heart

Lovers in the rain

"Couple in love"


Regardless of which level of complexityA scheme for embroidering pads you choose, the main thing that your work was done with love. In fact in this case you will put in it a part of the soul, and each time admiring the creation, you will be immersed in an atmosphere of a cosiness and house heat.

Selection schemes