Embroidery cross sunflowers in schemes

Embroidery cross sunflowers in schemes


One of the decorative elements, which can often befound in well-appointed apartments are works in frames hanging on the walls. Most often it is bought paintings of popular artists or works of little-known but promising expressionists, which may represent several strokes sunflowers and beautiful profile girl.
However, not all people are willing to pay for suchart. Many people prefer to decorate their home work, made his own. One look at the walls and objects in the room will be sufficient to determine that before you a creative person: embroidery, a well-decorated within, decorative items and many other nifty things could not be better characterize the owner.
cross stitch technique is perfectly suitedfor creatures panels and paintings. In addition, it requires not possess some exceptional talent and a lot of money to spend on materials. It should be noted that almost any image can be converted to a scheme whereby further embroider will work.

Autumn sunflowers

flower bouquets subjects for a long time is no longernovelty, but many needlewoman begin to sharpen their skills it with their embroidery. A good alternative are the sunflowers that its bright yellow petals for many become a kind of reflection of the hot summer.

Work to be done fairlycomplex: in addition to the sunflower on it will be corn on the cob, and only the scheme will help to deal with the different shades of color, as well as the play of light and shadow. Cross Stitch involves the elaboration of all the details, even the smallest So, at the end of the work, corn and sunflower petals fallen, will play its colors, from pale green to deep yellow.
You can first of all focus on embroiderythe main elements of the composition or do embroidery larger: background, table and chairs. Lying on the table sunflower contrasts well with the dark-blue vase. The entire composition consists of a few basic colors, smoothly transitioning into other hues: green, peach, beige and pink.
If you start to work with embroidery sunflowers, thethen it should take the stems and leaves of plants. The scheme makes it easy to determine in which case which thread to use. When all the main elements of the composition will be embroidered, then you can move on to the walls and furniture items.
The above work is quite time-consuming to perform. The following scheme is simpler and does not require such painstaking attention to detail:

Landscape with sunflowers

This work is much easier than the previous one: her only sunflowers, which merge with one big blanket of yellow and several buildings in the background. The peaceful picture. The scheme for embroidery is quite simple: a few basic colors and a pair of shades.

This composition will look great both onkitchen and living room, attracting the attention of visitors with bright colors and simple plot. It thus becomes a normal sunflower center of the work. Cross can even embroider the details that artists often simply overlooked and one can only guess at how many small details, but nevertheless important not missing out on famous paintings.
Embroidery process will start with the sky and the green hills. Then you can go to buildings and trees. All field filled with sunflowers, we embroider a yellow thread. More time will study plants in the foreground, but not so much. When you create your own schema, you can adapt it to fit your needs and preferences: remove some detail or summarize certain elements.

Sunflower, quietly swaying in the wind,the blinding light of the sun, the sky serene - this soothing picture stands up for all to see, when it comes to representatives of the family Asteraceae. And no matter sunflower embroidered cross or painted with paint: a piece of the light it carries.

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