Embroidery machine: types and software (video)

Embroidery machine: types and software (video)


Perhaps, it is not a secret for anyoneThe fact that most people dream of filling their wardrobe is not just beautiful, but also exclusive clothing. But, as a rule, stylish designer things are very expensive and so ordinary people prefer to decorate their clothes themselves. In this complicated but very important business, an embroidery machine can help anyone. Having resorted to the help of special
Their initials on a scarf, a towel and even socks, decorate a favorite dress with an interesting pattern or create a beautiful picture on her husband's shirt.

What embroidery machines are

First of all I would like to note that all embroidery machines are divided into two types:

  • Professional embroidery machines, as a rule,Are established exclusively at large enterprises. Machines of this type have great opportunities. Due to the fact that their work is automated from the beginning to the end, these embroidery machines are able to produce finished products in large volumes;
  • Household machines are designed for use at home or in a small private atelier. They come in two varieties:
  • Monogram machines, for example: BABYLOCK HR 300, BROTHER PE-150, 180 or BERNINA DECO. They differ in their compactness and simplicity.
  • Sewing and embroidery systems: HUSQVARNA DESIGNER 1, 2, BERNINA ARTISTA 200, SUPER GALAXIE 3000 and many others. All of these compared to conventional embroidery machines have more opportunities. They can be not only embroidered, but also sewed.

  • Husqvarna1
    BROTHER PE-150 Let's see "live" on some embroidery machines
    In order to visualize what a certain embroidery machine is and how it looks like "in business" we can see a small video:
    Embroidery machine Barudan BEVT-Z1501CBII
    Let's take a look at how the embroidery process is performed on such a machine:

    Video: embroidery on the typewriter Barudan BEVT-Z1501CBII

    Chinese Embroidery Machine Jack
    Thanks to the following video, you will learn how the multifunctional embroidery machines Jack work.

    Video: the process of embroidery machines Jack

    The machine for unique and exclusive embroidery - Brother PR-600
    This wonderful video clip tells in some detail about where it is used
    And introduces us to some of the work done with this embroidery machine.

    Video: embroidery machine Brother PR-600

    How to embroider a cross on an embroidery machine

    Having available special software for embroideryMachines, you can embroider a cross, a pattern or pattern you like. This is not difficult: you just need to choose a special scheme for this kind of embroidery.
    For example, by choosing such software for embroidery machinesAs PFFAF Creativ 3D Suite you can embroider not only the usual patterns and ornaments, but also beautiful pictures. Such kind of programs help to transform almost any photos, sketches or sketches into magnificent embroideries.
    Also very popular programsCross Stitch Professional and Pattern Maker. Thanks to them with the help of the machine you can get an embroidery cross, which will be very similar to the manual version.

    The software for embroidery machines makes the cross-stitching process pretty quick and easy. It almost does not differ from the usual embroidery on the typewriter.
    However, in order to embroider something using a machine, the master must possess some additional knowledge. He should know how:

    • Zapyalivat material;
    • Embroider a design much larger than the available hoop size;
    • Apply stabilizers;
    • Work with different types of fabrics.

    To master all the tricks of technologyCross stitching, you should not only know how your embroidery machine works, but also learn how to do a cloth reshape or master the work with the pivoting pins.
    In addition, you should know that cross stitchMade on embroidery machines is slightly different from the version made by hand. First, the machine embroider crosses of the ideal form, secondly - for embroidery, as a rule, only polyester threads are used.
    Let's move on to watching a video that shows you how a typewriter embroider a pattern with a cross:

    Video: Machine embroidery cross stitch

    Choose software for your embroidery machine

    Modern embroidery machine is different fromOf its outdated counterpart first of all in that it can directly connect to a computer or receive data via a special USB-device. As a rule, the second option is more convenient, since the computer is not always "free".
    Here are some common software for embroidery machines:

  • One of the most popular software for embroideryMachines is HUSQVARNA 3D Professional. It allows you to create future embroidery on your computer, and then upload them to machines such as: Husqvarna Rose, Husqvarna Designer 1 and Husqvarna Designer. По для вышивальных машины HUSQVARNA 3D Professional consists of 8 special programs that allow you to translate photos into the embroidery format, as well as create unique patterns, decorative lines and alphabets.
  • Another good software for embroidery machines -Husqvarna 4D Professional. It has programs that allow a master to create various elements of embroidery using a tablet, a graphic pen and a mouse. If you are not a specialist in this field, then you can completely rely on this software, because it provides intelligent functions, through which programs process the selected drawing without any interference from your side.

