Embroidered with rhinestones and stones Swarovski icons and pictures (video)

Embroidered with rhinestones and stones Swarovski icons and pictures (video)


Glass imitation of an expensive stone,Was called "strass". It is used for inlaying on all kinds of clothing as pattern, ornament. Applied to decorate the picture with rhinestones, icons, various gifts, interior items and much more. Strasses are in high demand.
Their sparkling and effect of volume, they are not inferior to rhinestones, beads and

Rhinestones, their types and materials for work

Hot glue strasses The main and fundamental difference between strass types is the method of fixation on the object. By this sign are divided into several types: glue and sewn.
Adhesive or thermostrases, have a special glue base on one of the facets of the stone, with the aid of which it is attached to the carrier.
Fastening occurs at a high temperature.
Under the influence of considerable temperature, the base begins to melt, turning into a liquid, due to which fixation takes place. Therefore, this type of stones is also called "hot-melt".

Sew rhinestones Embroidered rhinestones can be fastened in several types:

  • By the method of elementary sewing with the help of thread and needle for the hole in the crystal: as a rule, such stones are used for painting with rhinestones;
  • Method of gluing with special glue, when high temperatures for tissues are forbidden;
  • Rhinestones in a frame made of metal, fixed by sewing;
  • Diamond method.

According to the shape and size of the rhinestones are various types of sizes. In order to learn how to work with this kind of material, we will need:

A special adhesive is used to work withTextile, which, after fixing the rhinestones on the fabric, hardens, forms invisible joints, due to which the fastening takes place. It is strictly forbidden to use glue with additives of acetone, silicone. This method is used to attach stones that do not have glue bases on the faces.
Textile material
If you are preparing pictures with crystals or icons - it must be a prepared piece of canvas, or a thing, if you decorate the finished product, diamond technology is also suitable.

Embroidery Icons with Rhinestones

When working with an icon or a picture you will needTissue paper, on which a special pencil or chalk is applied. If you have selected pictures, icons, put prepared paper on them and circle them. Be sure to verify the accuracy of the work done. At you the image preparation has turned out.
Prepared fabric, stretch on the embroidery frame and wellFix (as for the embroidery pattern of thread), put the paper with the image on top and sew threads to the fabric base with large stitches. Check that there is no displacement of small parts and you can start working with rhinestones, preferably "Swarovski".
Method of work you can choose any, embroidering or pasting, the main thing is to follow the sequence. Patterns with rhinestones and icons are performed in stages. Diamond technology will help you in your work.
With small size crystals, sew (glue) the outline of the image. It should be the stone of the main color of the apparel, red or shades of gold.
Fold the folds with "Swarovski" crystals of yellow or golden color. Now go to the folds of the Robe of Jesus Christ, strictly adhering to the lines.

The next step is to fill the field with stones that match the color.
Gluing the clothes and background with appropriate rhinestones,Go in for a halo. It is better to make an overhead for this, it is done separately. Nimbus with tracing paper to another sheet, then cut it, making cuts perpendicular to the outer edge of the aureole without reaching the inner side by 3 mm.
Having made a new pattern, we apply it toThe next sheet of paper, while unfolding the lower ends to the sides, so that the top notches lie equally on each other. In this position, we depict the detail and the resulting new halo, carving, overlaying the icon. Be sure to check how it will look on the spot. The nimbus must at the top dodge forward from the plane of the icon as a whole.
More suitable embroidery is sewn onto the icon,Which is on the hoop. Halo is pasted with Swarovski rhinestones, as well as the base of the icon. You can sew stones, but diamond workings are also suitable.
On the edge remains part of the fabric is not filled with stones, the width of this gap is equal to the size of the crystals that will sew on this place, after joining with the main component of the icon.
Prepared in such a way to cut a halo, so thatOn the border of the pattern there was a reserve for the folding of the fabric, the distance is no more than 1 cm. Fold the edges along the entire border of the halo and gently sew on the side of the underside to the image.

At the bottom, where the place for fixing the rhinestones is kept, make a bend at the border level of the paper pattern, because in this segment the halo is fixed to the main part.
Nimbus, put on the head, and sew a stitch, after that the seam is closed with rhinestones. Make sure that the halo of the Virgin and the baby Jesus Christ are the same color.
Stitch all the remaining vacant places according to the patterns of the pattern.
After working with the main field and clothes, go to the place where the face is and if there are hands.
The tolerance for the hem is 1 cm. Throughout the border of the icon or picture on the fabric we make incisions for bending. The amount depends entirely on the size, the smaller the radius, the larger the notches.
The incisions need not be on the same level as the fixing strass. Seen the edges of the fold inward and sewn.
In order for the product to look good, all edges bent in the middle and the inner surface itself, glue the prepared mixture of flour with additives of mustard and salt (antibacterial agent).
We prepared the basic details. Now we are preparing the face of the icon, on which we will put our blank embroidered with rhinestones.

