Embroidery of maki with ribbons in master classes (photo)

Embroidery of maki with ribbons in master classes (photo)


Embroidery allows you to create amazing and unique
Which can not only transform yourApartment, but also become a great gift for your loved ones and relatives. Many beginner needlewomen choose this type of embroidery, since it is rather simple, does not take much time and does not require any special expenses.

How to embroider red poppies with ribbons

Before starting our master class, let's prepare all the materials and tools necessary for work:

  • needles;
  • scissors;
  • Lighter or matches;
  • sintepon;
  • Thread ordinary and "grass";
  • Satin ribbons in different colors and sizes.

Our small master class will tell you that,How to make red poppies, but you can quite a bit experiment and choose for these wonderful colors some other color scheme. Very beautiful and unusual looks embroidery with dark blue poppies or bright orange.
Getting Started with Ribbons:
Let's start the master class with the manufactureLeaves for flowers. To do this, we will need to cut a piece of green ribbon and cut it figuratively in the shape of a leaf. Then we will gently fuse its edges with a lighter or matches. In addition, we will need to give the volume to the future leaf so we in some places will sew it with a thread.

Now we need to cut off a piece of red tape,The length of which should be about 10-12 cm. The edges of the resulting stripes we need to bend and stitch. Then, after making beautiful folds, we will have to sew the petal along the entire length. In total, for one flower, we need 4-5 such petals.
After that, we need to sew together all the petals. Maybe,
It will be a little difficult to immediately form a flower, so we will advise them to sew lobes one at a time.

In order for our poppies to look betterRealistically, we need to make a core for them. To make it, we must first cut a small piece of green tape. And then we will have to draw a circle on it. Then we need to slightly pull the thread and forming a small ball of sintepon to place it inside the future core. Now we can tighten the thread to the end and sew the edges.

Then you will need to mark the core for 5Equal parts with the help of threads "Mulino". In this case, you need to hide the last loop in the middle and tighten it tightly. Now using threads you need to make small stamens. The resulting stamens, if desired, can be additionally decorated. To do this, you need to gently put on their tips a white toothpaste. Certainly, such wonderful
Will look more elegant:

It is worth noting that there is another way of making unusual stamens, which, most likely for beginners, will seem simpler:
Take a piece of cardboard and make from it here this pattern:

Wrap it with black thread "Mulino":

Remove them from the cardboard template and cut the resulting loops:

Spread the tips with glue "PVA" and sprinkle with a manga:

In order for embroidered poppies with such a core to look more carefully, you can slightly trim the tips of the stamens.

Having finished making all the components of the flower, we will have to sew them to each other.
Now comes the crucial stage, duringWhich you will need a diagram. However, do not be afraid, because the scheme will be fairly simple, and you can easily "sketch" it yourself.
So, imagine in your head how it will beLook like your embroidery. Take the base on which you plan to embroider with beautiful ribbons the beautiful poppies and lay out flowers and leaves on it. Then make a small sketch with a pencil or a crayon and you will get a future pattern for embroidering a picture:

In order for our embroidery to be moreDiverse and original, we also sew with tapes of poppies, which will be rotated in the opposite direction. The photo below shows how to make one such half-blown flower:

It is worth noting that such embroidery with flower ribbons will not cause difficulties even for beginners, so you can safely make a few half-blown buds.
In order for this semi-dissolved bud to become more attractive we can decorate it with green sepals:

After the embroidery of the buds is completedYou will need to sew the poppies, their leaves, and also make stems of thread called "Travka". Since the scheme was drawn beforehand by us, we can cope with this task without problems:

Now that the embroidery of poppies is completed, you canAdditionally decorate your picture and create a few flowers that will bring a "jet of fresh air" into your flower arrangement. For this purpose immortellers can not be better suited. They can be embroidered from a blue ribbon (organza). To these wonderful bright flowers you can also sew sepals. After this, you will need to make stems for the immortelle flowers.

Having finished our work, we will be able to admire our exclusive and bright summer composition:

As you probably already had time to notice, the schemeAction is quite simple. Even novice craftsmen should easily and quickly cope with the creation of such a wonderful picture, which will later decorate your house or become a wonderful gift for a loved one and your native person.

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