Embroidery ribbons volumetric technique of creating paintings

Embroidery ribbons volumetric technique of creating paintings


ribbons - this is quite an old handcraft, which again became fashionable. And all because the product,
look luxurious and volume. Works with the correct technique of embroidery beautifully decorate and will complement any interior. This skill is able to provide every household own embroidered pillow, slippers and beautiful plaid pattern with surround. Band patterns will look appropriate even on clothing.
Based on the submitted lesson volumetric technique, you will learn how to embroider lilac ribbons in the basket. You will learn what materials are needed, as well as the right course of action step by step.

embroidery Technology

Learn how to embroider the volume can be embroidered onExample video lessons or various master classes. Of course it is better if you communicate directly with the master of the craft. In this case, you will be able to more quickly understand the subtle techniques of embroidery patterns and volumetric panels.
You will need a suitable needle and prettylarge eye (so that it could pass tape) and slightly rounded blunt tip. You will also need the fabric with a tight weave or knit fabric, embroidery because it gives a very volume. Using the fine fabrics, you can complicate the process of embroidery.
During embroidery satin ribbons are useddifferent ways to create the loop stitches. Periodically, you may need an ordinary needle and thread to secure the plant cell. Many tape stitches sutured concealed seams and thin sewing thread. Tapes embroidery in the volume of different widths are used with multiple colors. Impressive look painting with embroidery made of natural silk ribbons.

Master class on bulk embroidery

Transfer the pattern on the fabric of lilac branches. Volume embroidery will be produced with two needles. The first needle is made with a large hole for the belt, and the other for regular thread. Bring sufficient length satin ribbon on the front side. Next to it should be easy to get out a needle and thread. Now pull the tape for a while and work thread. Make the stitches on the tape as shown in the photo. You should now have two stitches along, and one is across. Repeat these steps more than once.

Next, pull the tape in an accordion. The needle is displayed on the wrong side and secured. Anchoring is done on a mandatory basis, after the creation of each volume of the flower.

Withdraw the needle in the fabric face and are doing abovethese steps over and over again. If you over feed or need to change it to another color, insert it into the needle and thread in the opposite direction. It should be secured with a thread with a needle. This embroidery is not complicated as it might seem at first glance.

Lilac petals sewn straight stitch, and the barrel threads thread floss. picture space is filled with several shades of pastel art. This can be considered a master class ended.

Here is the finished work in the bulk technology.

Video: Body embroidered ribbons on the example of a lilac