To do this, take a sheet of plywood or preparedThe board is the size of our workpiece. Prepare an image - it can be either a picture or a picture from the calendar. We paste on the board, give time to dry the glue and already on the finished image, fixed on the board, we impose our prepared robe.
Very carefully check the coincidenceContours of face on the board and superimposed pattern, i.e., that the face exactly coincides with the cut out windows on the workpiece. We should have a prepared board with a portrait and a picture with the Swarovski crystals.
On the front side of the image we put colorlessVarnish in two layers and let it dry, after which we pull the garment on the board with the icon. With threads from the wrong side, we pull the edges together using a needle for darning. We check the degree of tension, if correction is needed, we correct and fix, sewing excess fabric on the corners of the finished icon. Our icon is ready. Patterns with rhinestones are prepared in the same way.
There are many different ways to make your own hands
With the addition of beads, pearls and precious stones. Before starting work we recommend to carefully study and choose the technique that best suits you.

Diamond technology

This is a new kind of needlework and call it mosaic embroidery or embroidery stones. It can be used for making paintings with Swarovski crystals.
To work with the use of diamond technology will require

  • Dense tissue - the scheme;
  • Swarovski crystals";
  • saucer;
  • tweezers;
  • A pencil of white color, for details of small size.

Stages of work
On a straight, dense surface spread the fabric -Circuit with image. Prepare scissors and rhinestones in color. On the prepared cloth, glue the film, opening it in the course of work to free the surface in the image. After opening the film, paste the rhinestones with a prepared tweezers. At first glance, diamond technology seems complex, but it's not. A detailed process can be viewed on video.
Lay out the stones on the pictures with crystals,So that they are in tight contact, as in the video. Having prepared and pasted the rhinestones on a small part of the image, put a flat object on top and press it down, for more tight fitting of the stones to the canvas. And so gradually step by step you will finish your work, having received a beautiful picture with crystals made by diamond technology.

Starting to deal with crystals, regardless ofYou make icons, pictures or decorate clothes using diamond technology, you should remember that the rhinestones are of different quality. It all depends on the country of the manufacturer.

Producers of crystals and crystals

The main suppliers on the world market are:

Austria, which produces the best quality rhinestones known as "Swarovski" stones. They are the owners of the most unique shine. This is due to the machine finishing of all faces.
Inlaid with such stones "Swarovski"Famous fashion designers. It is this kind of rhinestones that has the largest color palette. The huge positive moment of these crystals is the same size up to a millimeter. Because of the laboriousness of manufacturing, their cost is high. Pictures with rhinestones "SWAROVSKI" using the type of diamond technique, are in great demand.
Korean manufacturers use mechanicalGrinding, processing two faces - these are the lower and upper. The side panels are created by glass casting - so they do not have such a degree of smoothness, despite this decrease in the reflection of light, in comparison with the Austrian stones from "Swarovski" the discrepancy is rather insignificant.

It's hard for a specialist to notice the difference. The quality of the applied adhesive layer responsible for fixing the crystal is very high. Color solutions of Korean rhinestones are not as diverse as those of "Swarovski", but the main shades are in existence.
The special demand is for DMC crystals that have obtained a machine cut of absolutely all facets and are not lagging behind the Austrian crystals "SWAROVSKI" in terms of their brilliance. The price is much lower.
Czech rhinestones, almost identical withKorean stones, but it does not compare with "Swarovski" much inferior in the adhesive layer. The price is higher than the cost of Korean rhinestones, despite the fact that the technology is the same because the production in Asia is much cheaper than the European one.
Chinese crystals are the rhinestones of the lowestQuality and low cost. Glass with poor transparency, low light reflection, color shades of one batch may differ, as well as dimensions, which is not permissible.
A glutinous base of very low quality, and in some places may be absent, so the crystals are poorly attached and often fall away.
Therefore, in the world market, the sales leader remainsCrystals from the "Swarovski". They use them in the modeling industry, decorating shoes, bags, any kind of clothes, phone cases, as well as favorite objects, such as paintings with rhinestones, embroideries, icons.
Surfing the prices for the crystals of the brand "SWAROVSKI", showed that some stones will cost a little less than small diamonds.

Video: diamond painting with rhinestones