  • There is also a good development of RussianManufacturers - software for embroidery machines KnittStyler. With the help of KnittStyler, the electronic embroidery machine can connect to the computer and automatically cut out the pattern you have chosen. Russian software for embroidery machines KnittStyler is ideal for creating various weaves. Thanks to him you can embroider on your clothes texts or drawings, as well as save the works you created.
  • Universal software for embroidery machines DigitizerMB is great not only for creating new works, but also for editing finished pictures. Its programs are designed specifically for embroidery machines Janome Memory Craft 11000 and Janome MB-4.

  • Perhaps the most popular yet is the software forEmbroidery machines Bernina Designer PLUS V.5.0. The machines on which this set of programs are installed can be sewn with quilting stitches and a cross. For those who like to work in Photoshop, this software for embroidery machines is almost the most ideal option.
  • Modern software for the embroidery machine BrotherPE-DESIGN 6.0 includes 2 modes for work: "Expert" and "Beginner". The software for embroidery machines called Brother has many new features. It has a function such as "Monogram", it can change the size of the design and at the same time recalculate the stitches, as well as perform new types of stitches: spiral, along the curve, radial and concentric radial. Thanks to this modified software for the Brother embroidery machines, you can create truly wonderful and exclusive models.
  • And the latest software for embroidery machines, whichWe will consider is Bernina Designer Plus V.6. It is compatible with such models as Bernina Artista 200, Bernina Artista 640, Bernina Artista 730, Bernina 830 and also with the entire line of Bernina Aurora. This unique and unique software for embroidery machines will allow you to create various monograms, to obtain contour and relief effects, to perform automatic digitization and, of course, to create sketches and quilt projects.
  • All about computer (machine) embroidery

    So, computer embroidery is divided into several types:

    • Embroidery tatami and smooth. For this type of embroidery, the embroidery machine of the shuttle stitch is required;
    • Embroidery of yarn, braid, sutured ribbons, cord and many others;
    • Embroidery different in size, color and shape with sequins;
    • Richelieu embroidery;
    • Embroidery using 3D materials;
    • Embroidery of multilayer applications;
    • Embroidery with laser engraving and cutting;
    • Embroidered embroidery style;
    • Embroidery with imitation of threads "Mulino";
    • A combination of strings and strasses;
    • Roll embroidery.

    Surely you already guessed that withoutSpecial software for embroidery machines, computer embroidery would never have been born. However, it is worth noting that such people as designers, programmers and operators of embroidery machines play an important role in creating beautiful and stylish drawings.
    It is worth noting that computer embroidery usually takes place in several stages:

  • Creating a specific program for the machine. The designer comes up with an original layout, and the programmer produces on its basis a specific software for embroidery machines;
  • Next, you need to configure the machines directly;
  • After this, you need to prepare the product or fabric for embroidery, as well as all the auxiliary materials;
  • Having done all this you can embark on the very embroidery.
  • Let's see the video how the process of computer embroidery is going from the design of the picture to the finished embroidered product.

    Video: computer embroidery on finished products

    In addition, the machines are also used for embroidery of various logos. Here are some examples of the most recognizable works:

    • Logo of the mobile operator MTS;
    • Logo of the energy drink Red Bull;
    • Logo Sochi Autodrome.

    In conclusion, I would like to say thatThe great advantage of all machines for embroidery is, first of all, that they save our time significantly and allow us to quickly embroider patterns of varying complexity. In addition, with the help of this miracle of machines, we can feel like real designers creating incredible in their beauty things.

    Video: overview of embroidery machines Brother