Embroidery ribbon paintings in the photo and video master class

Embroidery ribbon paintings in the photo and video master class


In many countries of the world
It is extremely popular, sinceUsing this kind of needlework can not only decorate clothes, but also create real pictures. Each of which will later be able to decorate your home and, undoubtedly, will interest all your guests.

How to embroider a picture with satin ribbons

Before you proceed directly to
You need to prepare in advance the materials you need:

  • For embroidering a picture to you firstNeed a fabric. In principle, you can embroider on any fabric whether it's velvet, knitwear, silk or even organza. But it is better for beginners to choose a natural fabric with medium hardness and density;
  • Also for embroidery with satin ribbons you will need needles with large ears;
  • Even for embroidery you will need a hoop and satin ribbons in different colors and sizes.

So, having prepared everything you need, you can read our master class, and boldly start to work:

Any embroidery with satin ribbons begins with the choice of pattern or pattern. This master class will tell you how to embroider a pretty heart with satin ribbons.
Applying the pattern on the fabric, you must begin to embroider the section marked in blue:
For work you will need blue ribbons. It is most convenient to embroider with satin ribbons, the length of which is approximately 40 cm.
Now you will have to fold the ribbon and pierce it with a needle. Then, having stretched the needle to the end, you will see at the tip of the tape such a small bundle.
The technique for performing such a knot is quite simple, but for clarity you can see it on this diagram:

Before you proceed directly to theEmbroidery, we also need to fix the ribbon on the needle so that in the process of embroidering it does not "slip" out of the ear. To do this, we will need to insert the tape into the needle, pierce its tip about 1 cm from the edge and slightly pull it closer to the ear. Then you will need to take a short tip of the ribbon and, pulling it towards the eyelet, remove it from the needle.

In order to embroider the first flower you needWill draw a circle about 2.5 cm in diameter on the fabric and divide it into 5 parts. Then you will need to create this kind of base for the flower and start embroidering it.

Note that when you finish embroidering the 5 petal, you do not need to remove the needle to the wrong side. You will have to drag it under the already embroidered petals.

Having finished embroidering the base, we can proceed to the formation of the future flower. To do this, we need to stretch the ribbon directly under or above the petals of the base.
Performing such simple stitches, we will soon get a beautiful flower. Having finished it, we will have to bring the needle to the wrong side and fix the ribbon there.

Thus, we embroider with ribbons all the flowers,Marked in our picture in blue. You have probably noticed that the technique of embroidery is quite simple and therefore you are unlikely to experience any difficulties at this stage.
Having finished with this, you can begin to embroider fragments marked with pink color.
To do this, we need 3 golden ribbons with treated edges. The length of each should be 12.5 cm. They will need to be divided into 5 equal parts.
We will have to sew two tapes using a seam forward with a needle.
After that we will just need to pull the threads and tie them. With the help of these threads, we subsequently easily sew the flower to the desired place.
As you can see, the technique of execution is quite simple, so you can easily sew a second yellow flower.

At this stage, you will only have to do it insideEach little French knot. It is worth noting that the core of the flower can be made not only with satin ribbons, but also with beads or threads of mulina.

Consider in a visual video example how to properly make a French knot ribbons.

Video: we learn to make the main types of nodules with ribbons

Now we need to make a half-blown flower for our picture. To do this, we need a third golden ribbon, or rather, 3 of its stitched parts.
When you manufacture a half-blown flower, you will use the same technique as when creating the flowers themselves. Here's how it will look on the photo.

Another stitched part of the ribbon is useful to us.To create a bud. We must also pull it off and sew it to the fabric. Having done this, we can begin to embroider stamens. To do this, we need to, stretching to the front side of a thin ribbon, twist it and make a French knot at its end. If desired, you can make several stamens.

When the program for embroidering fragments of pink color is completed, you can proceed to work on the section marked in yellow.
Embroidery of flowers similar to chamomile is carried out by ribbons of dark and light pink, and also yellow. In order to facilitate your task, you can draw a core for these flowers.
The technique of embroidering chamomiles is quite simple. First you need to embroider bright pink petals:
By attaching a ribbon of a different color, you can embroider pale pink stitches.
For the core, such a technique as a French knot is perfect.
In order to make the bud we need to embroider in the middle with a ribbon of bright pink color a large stitch. And to the left and to the right of it to execute stitches hardly more shortly.

At this stage, we will begin to embroider ribbons of thin twigs. To do this we will be thin dark and light green ribbons.
The technique of embroidery with ribbons at this stage is a bitIs changed, as we will use the stalk seam. On the photo we can see how the embroidery from satin ribbons looks like using stalk stitches:

stalked seam
Having finished embroidering all the branches with ribbons, weWe can decorate some of them with small buds. In order to do this we will need to pull out the blue or blue ribbon on the front side, and then return it to the wrong side in the place where the bud has the tip. Having formed the top of the bud, we can in the same way embroider with his ribbons his cups and some leaves. For this we will need ribbons of green color.

Embroidery from satin ribbons of green leaflets located in the lower part of our drawing occurs with the help of a seam, which many call: "lazy daisy".

Seam Lazy Daisy
On this our master class can be considered successfulFinished, after all, we ended up with such a beautiful voluminous embroidery with ribbons, which means that the program of the lesson is fully understood by us.

In addition, I would like to note the fact that with the help of embroidery from satin ribbons you can not only create your pictures, but also decorate ready-made tapestries.

Video: embroider ribbons picture

Embroidery with ribbons for decoupage

Decoupage is a kind of methodDecorating, using which you can decorate with various new details already painted or embroidered paintings. Embroidery with ribbons for decoupage will allow you to create incredibly beautiful and original paintings. Each picture, of course, will take a worthy place in your collection.

Here's how embroidery looks like silk ribbons on decoupage
It should be noted that embroidery with ribbons for decoupageIs very popular, because with its help you can turn a regular picture into a unique and to the same volume masterpiece. In addition, embroidery with silk ribbons according to the ready-made design makes it possible for even novice needlewomen to express themselves and create stunning pictures.
In general, embroidery with ribbons for decoupage is no different from ordinary embroidery. You can even say that it is a little easier, since you will embroider
By the finished drawing. And you will need to embroider only a few strokes and some special details on which you want to make an accent.
Embroidery with satin ribbons is incredibleAn exciting lesson and everyone who tries it once will create more and more pictures with ribbons. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and then many of your fantasies will come true.

Video: master class of embroidery for decoupage