Embroidery crochet for beginners in photo and video lessons

Embroidery crochet for beginners in photo and video lessons


Every year, all the crochet embroidery becomesMore popular and in demand. This is primarily due to the fact that the technique of doing this embroidery is quite simple and easily mastered by a beginner skilled worker.

How to embroider a pattern with a hook

Before you go directly to theEmbroidery, you must first prepare the material on which you will embroider the chosen pattern or ornament. Best for this purpose is suitable for flax, coarse calico or canvas. You will also need a hoop, a hook of 0.5 and a thread, for example - "iris".
Having prepared everything you need, you can safely get down to work:

  • First of all you will have to chooseSome kind of pattern. For beginners, simple ornaments or patterns are best. Once determined, you will have to transfer your drawing with a copy or special disappearing marker directly to the fabric. The main thing remember that your fabric should be easily pierced by a hook and thus not to tear;
  • The next step will be to fix the fabric toEmbroidery frame. Having done this, you will have to pull out your first eyelet, and then tie a string of the desired length while constantly piercing the fabric. Do not forget to stick the index finger on the back. Thus, you can easily fill out your entire pattern, and if necessary, you can even add threads of other colors to it. Such embroidery is something like embroidery with the help of
  • When your embroidery is completely finished, youIt will be necessary to fix the threads of a simple chain. If beginners have any difficulties with this, they can easily leave small "tails", which will subsequently need to be tied up;
  • When you finish your work, you will also needBe sure to check if you fixed the thread correctly. After making sure that you have accomplished this task well, you can finally cut the thread. However, it is worth noting that it is necessary to do this not close to knots, but, on the contrary, at some distance from them;
  • The last stroke will be stretching the loop on the wrong side and cutting off excess fabric.

  • Such amazing embroidery will be worthyAn ornament for any pillow, needle bed, small bag or even bag. Another of this simple embroidery can make an unusual napkin. To do this you will simply need to tie its edges crocheted.

    Cushion, crocheted

    An original embroidered carpet will undoubtedly becomeA beautiful decoration not only for the living room, bedroom, but also the children's room. In addition, such a "work" will not cause any difficulties, even for novice masters.
    Here's how to easily and quickly embroider a pile mat with a conventional hook:

    • At the initial stage you will have to find a suitable mat and choose a pattern for it. Also it is necessary to prepare in advance a hook, acrylic or woolen threads and a rigid canvas (stramin);
    • After you prepare everything you need to work you will need to cut the thread. Their length should be 5 cm;
    • Having done this, you can proceed to apply the chosen pattern or pattern to the canvas;
    • Fold the thread in half so that it formsa loop. Then thread under the thread of your canvas hook with a thread, taking the remaining ends of the thread and making a loop, then return the hook back to its original position. Tighten the loop.

    In this simple way, you can easily fill out the entire chosen pattern. Your friends and acquaintances will be amazed that even beginner needlewomen can get such unusual works.

    We embroider beads with a conventional hook

    Compared with the usual classical methodEmbroidery with a needle, embroidery with beads using a hook saves a lot of time. This is due to the fact that the hook you almost instantly attach the bead to the fabric, while sewing a single bead with a needle, you will need to drag the thread as many as 4 times!
    For work you will need:

  • Fabric (for beginners you can advise on the hull);
  • Hook 0.60;
  • Nylon thread;
  • Directly the beads themselves.
  • Having prepared all the materials, you can start working:
    To begin with, you will need to thread the beads onto the thread and make a "stop bead" on one end. Thanks to this, your beads "will not run away" from the thread during work. Here's how it will look:

    Next you will need to pierce the selected fabric from the wrong side and, having seized the thread, pull the loop to the wrong side.

    Turning the fabric with the wrong side up, you will have to put the hook into the formed loop and select the next point on the fabric, in the place of which the next loop will soon form.

    Then you will need to turn the fabric on the front side and push one bead to the place of the first puncture crochet.

    Having done this, you will need to put the hook on the front side immediately after the bead and wrap around the thread again to return to the wrong side.

    Inverted on the wrong side embroidery will please you with the presence of two loops now. Your task is to drag the newly formed loop to the previous one.

    However, there is a small nuance: When pulling one loop into the other, you must turn the hook 180 degrees. If you do not do this, your loop will either fall off the hook or you will break the thread.
    The following beads are sewn according to the same pattern. As a result, our embroidery on the wrong side will look like this:

    And on the front side we will see neatly attached beads:

    Having finished the crochet embroidery, you will have to pull the thread to the wrong side and, binding it to the already stitched stitch - to fix it.
    Beaded embroidery of various patterns with the help ofHook gives us a lot of different possibilities. First, it is good that you can choose beads of different shapes and sizes. Secondly, you can embroider in any direction.
    In addition, the technique of embroidery crochet is very simple inPerformance, and this is especially important for beginners. With the help of a conventional hook, you can embroider not only simple ornaments rather quickly, but also more complex floral compositions or patterns. The main thing is to have patience and use your imagination.

    Patterns for embroidery on crocheted garments

    Virtually any knitted product thatIt is possible to decorate with handkerchief, facial or purl sewn with an interesting pattern or pattern embroidered with a conventional hook. This can be done not only by a professional, but also by novice craftsmen.
    Here are some patterns that even novices can easily embroider:
    The drawing is quite simple and can be decorated, for example, children's clothing. In order to make such a cute dolphin, you need to first embroider with a hook its contours, and then using
    - "fill" the picture itself.
    This amazing and very stylish kitty will beLook great on a women's knitted dress or sweater. Such embroidery will not take you much time, but instantly it will transform the product adorned by it.
    Lovers of floral compositions can try to embroider this wonderful flower crochet. Repeating this pattern, you can decorate the hem or garter of the dress.

    If you do not draw well, then you can first translate on papyrus paper the picture you have chosen. This will greatly simplify your task.
    Then such an image using a needle with a cotton thread will need to be fixed on your canvas. For this, it is better to use rather frequent stitching stitches.
    Preliminarily sewing all the contour lines of the drawing, you will need to pierce them with a needle. Only after this it will be possible to remove unnecessary paper.
    Having done all this, you just need to embroider everythingContours crocheted, moving solely along the line of marking stitches. Then, by simulating a chain stitch, you can fill all the sections of the contour.
    Remember that, embroidering any productsCrochet, you must always fix the working thread at the very beginning and end of the embroidered pattern. In addition, after finishing the embroidery, you will need to carefully remove the thread.
    Huge advantage of embroidery with the help of a hookIs that an obsolete or boring pattern made in this way can easily be dissolved, and in its place to embroider something new. Thanks to this you can safely experiment and not be afraid to ruin your favorite knitted dress or expensive fabric.

    Video: crocheted embroidery