Embroidery with ribbons of peonies with step-by-step photos

Embroidery with ribbons of peonies with step-by-step photos


Very often on ribbons embroidered with ribbons, you canSee the peony flower. This is one of the most common elements of various paintings. Embroiderers loved him not only for the simple technique of execution, but also for his magnificent beauty.

How to embroider peonies with ribbons

The first master class will require a certain material:

  • Satin ribbon width 25 and 12 mm for the flower;
  • Leaves for leaves 12 mm;
  • the hoop;
  • Fabric for embroidery;
  • needles;
  • Scissors and a pencil (marker).

Insert the fabric into the embroidery frame and draw a rough outline of the peonies with foliage. Do this in the form of circles and straight lines. Here the main thing is to correctly arrange the elements.
Embroider the foliage of a peony with a ribbon stitch. Choose for this a few shades of green.
On a circle ribbons are embroidered with peony flowers. Larger elements also make a straight stitch. The middle of the flower is still empty.
Now embroider the top section of the peonyAdditional two rows. The stitch is made by a slightly twisted satin ribbon. Try to make it so that the new series is more voluminous than the previous one. You can safely needle the first tier of petals to create other rows. Fill the core of the flower with a thin ribbon.
It remains to fill the last part of the peony flower,Embroidering loose loops. Their size is determined based on the scale of the flower. Pull the tape to the front and twist it a little. Make a puncture with a needle near the place where it came out and again take her to the opposite side, making an unfastened loop.
After you finish embroidering,Handle the loops with a lighter. Walk a little on them, as if you want to solder the corners. If you are not sure that you will not spoil the flowers, then do not do it.
It remains only to make the buds and the stem of the peony. For a stalk, twist the ribbon. In the center of the bud, form a French knot to give it a three-dimensional appearance. After that, make a few short stitches, to give the bud a round shape, and add a little green satin ribbon in a circle.
Can be left with the colors of white, and if desired, make the tint of another shade.

Master class for beginners

This option is suitable for beginners. It will not be difficult to repeat it. You will need this material:

  • Fabric for embroidery;
  • needles;
  • Ribbon of several colors;
  • pencil.

Attach the sheet to the embroidery frame, frame, or paper clips. Draw the pattern on the fabric in the form of circles. This will be an approximate designation of buds.
Stick a needle from the wrong side and outputOn the front, and then back to the wrong side, leaving behind a noose. If you find it hard, you can first take up the stem of a flower.
Loops are made until the peony becomesThe right size. The loops must fit tightly together. Do not forget to stretch the ribbon after each seam. In the picture, proportions must be observed. If your flower is large, then make loops high, and vice versa. Tapes should not be tightened tightly.
When you have finished embroidering the loops, make a few wide stitches in a circle. It will be the blossoming petals. The photo shows a detailed process.
Petals of the peonyA bouquet of peonies will be completely ready when youAdd it by embroidering foliage and stems. For the stem, we twist the tape and sew it. The foliage is embroidered with a straight stitch. In addition, it can be simply cut from the atlas, and after singing fire, sewing. Now the picture can be framed.

Video: Flowers from ribbons